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Goliath Paladin Guide [D&D 5e]

In the vast and diverse world of Dungeons & Dragons 5e, goliaths stand tall – both literally and figuratively. These colossal mountain-dwelling humanoids, descended from giants, embody qualities of strength, competition, honor, and trust. They form small tribes in their lofty abodes, but what happens when one of these formidable beings chooses the path of a paladin? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the synergy between goliaths and the paladin class and delve deep into character creation, gameplay, and roleplaying aspects to help you master the art of the Goliath Paladin.

The Goliath Paladin: A Powerful and Unconventional Combination

Goliath Paladin Guide [D&D 5e]
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Goliaths may not be the first race that comes to mind when you think of paladins, a class known for charisma and divine power. However, goliaths possess all the essential traits needed to make a formidable paladin. With their incredible strength, unshakable sense of honor, and trustworthiness, goliaths are natural candidates for the paladin class.

Creating a Goliath Paladin

When creating a Goliath Paladin, you have some flexibility in how you allocate ability scores. The typical Volo’s version of goliaths comes with a strength and constitution bonus, which aligns perfectly with the paladin’s requirements. However, if you’re using the Tasha’s rules or the Monsters of the Multiverse version, you can explore different combinations of strength, charisma, and constitution to suit your character concept.

The choice of subclass is crucial for your Goliath Paladin. The Oath of Glory harmonizes well with goliath society’s emphasis on competition, athleticism, and self-improvement. Still, any paladin subclass can work, as the core features and spellcasting abilities of the class are robust.

To maximize your effectiveness, consider wielding a two-handed weapon and taking feats like Great Weapon Master and Polearm Master. These feats significantly enhance your damage output, making you a true force on the battlefield.

Playing a Goliath Paladin

In the heat of battle, your Goliath Paladin should focus on delivering powerful melee attacks with your chosen weapon. However, don’t forget your spellcasting abilities, as they can provide valuable support and smiting opportunities. If you believe a spell can benefit your party and offers lasting effects, cast it early in combat. Smiting becomes even more appealing when your Channel Divinity is available, as it provides a substantial temporary hit point boost. Use your smite abilities judiciously, such as on critical hits or during critical moments in the adventure.

To enhance your survivability, make sure to utilize your Stone’s Endurance feature to reduce damage taken. This ability can effectively double your durability at level 1 and remains a valuable defensive tool at higher levels. Additionally, Lay on Hands can be a lifesaver for yourself or your allies when situations take a turn for the worse.

Starting at level 6, it’s essential to stay close to your allies. Your level 6, 7, and 15 features not only bolster your own capabilities but also provide significant benefits to your companions. Embrace your role as a protector and leader on the battlefield.

Roleplaying as a Goliath Paladin

Roleplaying your Goliath Paladin can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Your character’s backstory and oath can shape their motivations and personality. If you’ve chosen the Oath of Glory, your quest for glory is a straightforward driving force. However, if your oath conflicts with goliath society’s values, consider the possibility of exile, providing a compelling reason for your character’s wandering adventures.

To add depth to your character, consider their voice and accent. A somewhat deep voice can be fitting for a goliath, and you can incorporate accents as part of your roleplaying to make your character more authentic.

Goliaths, while not commonly associated with magic, do not shy away from it. Using spells like Bless or your Channel Divinity is entirely acceptable, as long as it aligns with your character’s oath and values. However, be mindful of goliath traditions; using Channel Divinity to win a rock climbing competition might be viewed as cheating, even if your character doesn’t mind bending the rules.

Ultimately, your character’s story is yours to shape, and within the bounds of your oath and alignment, you can add layers of complexity to your Goliath Paladin. Embrace the unique qualities of your character and use them to enhance your roleplaying experience.

In conclusion, the Goliath Paladin is an unconventional yet powerful combination that allows you to wield the might of the mountains in the service of honor and glory. Whether you’re crushing foes with a massive weapon or smiting your enemies with divine power, the Goliath Paladin is a force to be reckoned with in the world of Dungeons & Dragons 5e. So, take up your sword and shield, and let the mountains guide your path to greatness.

Build Variations

As you embark on your journey as a Goliath Paladin, it’s important to understand that there are different ways to build your character. While the core identity of a Goliath Paladin remains constant – a resilient, honorable, and formidable defender of the righteous – your character’s nuances can be tailored to your preferences and the needs of your adventuring party.

