12 Gaming Mouse That Can Double Click in 2023

Double clicking is the process of lightly touching the main mouse button in order to record multiple clicks simultaneously. The CPS, or clicks per second, can be raised using this technique. In some games, quick clicks provide the player an advantage. The Gaming Mouse That Can Double Click and other CPS-increasing techniques are those with a low click response or debounce time since they can register clicks more quickly.

What is Double Click?

Quickly clicking the mouse button twice while keeping it still is referred to as a double click. The left/right mouse button is typically double-clicked in order to open or run a file, folder, software program, or when playing a game.

Even the most advanced gaming mice might not be able to perform double clicking, which is a special technique. The ideal mouse for double clicking must have high clicks per second and be able to handle numerous clicks at once (CPS).

First-person shooters might not benefit from double clicking, but games like Minecraft that call for repetitive movements might, thus it’s worth investing in multiple drag/double clicking mice for different game genres.

Our Top Picks Gaming Mouse for Double Clicking

The Gaming MouseAwardPrice
Roccat Kone AIMOBest mice for Double ClickingCheck Price
Roccat Kone Pure UltraUltra-Light Weight Gaming Mouse for Double ClickingCheck Price
Glorious Model ODurable Build for Double ClickingCheck Price
Roccat Kain 200 AimoBest Wireless mice for Double ClickingCheck Price
Redragon M711 Great Budget Mouse for Double ClickingCheck Price
Razer DeathAdder EliteComfort Gaming Mouse for Double ClickingCheck Price

Best Gaming Mouse for Double Clicking

Finding a Gaming Mouse That Can Double Click is not an easy matter because there are quite a few mice that can double click when playing games for long-term use. There are only a few gaming mouse manufacturers that make gaming mice that are reliable for double clicking to achieve high CPS.

The following are the best gaming mouse for double clicking:

  • Roccat Kone AIMO
  • Roccat Kone Pure Ultra
  • Roccat Kone Pure Owl-Eye
  • Glorious Model O
  • Razer DeathAdder Elite
  • Redragon M711
  • Roccat Kain 200 Aimo
  • Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex
  • Bloody A60
  • Glorious Model O-
  • Cooler Master MM711
  • Glorious Model D

Roccat Kone AIMO

Gaming Mouse That Can Double Click

DPI: 16,000 | Interface: USB Wired | Weight: 130g | Buttons: 24 | Hand: Right-handed

  •  Great design
  •  16k Owl-Eye optical sensor
  •  Best for double clicking
  •  Drag-Free Cord
  •  Right-handed only

The KONE AIMO Gaming Mouse by ROCCAT is first on our list. Keep in mind that we’re talking about the remastered version here rather than the original edition. The latter doesn’t have the textured grip surface required for drag/double clicking, hence this is why.

It’s one of their preferred mice to use for their gaming sessions, and for good reasons, if you follow some of the most well-known players in Minecraft PVP like Lebbyy and SSanti. For starters, the KONE AIMO is a sizable gaming mouse (4.92 x 3.35 x 1.57 inches). For gamers with large hands, in particular, this provides exceptional stability and control.

Drag-clicking gamers can reach up to 60 CPS with the KONE AIMO. This depends on their degree of expertise, though its sturdy construction and gripping surface will undoubtedly be helpful. Of course, the fact that it has a futuristic appearance and lots of RGB lighting certainly helps. There are gamers all over the world who will appreciate these characteristics. This mouse has been ranked as the best mouse for CS:GO in addition to being ideal for drag clicking.

With no mechanical parts, the ROCCAT KONE AIMO uses optical switches. In comparison to conventional mouse switches, this makes it significantly more durable. Drag clicking works well with optical switches since they don’t need physical contacts to transmit electricity.

Even though it is quite pricey, most serious gamers will agree that it is well worth the money, especially if you’re seeking for a gaming mouse that is robust and has the highest CPS count potential.

