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What Is The Best Mouse Grip for FPS?

Last Updated on December 18, 2022

What Is The Best Mouse Grip for FPS? In order to regularly aim your target while playing an FPS game, you should have a solid grip and be able to flick and track at the same time.

What is the ideal grip for first-person shooter games?

FPS games are thought to work best with a palm grip. With a palm mouse grip, you may aim with your arms and elbows rather than your wrist for more controlled movements and superior tracking.

Here are some pointers to help you improve your aim and a breakdown of why the palm grip works best for first-person shooter games.

Palm Grip: Best Mouse Grip for FPS Games

What Is The Best Mouse Grip for FPS?: Palm Grip is Best Mouse Grip for FPS Games

The palm grip encourages a more comprehensive use of your hand and arms as compared to the other mouse grips, such as the claw and fingertip.

Enhanced Tracking

You can use your complete arm to aim, which will result in smoother tracking, as opposed to using your fingers and wrists, which could cause choppy aim.

Many Korean Overwatch gamers who play professionally use a large mouse pad, a palm grip, and poor aiming sensitivity.

When they latch onto their targets, they extend their full arm across the mouse pad. Theoretically, this method of targeting ought to provide you better control.

Artists, for instance, frequently advocate using larger brush strokes with their arms rather than smaller ones with their wrists. They acquire better shapes and clearer lines as a result.

The same notion applies to video games: by using a larger muscle, you can perform more precise movements and better commit them to muscle memory (such as your shoulder).

Less control and a shakier aim may be the result of using your wrist instead of your arm.

Improved accuracy

Many believe that playing at a greater sensitivity will improve their reaction times and accuracy since they can lock onto the target more quickly, but the opposite is really true.

A high sensitivity typically results in a lower accuracy rate.

Although you can’t say with certainty whether palm grip is better in every circumstance because there haven’t been any peer-reviewed research to support it, it may be worthwhile to try out if you’re serious about enhancing your aim.

When it comes to having perfect aim, there is no silver bullet.

The best you can do is experiment with various grips and settings to determine the ideal one for your setup.

What is Palm Mouse Grip?

First off, a palm grip is when your hand completely encircles your mouse without leaving much space between them. This typically implies that your hand touches the mouse from the tips, where the switches are located, all the way down to your palm. The majority of the time when using this grip, your arm will be performing all the aiming. This indicates that your mouse and hands are around the same size, or that your mouse is not too small for your hands.

The most popular mouse grip is the palm grip because even the majority of non-gamers will likely use it. It’s a nice, relaxed grip that is effective for lengthy, gliding motions over the mat and causes the least amount of stress on your arms and wrists. The palm grip works well with larger mice or mice with higher profiles.

How to Palm Grip?

  • Place the majority of your palm atop the mouse.
  • Put your index and middle fingers in position to make contact with the mouse’s left- and right-click buttons as they extend from your palm.
  • Put your thumb, ring, and pinky on the mouse’s sides.

The Drawbacks of a Palm Grip

There are normally two different aim methods available in first-person shooter games: flicking and tracking.

  • To continuously stay on target, tracking entails moving your cursor to follow the targets movements.
  • By flicking, you mean swinging your screen in their direction to shoot them. This normally works better against foes who move erratically, but it takes more expertise and practice.

Palm grip is frequently the preferred grip for people who aim using the tracking approach. Your arm moves more fluidly, which improves your target accuracy.

One could argue that a palm grip is not optimal for the flicking technique of aim because the repeated, quick flicks can wear out your arm and are more difficult to do at low sensitivity.

I would absolutely consider what style of aim you prefer before deciding whether to transition to a palm grip style and whether learning a palm grip is worthwhile. Not to mention that you might have to spend some cash on a larger mousepad.

There is no better technique because both aiming types can be quite effective; but, in my experience, anyone can employ a decent combination of both aiming approaches.

The Gear Needed for Palm Grip

Another drawback is that palm grip needs a little bit of a specialist configuration. You will require the following in order to use this targeting method effectively:

  • A large mouse pad is required to employ this aiming technique since you need to be able to move your arm freely while trying to aim swiftly. Large motions are necessary due to the low mouse sensitivity.
  • Large mouse pad will require a lot of desk space, so make sure you have that. To give your aiming hand more area, you might need to move your monitor so that it isn’t directly in the centre of your desk.
  • Palm grip mouse: While a dedicated mouse is not necessary for palm gripping, it can improve and increase the comfort of gaming.
  • Desk height recommendation: You want to make sure your desk at the ideal height to take full use of your setup and your body’s leverages. You can best control your arm movements if you do this. Ideal would be a desk with adjustable height, however if not possible

The Mouse Is Important for Palm Grip

Have you ever observed how mouse shapes vary?

Different mouse grips can be accommodated by the various forms. You’re going to have a difficult time utilizing a mouse that was intended for a claw grip if you’re using a palm grip.

Because of this, I strongly advise you to conduct some research on the best mice for your particular mouse grip. You ought to have more comfort and control when gaming.

If you’re looking for a very effective yet affordable alternative, several people recommend the Logitech G Pro, Logitech G502 HERO, G-Wolves Skoll, Glorious Model D, and SteelSeries Sensei 310 as excellent palm grip mice.

There are probably a dozen excellent models available, so you can select the finest mouse for you depending on factors such as cost, hand size, grip type, and others.

What is The Best Palm Grip Mouse for FPS?

In the following table are our top picks for palm grip gaming mice. We have also discussed this in detail in this article.

Best Palm Grip Gaming MiceAwardPrice
Logitech G502 HERO#1 Best Palm Grip Gaming Mouse OverallCheck Price
Logitech G Pro Wireless#2 Best Mouse Overall
Best Mouse For Small Hands(<17cm)
Best Mouse For Medium Hands(17-19.5cm)
Check Price
G-Wolves SkollBest Mouse For Large Hands (19.5cm+)Check Price
Glorious Model DBest Lightweight Palm Grip MouseCheck Price
SteelSeries Sensei 310Best Ambidextrous Palm Grip MouseCheck Price
XTRFY M4Best Mouse For Medium Hands(17-19.5cm)
Best Ergonomic Palm Grip Mouse
Check Price
CORSAIR SCIMITAR RGB ELITEBest MMO Palm Grip Gaming MouseCheck Price
Logitech G403Best Budget Palm Grip MouseCheck Price
Razer DeathAdder EssentialAnother Best Budget Palm Grip MouseCheck Price
Best Palm Grip Mouse for FPS

Conclusion: What Is The Best Mouse Grip for FPS?

Our initial suggestion would be to try a palm grip mouse when selecting a mouse grip for first-person shooter games. I’ve repeatedly observed that the top pros in each game use a similar targeting technique.

There are certain strategies that are regarded as the greatest in professional sports like baseball and basketball; why shouldn’t the same be true of esports?

I’ll confess that there isn’t any evidence or research to support the claim that this mouse type is the greatest, and for some people it might temporarily reduce accuracy. Nevertheless, in my opinion, if you want the best mouse grip for first-person shooter gaming, this is your best option.

In addition, practice makes perfect for improved aim and accuracy.

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