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How to Hold Gaming Mouse? [The 3 Best Grip Options!]

Last Updated on November 22, 2022

How to Hold Gaming Mouse is actually a fairly simple thing, but there are a number of things you should pay attention to, such as knowing your hand size, using a gaming mouse with the right size, trying to use a gaming mouse with different weights, and as much as possible all your fingers can rest. with the right on every button on the gaming mouse you use.

Online forums and gaming communities have been talking a lot about various techniques of gripping the mouse. To help you choose the ideal gaming mouse grip for your preferred playstyle, we’ll examine the three most common types namely Fingertip Grip, Palm Grip, and Claw Grip.

Guess which grip is the most appropriate for you to use? Let’s start this discussion!

How to Hold Gaming Mouse?

As mentioned above, there are 3 of the most popular gaming mouse gripping techniques, namely:

  • Fingertip Grip
  • Palm Grips
  • Claw Grips

Fingertip Grip

How to Hold Gaming Mouse: Fingertip Grip

You can only move and click the mouse with the tips of your fingers when holding a gaming mouse in this manner. No surfaces will ever come into touch with the hand’s palm or the wrist while the game is being played. Fingertips are also used to grasp the mouse’s sides.

For gamers wishing to have the best mouse control, this method is incredibly tactile. Although it may be challenging to learn, it is incredibly rewarding. There is little chance of making a mistake click or exceeding targeted targets because you are only using your fingertips.

This grip is becoming more and more popular among FPS pros and is ideal for mice that are lightweight and adaptable. Although flicks are more difficult to control, once you get the hang of this grip, lateral movement is highly accurate. But be careful, as prolonged usage of this grip can lead to injury or strain as it increases pressure on the wrist.

Palm Grip

As it is the most comfortable, this grip is most frequently used by gamers. Many individuals instinctively use this grip. The fingers are flat on the mouse with no elevation, lying on top of the whole length of the key, and the palm is in contact with the mouse’s back.

However, clicks are a little less precise with this grip than with the others because the full hand is resting on the mouse. With enough effort, it can provide you respectable accuracy and fits most mouse designs and forms. The main benefit of this grip is the greater comfort it provides during extended gaming sessions.

For players who prefer flicks to smaller sideways motions, this grip is also beneficial. This grip is ideal for players who use lower DPI settings since it allows for longer, more controlled flicks in both directions.

Claw Grip

This grip involves placing your fingertips on the keys while raising your finger knuckles. The palm is in close proximity to the mouse’s back end. The claw grip is quite similar to the palm grip, but you can overcome the accuracy loss by not resting your entire finger length on the keys.

Because of its excellent balance of comfort and accuracy, many professional gamers favor it. These players are among the best at regularly hitting targets in first-person shooter games. The claw grip is also excellent for flicks, but in the heat of combat, it can be challenging to position the fingertips correctly.

However, with a little bit of practice, both new and experienced gamers will find the claw grip to be the finest. The majority of mouse designs take the claw grip into account while creating their products’ shapes, enabling a seamless transition between various brands and styles.

Think about making some minor changes to the way you hold your gaming mouse and watch your kill total increase. Precision changes are necessary for modern gaming, and it all starts with how you hold the mouse. Discover what works for you and begin exercising.

How to Improve Your Gaming Mouse Grip

Here are some tips from us How to Improve Your Gaming Mouse Grip:

Put Your Fingers On The Buttons To Rest

When your fingers are just a few centimeters from from the mouse buttons, slamming them down wastes critical milliseconds. On a click-timing game online, compare your clicking speed when your finger is directly on the button versus slightly off. Your schedule will shift in a noticeable way.

This shortens the lag and offers you a tiny bit of an edge over rivals when exchanging blows. This minor adjustment will gradually have a significant impact on how you perform in the game.

Choose the Proper Size Mouse

Big players may endorse a mouse, but it does not necessarily mean it is the best option for you. Younger gamers, in particular, often have smaller hands and fingers. As a result, popular gaming mice like the Logitech G502 X PLUS LIGHTSPEED, Corsair Nightsword RGB, and Razer DeathAdder Series are overly large. All of them are at least 5 inches long, and the Corsair, which is 5.5 inches long and targeted for gamers with larger hands and longer fingers, is even longer.

If larger mouse make you uncomfortable, try the SteelSeries Aerox 3 (4.75 inches long), SteelSeries Rival 3 (4.75 inches long), or the Razer Viper Mini Ultralight (4.66 inches long). SteelSeries Rival 3, SteelSeries Aerox 3, and Razer Viper Mini Ultralight are fantastic FPS gun even though they are designed for MMO players. And they’ll be a dependable and deadly weapon for gamers with smaller hands.

Test out mice of various weights.

When choosing your next gaming mouse, weight is a crucial consideration. Some mice are heavier than others. Some gamers or games may find any mouse weighing more than 4.23 ounces ( 120 gms) to be overly hefty.

FPS is primarily reflex-based and necessitates fast flicks and sideways movement. Today’s competition is of a particularly high caliber, so it’s critical to take any advantage you can. A weighty mouse can make you sluggish after several hours of gaming. If your sessions will go longer, choose lighter constructions. The greatest gaming mice available are among the lightest in the world.

In this sense, the Glorious Model O is the ideal FPS mouse of the present. Its modest weight of under 2 ounces (57 gms) makes it ideal for gamers that use low DPI settings for their gaming mouse.


Each grip (Fingertip Grip, Palm Grip, and Claw Grip) offers a different combination of functionality, convenience, and agility. Even though it may be simpler to do “whatever works for you,” this may not be the best strategy if your goal is to become a professional gamer. Beginners are having trouble deciding which gripping technique to adopt. It’s wise to begin with your hands. As already noted, there are a number of considerations when deciding on the best gripping technique.

Any deviation may cause physical damage from persistent pressure from improper hand or finger placement, such as fingertip strain, numbness in your wrists, or even physical injuries. Switching to a palm grip could ease the strain on your wrist if you routinely experience pain after playing for extended periods of time. Choose claw grip/fingertip grip when playing FPS games. Additionally, fingertip grip will function best for people with longer fingers.

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