  1. The Classic Goliath Paladin: This is the quintessential Goliath Paladin build, which emphasizes strength, constitution, and charisma to create a well-rounded character. You excel in both combat and supporting your allies with your spellcasting abilities. The Oath of Glory suits this build particularly well, enhancing your physical prowess and reinforcing your competitive nature.
  2. The Hexblade Multiclass: While it’s not the most conventional choice, a charisma-based hexblade multiclass build can be intriguing for those who want to infuse their Goliath Paladin with a bit of mystic power. This route allows you to focus on charisma, enabling you to harness the power of the hexblade’s cursed weapon and use it in conjunction with your formidable strength. This versatile build offers potent spellcasting and melee abilities but may divert from the traditional Goliath archetype.
  3. The Defensive Tank: If your party needs a sturdier front-line presence, consider focusing on high constitution and strength, emphasizing your defensive capabilities. This build is centered around the Ancients Paladin subclass, which grants additional protection to both you and your allies. You become a true bastion of resilience, capable of absorbing massive amounts of damage while supporting your team.
  4. The Mobile Paladin: For a more dynamic approach, you can invest in dexterity and take the Oath of Vengeance subclass. This combination provides you with agility and enhanced mobility. Your Goliath Paladin becomes a versatile combatant, capable of quickly engaging or disengaging from foes, and delivering precise strikes with polearms or other finesse weapons.

Essential Feats

To optimize your Goliath Paladin’s combat prowess, consider taking these feats:

  1. Great Weapon Master: This feat allows you to take a -5 penalty on your attack roll to gain a +10 bonus to damage. It’s a fantastic choice for two-handed weapon users, enhancing your damage output significantly.
  2. Polearm Master: Ideal for those who wield polearms, this feat enables you to make an extra attack with the weapon and make opportunity attacks when enemies enter your reach. It’s a great way to maximize your damage and control the battlefield.
  3. Resilient (Constitution): Increasing your constitution score is vital for a Goliath Paladin. This feat not only boosts your hit points but also enhances your proficiency in constitution saving throws, making you even more resilient in the face of adversity.
  4. Sentinel: As a protector of your allies, the Sentinel feat is invaluable. It allows you to thwart foes trying to disengage from you, making you an imposing obstacle on the battlefield and safeguarding your companions.
  5. Lucky: Luck can be a Goliath Paladin’s ally. This feat grants you three luck points to reroll dice rolls, potentially turning a disastrous outcome into a glorious victory.

The Goliath Paladin in Party Dynamics

Understanding your role within the adventuring party is crucial to success. As a Goliath Paladin, you can fill various roles depending on your build and chosen subclass:

  1. The Front-Line Tank: In this role, you excel at soaking up damage and protecting your allies. You draw the attention of enemies, allowing your teammates to deal damage from a safe distance. Your high hit points, armor class, and defensive abilities make you a reliable bulwark.
  2. The Divine Support: By prioritizing spellcasting and taking an Oath with support-oriented features, you can enhance your party’s abilities. Spells like Bless, Aura of Protection, and Healing Hands enable you to provide critical support to your comrades in and out of combat.
  3. The Damage Dealer: A Goliath Paladin can also be a significant damage dealer, especially when taking feats like Great Weapon Master and specializing in offensive combat tactics. In this role, you focus on dealing massive damage to enemies, helping your party defeat foes quickly.
  4. The Party Leader: Some Goliath Paladins take on the role of a charismatic leader who inspires and guides the party. Their high charisma, coupled with their inherent leadership qualities, make them effective in negotiation, persuasion, and diplomacy.

Remember that effective communication with your fellow adventurers is essential. Discuss your role and build within the party to ensure synergy and cohesion during your adventures.

Mastering the Goliath Paladin

Becoming a master of the Goliath Paladin is not just about optimizing your character sheet. It’s also about embracing the rich storytelling opportunities this combination offers. Roleplay your character with depth and authenticity, intertwining your Goliath’s background, motivations, and oath with the unfolding narrative. As a Goliath Paladin, you are the embodiment of strength, honor, and competitive spirit, a guardian of justice and a beacon of glory in a world filled with challenges and mysteries.

So, pick up your sword, raise your shield, and let the mountains guide your path to become a legendary Goliath Paladin in the world of D&D 5e. Your journey awaits, and your destiny is in your hands.

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