Roccat Kone Pure Ultra

DPI: 16,000 | Interface: USB Wired | Weight: 66g | Buttons: 6 | Hand: Right-handed

  •  Ultra-light weight
  •  16k Owl-Eye optical sensor
  •  Very durable
  •  Basic features
  •  Cheap feeling cable

Are you seeking for a decent Minecraft drag/double clicking mouse but dislike the KONE AIMO’s size and garish design? The ROCCAT KONE PURE might be the ideal mouse for you if this is the case.

The KONE PURE has the same textured surface and optical switches as the AIMO, but it comes in a smaller, lighter, and more understated packaging. This makes it perfect for gamers who like a simple RGB lighting setup and have small hands.

The KONE PURE performs somewhat better than the AIMO in terms of CPS count while being smaller (up to 65 CPS). This potential, of course, is purely arbitrary and is based on how adept you are at drag/double clicking.

Price-wise, the KONE PURE and KONE AIMO are in the same ballpark. Given that both of them have textured surfaces and optical switches, it is likely a matter of personal preference for size, weight, and design. The ROCCAT KONE PURE is a great option if you want a more compact and relaxed alternative to most gaming mouse on the market without losing CPS performance.

Roccat Kone Pure Owl-Eye

DPI: 12,000 | Interface: USB Wired | Weight: 88g | Buttons: 7 | Hand: Right-handed

  •  Medium weight
  •  Amazing optical sensor
  •  Decent software compatibility
  •  The shape won’t sit well with everyone

In contrast to other Roccat mice in their lineup, the Kone Pure Owl-Eye stands out thanks to its distinctive ergonomics and very distinctive aesthetic. Everyone is not going to like this shape, and it will take some getting used to. However, the ergonomic design is quite pleasant, and your hands will love it.

This mouse’s design was chosen to accommodate the majority of players with small/medium hands. It will work well as a claw grip mouse for larger hands, but that is pretty much all it will be able to accomplish. Although it weighs 88 grams, this mouse is not the lightest one available, yet it doesn’t seem heavy and there is no drag. You won’t be made slower by the mouse.

The Roccat mouse has a matte appearance and is composed of sturdy plastic. The mouse is also available in white, but I simply felt the black version to be a little more “drag click” friendly. I don’t know, maybe it’s just a placebo effect. Overall, though, the construction is really strong. The mouse’s outside structure has no give, so it should be able to withstand a few violent hulk-gamer outbursts.

The sensor on this mouse is its key selling point. The Pixart PMW 3361 sensor, which has been modified, is known by Roccat as the Owl-Eye sensor. All you need from a high-end tracking sensor is zero jitters, zero acceleration, and no tracking difficulties.

Glorious Model O

DPI: 12,000 | Interface: USB Wired | Weight: 67g | Buttons: 6 | Hand: Ambidextrous

  •  Ultra lightweight
  •  Solid well-built mouse
  •  Lightweight, flexible cable.
  •  Not good for small hands

Another serious contender for the finest mouse for drag/double clicking is the Glorious Model O Gaming Mouse, and it’s not hard to understand why. It provides pretty much everything you would require. a surface with a matte finish and strong mechanical switches made by Omron with a 20 million click lifespan. Additionally, the mouse’s unusual honeycomb shell design makes it lighter (67 grams) and more attractive to gamers wishing to spice up their gaming setup.

The Glorious Model O gaming mouse is available for about $70. Because of this, it’s a wonderful option for gamers seeking for something unique without spending a fortune. Having said that, the wireless Glorious Model O gaming mouse is excellent for titles like Valorant.

Depending on how adept you are at drag/double clicking, the Glorious Model O can deliver up to 20 CPS. Considering the majority of the other gaming mice on our list, that might not seem noteworthy. However, given that most gamers only have an average CPS of 6.1 while using a regular mouse, that is still astounding.

Consider choosing the wifi version if you don’t mind paying more for greater CPS. After all, dragging and clicking is simpler when your setup is free of wire clutter. Despite this, I’ve seen videos of gamers utilizing the wifi Glorious Model O to achieve up to 127 CPS.

No matter which version you have your heart set on, be sure to only purchase those with a matte finish. This is so that you can’t drag-click on a glossy-surfaced mouse.

