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How to Clean Gaming Mouse [Step By Step]

Last Updated on November 28, 2022

We will provide a complete guide on How to Clean Gaming Mouse in a good and correct way. Using the right tool will be more effective for cleaning a gaming mouse.

Because they come into contact with so many different objects during the course of a regular day, hands are frequently regarded as the dirtiest part of the human body. It is safe to suppose that your gaming mouse is covered in grease and filth after many hours of use, much like our keyboards, monitors, and controllers can become dirty. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to clean a gaming mouse so that you can maintain it hygienic and functional.

What You Will Need to Clean Your Gaming Mouse:

  • Alcohol Wipes
  • Paper Towel
  • Canned air
  • Toothpick
  • Clean Cloth
  • A trash can

How to Clean Your Gaming Mouse

The following are some steps on how to clean a gaming mouse:

Place the garbage can under your desk.

You can use the extra paper towel to thoroughly clean off any dirt from your desk by doing this. A simple technique to keep your mouse clean is to keep your workplace tidy. Or Your desk should be covered in paper towels to catch any dirt.

Unplug your mouse and clear your desk/cleaning area

When cleaning your mouse, it’s crucial to avoid breaking it. Decide to disconnect it from your computer. Remove the battery or switch off the mouse if it’s wireless. Eliminating clutter from your desk will assist keep dirt from adhering to your mouse pad.

Wipe Off Any Dust

After removing the mouse’s cable from the computer, lightly dust the mouse’s surface using a cloth or tissue. Dust off the underside and wiring (if necessary) by flipping the mouse over.

The LED light can also be lightly dusted. However, use caution and avoid inserting anything pointed within the mouse as this could harm it. You might also use short bursts of compressed air from a can that is available for cleaning computers (especially hard to reach places like the crevices between the keys of your keyboard and mouse).

Utilize the toothpicks to reach the mouse’s difficult-to-reach spots.

How to Clean Gaming Mouse: Utilize the toothpicks to reach the mouse's difficult-to-reach spots.

To clean in between the mouse skates, side buttons, design grooves, etc., use toothpicks. Most likely, you’ll see that a lot of incredibly repulsive powdered matter comes out. All of that is from you. Be glad that you’ll be putting your mouse back where it belongs and sanitizing it as well!

Get Into The Crevices: Modern gaming mice come in a wide range of designs and have many different buttons. Be sure to clean in between the little openings. Use a clean earbud or a folded up piece of paper for this. Prior to cleaning the crevices, don’t forget to spritz some cleaner on the earbud.

To remove any leftover particles that the toothpick may have dislodged, use the canned air. Use the can correctly so that it releases air instead of liquid.

Clean the mouse with those alcohol wipes!

Clean the computer mouse of any oil, grease, dirt, filth, skin cells, or other contaminants using the alcohol wipes you have on hand. Gently but fully complete this. Be very careful not to get any alcohol into the battery compartment of a wireless gaming mouse.

It should go without saying that, unless you’re very careful and alcohol wipes aren’t readily available, you should NOT use water in this situation. If you use water, make sure it’s a little soapy, and after a few hours, let the mouse completely air dry.

Then, plug your gaming mouse back in after making sure everything is dry.

Before re-plugging it in, make sure everything is dry. Repeat as necessary, perhaps every few weeks. It is absolutely essential that your mouse is totally dry for this final step before re-connecting it to the computer. For a few hours, let it air-dry before moving on to the next stage.

Don’t Forget the Wire

Rub some sanitizer or cleaning solution on the wire as well. This is essential since the wire also gathers dirt. You must cover every ground if you want to be thorough! However, avoid getting any alcohol on the USB port directly.

The Final Step: Use The Clean Cloth

Here comes the simple cleanup. Wipe your mouse down with that clean towel, and then use it to shove all of the dirt you just removed into the trash. Done!

Once it has been cleaned, you can use your gaming mouse once more to give your rivals a taste of your genuine gaming prowess. The greatest approach to dominate the opposition in your favorite games is to keep your equipment in good condition! Prepare to succeed!

How to Keep a Gaming Mouse Clean

Frequently Clean The Mouse Weekly

Don’t put the mouse away for a year after a thorough cleaning. To prevent any buildup, regularly clean the keys and the bottom with alcohol or antibacterial wipes. This stops the buildup of dead skin cells, which encourages the growth of germs.

Source: Clean 8-bit

Once you master using a mouse and keyboard to play games, you will eventually need to clean them since they will become dirty. Being able to do that will be very helpful in preventing any damage to the gadget.

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