What Is The Best DPI For Gaming? 7+ Things You Should Know!

Are you Curious about What Is The Best DPI For Gaming? In this post, we also provide some guides for setting the right DPI on the gaming mouse to get a more precise and accurate gaming experience.

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Even though choosing the best mouse to suit a user’s needs is crucial, it is often not the top concern when building a gaming PC. With so many gaming mice competing for a customer’s attention on the market, in varying sizes, pricing points, and with a variety of built-in capabilities, it can be challenging to know where to start.

DPI is frequently highlighted in the advertisements for gaming mouse, although it is hardly ever stated in those for office or recreational versions. There is a wide range of support for this capability, with some mice supporting values ranging from 100 to more than 10,000 DPI. Which DPI is ideal for gaming? Which has a higher or lower DPI?

What Is DPI?

What Is The Best DPI For Gaming? What is DPI?

A little explanation of DPI is necessary before continuing. The setting “Dots Per Inch” establishes how many pixels a cursor will move across the screen for each inch it is dragged across the mouse pad. A mouse with a 1300 DPI will essentially move 1300 pixels per inch.

The more monitor space the cursor covers, the higher the DPI. A high DPI corresponds to a faster mouse or more sensitive on-screen movement. This could sound like a positive thing on paper, but it may lead to less accuracy.

Gaming mice differ from office mice in that they typically have a DPI of between 800-1600. While there are some exceptions, the majority of gaming mice encourage flexibility by letting gamers select from a variety of DPI.

For instance, the SteelSeries Aerox 9 Wireless has a DPI range (or CPI, which in these circumstances can be viewed as the same thing) that is divided into increments of 100 and is between 100 and 18000. Players can choose their favorite DPI using the mouse’s app.

Furthermore, affordable solutions like the Razer DeathAdder Essential, which has a reasonable maximum sensitivity of 6400, do not just come with a large DPI range.

Selecting A Mouse DPI For Gaming

Selecting The Mouse DPI for Gaming
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DPI ultimately boils down to personal preference, thus it’s advised for users to experiment with a mouse’s whole range to find the setting that works best for them. Many gaming mouse come with a DPI button that cycles through various settings (usually beginning at the lowest and finishing on the highest), and some even let you tailor this input through an app. To locate the ideal environment, don’t be afraid to experiment.

DPI Depends On The Monitor’s Resolution

Given that a 4K display has four times as many pixels as a 1080p screen, a mouse with a 1600 DPI will appear to move far more slowly on the former than the latter. The compatibility between the monitor and mouse should be the decisive factor when choosing a DPI, just like with any other component of a gaming PC.

Even while some mouse have a DPI of 20,000 or more, most users won’t be able to use those numbers unless they also happen to be utilizing an 8K monitor. Users of 1080p and 1440p actually don’t require a mouse that supports more than 1600 DPI, and even that can be excessive.

Benefits Of High DPI (>1000)

Since high DPI results in faster cursor movement, these settings are typically seen as being suitable for twitch shooters and other games that demand quick reflexes. However, as was already said, high DPI causes reduced accuracy, which can be fatal in first-person shooters with a focus on precision. However, games like RPGs or MMOs where players want to move their camera swiftly can benefit from a high DPI.

Benefits Of Low DPI (<1000)

Every pixel counts in low DPI games, offering players complete control over the cursor at the expense of speed. A high DPI would be detrimental to the MOBA and strategy game genres, which need for exact actions.

In-Game Mouse Sensitivity & EDPI

Players can alter their mice’s sensitivity in the vast majority of PC games. The mouse’s DPI will alter depending on whether you increase or decrease this setting, creating what is known as eDPI (“Effective Dots Per Inch”).

A mouse with a DPI of 1200 will have an eDPI of 2400 if the sensitivity in a game is set to 2x. The mouse’s eDPI will be 600 if the sensitivity is set to 0.5x, on the other hand.

Additionally, Windows allows you to adjust the sensitivity of a mouse.

Best DPI And Sensitivity Setting for Gaming

At 1080p or 1440p, 800 DPI is the ideal starting DPI. Although it might appear low, this level is appropriate for the majority of gameplay genres. Players should specify an eDPI for each game instead of constantly altering the DPI of their mouse.

Once the optimal sensitivity for a given title has been identified and saved, it will always be in place and ready to use. Instead of switching back and forth between the mouse’s levels, choose a foundation that can support as many settings as feasible because there isn’t one DPI that fits every experience out there.

800 can be too low for some game genres if the game lacks a standard mouse sensitivity choice. In these situations, start at 800 and increase exponentially from there, advancing 400 DPI at a time.

Best DPI Setting for 1440p

A 27-inch gaming monitor with a 1440p resolution, like the ASUS PG279QZ, would be more appropriate for your needs if you want to sit farther away from the screen—perhaps four feet or more. It has a 108.79 DPI (rounded to 109). Therefore, based on those numbers, the ideal screen DPI range is 92 to 109 DPI.

Best DPI Setting for 1080p (Full HD)

For 1080p (Full HD), 800 DPI is the ideal starting DPI. Although it might appear low, this level is appropriate for the majority of gameplay genres.

Best DPI Setting for 720p (HD)

400-600 DPI is the most ideal setting for gaming on a 720p display. In this case I used a 19-inch screen. For Moba like Dota 2, I use the setting at 400-600 DPI, while when playing FPS I lock the setting at 800DPI.

Best DPI Setting for FPS Gaming

We advise a DPI of 400 to 800 for the majority of first-person shooters (FPS). It really just depends on how you play and what you play; some individuals will want to go lower or higher. DPU can be adjusted lower or higher depending on how you play after reaching an average of 600.

Gaming Mouse Buying Guide

There isn’t a single, ideal solution that works for everyone, as there rarely is. What specifically do you require, you must ask yourself? This depends on the games you enjoy playing and the monitor’s horizontal resolution. You can then evaluate if you actually require that ultra-high DPI mouse.

If all you want is something inexpensive, you’ll still get a mouse with a DPI of 2400 to 3200. This is quite good in comparison to regular mice. You can anticipate jerky cursor movements if you ever try to utilize a low DPI mouse for gaming. However, you are pretty far from that maximum of 16000 DPI with a 2400 or 3200 DPI, so if your games require the higher sensitivity, you might be better off spending the extra money on a better one.

A very high DPI is not a problem because your mouse’s settings can be changed. Although it is a useful feature, you should not solely take it into account when purchasing a mouse. After all, top accuracy does not necessarily entail high mouse sensitivity.

We have our own standards in choosing a gaming mouse which includes several aspects such as:

  • Shapes
  • Build
  • Sensor
  • Cord/Cable
  • Feet
  • Buttons
  • Scroll Wheel
  • Features & Software
  • Reliability and Warranty

So, What Is The Best DPI For Gaming?

What DPI setting is best for gamers? You can also use these suggested settings for the most popular kinds of video games:

  • For MMOs and RPG games, you need between 1000 and 1600 DPI.
  • The ideal DPI range for FPS and other shooter games is 400 to 1000.
  • For MOBA games, 400 to 800 DPI will do.
  • For Real-Time strategy games, the ideal setting is between 1000 and 1200 DPI.

You can see from these recommendations that a 16000 DPI mouse can already be excessive for the majority of these games. However, because they can change settings with the simple push of a button, they might be useful when playing various games.

This implies that if you need to, you may easily put precision before sensitivity. But if you frequently use a lower DPI setting, you should use a larger mouse pad!


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