Razer DeathAdder Elite

DPI: 16,000 | Interface: USB Wired | Weight: 105g | Buttons: 7 | Hand: Right-Handed

  •  Durable build quality
  •  Amazing optical sensor
  •  Options to separately tweak individual axes
  •  Macro editor lacks features

The DeathAdder Elite includes the same continually incredible features and faultless performance we’ve come to expect from Razer products, with a design that is essentially the same as in years past. The mouse has a matte black finish, and its shape makes it an excellent palm-grip mouse that won’t require much effort to handle for extended periods of time.

The mouse has a very beautiful texture. However, the scroll wheel’s texture is even better. If you examine the scroll wheel more closely, it appears that Razer made a miniature truck tire and utilized it as a scroll wheel. The wheel has a triple tread pattern that makes it very simple to use.

The little things matter, and Razer has gone above and beyond to make sure comfort. Two tactilely satisfying and incredibly responsive buttons are located on the mouse’s left side. When you don’t need to touch any buttons, your thumb can rest on a little, textured pad that is immediately below that. Additionally, this makes the mouse easier to use by increasing the friction between your hand and the device.

Redragon M711

DPI: 10,000 | Interface: USB Wired | Weight: 99g | Buttons: 7 | Hand: Ambidextrous

  •  Great budget option
  •  Comfortable
  •  Software can be confusing

If you’re seeking for a drag/double clicking gaming mouse but have a tight budget, I think you’ll like the Redragon M711 Cobra gaming mouse! You can purchase a decent gaming mouse with all the necessary features, including a gripping matte surface and somewhat robust mouse switches, for about $20 ($25 for the white version) (HUANO). Additionally, you get a lot of customizable RGB lighting to go with your gaming setup.

With a CPS of roughly 20, the Redragon M711 Cobra game is comparable to the Glorious Model O. (for a lot less money). The main drawback, though, is that you must use the marginally subpar HUANO mouse switches, which can only sustain 10 million clicks.

Roccat Kain 200 Aimo

DPI: 16,000 | Interface: Wireless | Weight: 100g | Buttons: 8 | Hand: Ambidextrous

  •  Wireless
  •  Hinged buttons
  •  Performance coating
  •  Uncomfortable for palm grips

It’s no accident that ROCCAT makes the majority of the gaming mice I mention in this list. The majority of gamers concur that they produce some of the greatest gaming peripherals on the market right now, and they provide high-quality gaming mouse. This is also true of the ROCCAT KAIN 200 AIMO Gaming Mouse.

The KAIN 200 AIMO stands out from the majority of other gaming mice from ROCCAT in part because of its more subdued (almost professional) appearance. There is RGB lighting, for sure, but ROCCAT has only included it for the mouse wheel and the logo (both programmable, by the way). This gaming mouse’s minimalist aesthetic strikes the perfect balance between the garish aesthetics of the majority of gaming mice on the market and those sought after by gamers. It’s safe to assume that if you chose to bring it to work, no one will object.

The KAIN 200 AIMO’s wireless functionality (although there is a wired version of this gaming mouse called the KAIN 122 AIMO) and matte finish are also fantastic features. Once more, these features are essential while looking for a mouse to drag and click with.

The KAIN 200 AIMO has a performance rating of 20+ CPS, which may not seem like much, but is sufficient to give you an advantage in Minecraft PVP. Again, your level of ability will determine whether or not you can reach this number.

The KAIN 200 AIMO costs about $100 at retail or $65 if you choose one of the wired models (KAIN122). Given that you can purchase a mouse with a greater CPS for $60, it may seem costly. The single most amazing feature of this mouse, which accounts for a large portion of its price, is that it has Titan-type switches and is wireless.

Titan Switch is an optical technology with unrivaled endurance and lightning-fast actuation. One of the toughest gaming mice in the world, this mouse switch can survive up to 100 million clicks. As a result, if you choose to purchase the KAIN 200 AIMO, you can be confident that you are investing in a product that will last and benefit you for many years to come.

Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex

DPI: 12,000 | Interface: USB Wired| Weight: 87g | Buttons: 6 | Hand: Ambidextrous

  •  Lightweight build
  •  Unique diamond shape
  •  Amazing sensor
  •  Promoted as Ambidestrous but lefties can’t use the side buttons

The G302 was a fantastic mouse, but its replacement was even better. The G303 shares the G302’s aesthetic, which is the series’ key selling feature. With the mouse’s shape, Logitech used a lot of creativity and deviated from the typical pattern we see everywhere. The G303 is shaped like a diamond, with thicker centre and extremely thin top and bottom.

The G303 makes use of the fantastic software from Logitech, which allows you to experiment with patterns, DPI settings, and sensitivity levels as well as modify the color of the Logitech logo. In terms of performance, the G303 is truly a masterpiece. It is a really fast, very responsive mouse that will feel excellent to use in general. In order to keep that snappy sensation, the mouse also features a capability that automatically assesses the quality of the present surfaces and adapts the sensitivity accordingly.

Overall, the G300 series has made a significant advancement. The G303 is a decent improvement over the G302, and it is also well worth the additional cost.

Bloody A60

DPI: 4000  | Interface: USB Wired | Weight: 153g | Buttons: 8 | Hand: Right-handed

One of the more well-liked mice for drag/double clicking is the Bloody A60. The A60 has lots of room to long and short drag due to its greater size. However, some people can find it challenging to draw out a long drag with the heavier than usual mouse clicks. Double and butterfly clicking are both ideal uses for the A60, with double actuation being simple. Clicks register more quickly because to the A60’s light strike switch’s 0.2ms response time.

You have additional control over the Bloody A60 mouse with the Bloody 7 mouse program, which also lets you adjust keybinds and mouse sensitivity. The software also enables you to change the mouse’s debounce time, which is by default set to the shortest possible value.

Glorious Model O-

DPI: 12000 | Interface: USB Wired | Weight: 58g | Buttons: 6 | Hand: Right-handed

The Model O- is a fantastic option for double and drag/double clicking for people with little hands. Although the mouse button is shorter due to the lower size, the CPS increase is still sufficient. It could take some getting used to the Model O- if you are coming from a larger mouse.

The Model O- is considerably lighter than a typical full-sized mouse, weighing only about 58 grams for matte models. The mouse is narrower due to its reduced size. Because there is less room for your fingers, butterfly kicking could be a little more challenging as a result.

Cooler Master MM711

DPI: 16000 | Interface: USB Wired | Weight: 60g | Buttons: 6 | Hand: Right-handed

A reasonably fashionable mouse with brilliant RGB lights is the Cooler Master MM711. You can alter lighting effects by employing specific mouse movements, but the MasterPlus software is required for greater control. Clean matte or glossy finishes are available for the MM711. It is often better to use the matte version if you plan to drag click. Double clicking is simple thanks to the decreasing angle of the mouse buttons, especially if your finger is dangling off the edge. The MM711 is relatively small, therefore its drag clicks are shorter than those of the other devices on our list.

The MM711’s relatively small switches can make drag/double clicking more difficult than with other mice. Double clicking with a mouse is still fairly easy, and it is simpler when done near the scroll wheel.

The MM711’s lightweight braided cable is a fantastic feature. The thin cable eliminates any unintentional mouse movement brought on the cable pressure. Unfortunately, larger hands might not be able to use the little size. The larger honeycomb design may cause problems for people who prefer to play with a claw grip and make it difficult to hold.

Glorious Model D

DPI: 12000 | Interface: USB Wired | Weight: 68g | Buttons: 6 | Hand: Right-handed

The Model D is another popular mouse for double-clicking. The Model D is quite similar to the Model O in that it is lightweight and has a debounce time that may be altered. The mouse differs from other mice in how its shell is shaped. The Model D has a larger, more oversized shell that is ergonomically designed. This form may be uncomfortable for some people while being irritating for others.

The Model D is excellent for FPS games since it allows you to move the mouse swiftly and is lightweight. When butterfly or drag clicking, this ease of movement can be problematic because it makes it simple for the mouse to travel out of place.

Things To Consider When Choosing Mouse for Double/Drag Clicking

Price: When selecting the ideal mouse, cost should be taken into account. This is especially crucial if you’re employing double and drag clicking or other CPS-boosting techniques.

