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Aasimar Blood Hunter Guide [D&D 5e]

Last Updated on October 17, 2023

In the world of Dungeons & Dragons 5e, the Blood Hunter class adds a unique and intriguing flavor to the game. Inspired by the renowned Witcher franchise, the Blood Hunter is a versatile class that allows players to delve into the realms of alchemy, unnatural mutations, and the thrilling pursuit of hunting monsters. This guide will focus on creating an Aasimar Blood Hunter and how to optimize your character for a compelling gameplay experience.

Creating an Aasimar Blood Hunter

Creating an Aasimar Blood Hunter begins with careful consideration of your character’s attributes. To excel in this role, prioritize Strength or Dexterity, depending on your preferred weapons. Intelligence should be your second-highest priority, as it fuels your class features and, in the case of choosing the Order of the Profane Soul, your spells as well.

For our example character, let’s select Dexterity as the primary attribute, followed by Intelligence. Constitution should be your third priority, as it will contribute to your durability and enhance some of your class features. The distribution of the remaining stats can be tailored to your personal preferences.

Blood Hunter Orders

Aasimar Blood Hunter Guide [D&D 5e]
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Blood Hunters have a unique set of subclasses known as Orders, each with its own distinct flavor and abilities.

  • Order of the Ghostslayer: This order takes on a “vampire hunter” approach, dealing radiant damage. However, it’s worth noting that it doubles up on your natural necrotic resistance, which might be less advantageous.
  • Order of the Lycan: If you desire melee combat prowess, the Order of the Lycan focuses on transforming through a lycanthropic curse, making you exceptionally powerful in melee combat while transformed. Keep in mind that it has limited uses.
  • Order of the Mutant: For those interested in alchemical experimentation, this order allows you to craft mutagens that can alter your physical characteristics.
  • Order of the Profane Soul: This subclass is a fascinating hybrid, somewhat akin to a warlock. What sets it apart is its reliance on Intelligence instead of Charisma, the typical stat for warlocks. It aligns thematically with the Aasimar Blood Hunter, as you can choose the celestial as your otherworldly patron, potentially the same entity as your Aasimar patron that brought you to the material plane.

Playing an Aasimar Blood Hunter

In terms of gameplay, Aasimar Blood Hunters are reminiscent of a cross between rangers and fighters, with a blend of magic and martial skills. Emphasizing a high Dexterity score offers you the flexibility to switch between ranged and melee weapon options effortlessly.

Your abilities are tailored to inflicting significant damage to single targets rather than engaging multiple opponents simultaneously. Strategically select enemies that you can eliminate quickly or prioritize the most significant threats, focusing on taking them down swiftly. Even the Profane Soul blood hunters, who have limited spellcasting abilities, primarily rely on ranged and melee weapon options in combat.

Roleplaying as an Aasimar Blood Hunter

Blood Hunters have a distinct and dark-themed essence, which draws inspiration from various sources. Your character’s personality and behavior can reflect this dark aura in diverse ways. Consider the following aspects when roleplaying as an Aasimar Blood Hunter:

  • Jaded or Stoic: Does your character exhibit signs of weariness, or do they maintain a stoic and serious demeanor in the face of darkness? Their outlook on life can significantly impact their role in the party.
  • Sense of Humor: Perhaps your character possesses a dark sense of humor, using it as a coping mechanism in the face of the grim world they navigate.
  • Normalization of Darkness: On the contrary, your character might have embraced the dark nature of their existence and fully integrated it into their identity, shunning the traditional “heroic” persona.

Remember to incorporate the celestial aspect of your Aasimar heritage into your roleplaying, as Aasimars are often portrayed as cleansing holy warriors. Your character’s internal struggle, as they navigate the fine line between the celestial and the dark Blood Hunter path, can add depth and intrigue to your storytelling.

In summary, creating an Aasimar Blood Hunter offers a thrilling blend of celestial and dark themes, allowing for a unique and engaging role-playing experience in the world of Dungeons & Dragons 5e. Whether you favor melee combat, spellcasting, or alchemical experimentation, the options are as diverse as the monsters you’ll hunt.

Advancing as an Aasimar Blood Hunter

As your Aasimar Blood Hunter progresses in the campaign, there are several key considerations to keep in mind to ensure that your character remains effective and compelling.

Multiclassing Options

Multiclassing can offer a range of possibilities to enhance your character’s capabilities. Here are a few options to consider:

  • Rogue: Multiclassing into Rogue can provide you with sneak attack damage and a variety of useful skills, which can make you an even deadlier adversary in combat.
  • Warlock: If you chose the Order of the Profane Soul, you might consider multiclassing into Warlock to further harness the powers of your otherworldly patron. This can grant you access to a broader range of spells and invocations.
  • Fighter: Multiclassing into Fighter can offer additional combat abilities and fighting styles, making you an even more formidable warrior on the battlefield.

Feats and Ability Score Improvements

Blood Hunters can benefit from specific feats and ability score improvements (ASIs) as they level up. Some valuable options include:

  • Sharpshooter: If you favor ranged combat, this feat can significantly boost your damage output and accuracy.
  • Resilient: Increasing your Constitution or other essential saving throw abilities through this feat can enhance your overall durability.
  • Alert: This feat grants you a bonus to your initiative, ensuring you act swiftly in combat.

Role-Playing Development

The role-playing aspect of your Aasimar Blood Hunter is equally important as the mechanical aspects. As your character evolves, consider the following story elements:

  • Character Growth: Think about how your character’s experiences and adventures change them over time. Do they become more resolute, or do they struggle with the darkness within them?
  • Alignment Shifts: Alignment can be fluid in D&D, and your character’s alignment might shift as they grapple with their dual nature. This can lead to interesting role-playing opportunities.
  • Relationships: Interactions with other party members and NPCs can play a significant role in your character’s development. How do they build and maintain relationships in the campaign?

Aasimar Blood Hunter in a Party

The Aasimar Blood Hunter’s unique blend of celestial heritage and dark Blood Hunter path can make them a valuable and versatile addition to any adventuring party.

  • Frontline Warrior: Your proficiency in melee combat and potential to transform into a lycanthropic form allows you to take on the role of the frontline fighter, protecting your allies from harm.
  • Ranged Support: If you choose to specialize in ranged combat or spellcasting, you can provide vital support from a distance, picking off foes and controlling the battlefield.
  • Story Catalyst: The internal struggle between your celestial and dark nature can add depth and intrigue to the party’s overarching story. It can be a driving force behind key narrative developments.
  • Moral Compass: Your character’s alignment and moral compass can provide guidance and conflict resolution within the party. They may serve as a beacon of light or a harbinger of the shadows, depending on their choices.

Remember that teamwork and synergy with your fellow adventurers are crucial. Communicate with your party members, strategize, and leverage your unique abilities to overcome challenges and adversaries.


The Aasimar Blood Hunter is a captivating and versatile character option in Dungeons & Dragons 5e, offering a rich blend of celestial heritage and dark, bloodthirsty combat skills. Whether you choose to embrace your celestial side, delve further into the darkness, or walk the fine line between the two, your character’s journey promises to be a gripping and unforgettable tale.

As you level up, consider multiclassing, selecting feats, and developing your character’s role-playing aspects to create a well-rounded and engaging Aasimar Blood Hunter that will leave a lasting mark on your D&D adventures. Enjoy the unique experience of being a celestial warrior on a path of darkness and redemption.

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