Weight: The weight of a mouse might be a deciding factor when choosing one. A lighter weight is preferable for games that need a lot of movement, like first-person shooter games. Lighter mouse may be moved and raised more quickly, facilitating quick movements and aim changes.

Stability: Low weight can occasionally become a problem when clicking quickly because the mouse can shift and change positions. Your aim may change if you drag the mouse while clicking. How little a mouse moves while using CPS-increasing approaches is a measure of its stability.

Appearance: When designing an appealing setting, the appearance of a mouse is crucial. When it comes to look, lighting and design are the two main factors to take into account.

Software: Most contemporary mice come with software that enables you to customize your gadget. The software lets you adjust things like brightness, DPI, keybinds, and debounce duration depending on the mouse. Double clicking and possibly CPS are often more effective with mice that let you decrease the debounce time.

Click Weight: The click weight is the amount of pressure or force required to activate the switch on a mouse. Double clicking could be more challenging if the click weight is heavy.

Pretravel: Pretravel is the distance at which the mouse button must be pressed before the switch is activated. The pace at which you can click can be delayed by a long pretravel. Typically, mice with a low pretravel are better for gaming.

Availability: When selecting a mouse, accessibility is another factor to consider. Some devices are far more accessible, making them more desirable. Some of the common double- and drag-clicking mice are out of stock or are no longer manufactured.

Size: Choosing the ideal mouse requires constant evaluation of its size. Use a mouse that fits your hand size as closely as possible. When using a mouse, it can be uncomfortable and challenging to use if it is too tiny or huge for your hand.

Click Rating: A mouse’s switches are rated by how many clicks they make. This is the typical number of clicks that can be anticipated from a single switch. Most mouse switches have quite good ratings. The majority of switches are rated for 20 million clicks or more.

Butterfly Clicking, Drag Clicking, Jitter Clicking, And The Issues with The Clicking Methods

Making it Easier to Double Click

Mice that have been used and matured tend to be simpler to double click with. This is because the switches and buttons are looser and simpler to operate, allowing for more clicks.

To make double clicking simpler, a mouse can be worn in. The usage of butterfly clicking is one of the advantageous techniques for breaking in a mouse. Alternatively, double clicking will become more natural as the mouse ages and is used more frequently.

Butterfly Clicking

Two fingers are used to press the mouse button sequentially in a butterfly motion. This method enables you to click more quickly. To enhance the number of clicks per second, butterfly clicking can be used with double clicking.

Drag Clicking

Pushing the tip of your finger from the back of the mouse button to the front produces a drag click. To make the switch vibrate, this is done with a precise amount of pressure. A matte finish or rubber-like texture is recommended because drag clicking demands a surface with increased friction.

On some mouse, drag clicking can be facilitated by the use of tape. A mouse may be harmed or left with a sticky residue if tape is added. It is better to avoid shiny mice if you intend to use tape.

Drag clicking is a technique, not a mouse feature. Without the use of tape, some people might never be able to drag click properly.

Jitter Clicking

By tensing the forearm, jitter clicking is done, which causes the hand and finger to bounce. You can click the mouse button quickly because to the bouncing. Jitter clicking is fairly unpleasant and difficult to maintain for extended periods of time.

Issues with Clicking Methods

The methods utilized to boost clicks per second run the risk of harming a mouse. The switches may be harmed or wear out faster using the clicking techniques. The majority of mice have a click rating that indicates how many times a switch can be pressed. Since the switch is graded to last for a longer amount of time, a higher rating is normally preferable.


There are various factors to think about when double clicking. While double clicking might be the best option, you might also wish to employ a different clicking technique to speed up clicks. Fortunately, there are many different mice to choose from and the gaming peripheral market is extremely competitive. It is now much simpler to choose a mouse that suits your preferences thanks to the wide variety of models and mice available.

Compared to other ways, mastering the double click is rather simple. With practice, maintaining the click will get simpler over time. There is a harder learning curve if you want to use jitter, butterfly, or drag clicking to increase your click speeds. Although not every mouse performs equally for each type of clicking, the majority of the mice described work reasonably well in general.


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