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Does Gaming Mouse Improve Aim?

Last Updated on November 18, 2022

Gaming mouse can significantly improve aim with the various advantages it has. Apart from practicing regularly and learning proper aiming techniques, using a gaming mouse is one of the best ways to improve your aim accuracy when playing shooter games.

FPS or shooter games are probably some of the most popular games that you can play on your PC. You have CS:GO, Call of Duty, Apex Legend, Valorant, PUBG and maybe even Battlefield venues. People who play this game always want to be the best they can be. This means buying the best accessories… including gaming mouse.

Does Gaming Mouse Improve Aim?

Gaming mouse can increase aim because generally gaming mouse have a comfortable design for various grips and hand sizes. Extra specifications such as DPI, sensors, software settings to suit your needs in the game are the advantages of a gaming mouse compared to a normal mouse.

How Can a Gaming Mouse Improve Aim?

There are various aspects of a gaming mouse that can provide a significant increase in the sharpness of your aim when playing shooter games. The following are some of the aspects and their full explanation:


A sensor’s and the mouse it’s connected to’s mouse sensitivity is a fantastic huge number. Teams in marketing adore them. How practical is 20,000 dots per inch (DPI) sensitivity, though? The response for gaming is: Not very.

The majority of professional players, particularly those who play first-person shooters, use DPIs between 400 and 800, with some going as high as low 1,000. That’s because you can move more precisely with lower sensitivity, but you’ll need to move your arms more to make up for it.

However, because they need less physical effort to move the object you’re controlling across the screen, higher sensitivity can be fantastic for normal day-to-day mousing. If you have a sizable ultrawide monitor set to a very high resolution, this can be really handy. Turrets and vehicles in some games will reduce your pointer speed for immersion reasons, but if you can quickly increase your DPI, having a greater mouse sensitivity provides you the ability to offset that and stay fast and fluid.

In actuality, mouse sensitivity settings of 20,000, 16,000, or anything higher than 3,500 are excessive. Purchase a mouse because it has a decent, accurate sensor and all the other functions you require, not because of its extremely high sensitivity.

With an abundance of sensitivity options, you can adjust it to your needs when playing shooter games so you can find the most appropriate setting for your aim sharpness when playing games. You cannot find this sensitivity setting on a regular mouse.

Easily Modifiable Buttons and Macros

The ability to remap the buttons and switches on gaming mouse to perform any actions you want based on the particular game you’ll be playing is one of their most useful features. In some games, this entails assigning keyboard shortcuts to your inventory or go-to weapon to make them more accessible. However, you can also record macros and have those available as well.

The use of macros eliminates the need for manual key pushes and mouse clicks by automating repetitive actions. Once you’ve recorded them, you may save them as a macro and trigger them with just one button press. When playing RTS games or popular combination attacks in MMOs, where your actions normally don’t vary from game to game, this might be quite helpful.

The ways that macros are recorded and stored vary depending on the manufacturer. Some have onboard memory so you can carry your settings with you, but the majority include a complete set of software tools that make it simple to set up macros quickly.

You won’t likely need many macros or remappable buttons if you’re playing a fast-paced first-person shooter, but MOBA, FPS, MMO, and RTS players might find it useful to have their preferred button combinations nearby.

With the extra buttons on the gaming mouse, you can set them to access shortcuts for certain functions when playing games such as purchasing items or accessing maps, so you don’t need to use the keyboard too much when playing shooter games and stay focused on your aim.

You Can Adjust the Weight of the Gaming Mouse

First things first, let’s look at the equipment you’re using. You should pick your gaming mouse wisely because you’ll be using it to aim. A reduced weight can significantly improve performance in addition to ensuring that the design is comfortable. If you tune your sensitivity appropriately, a light mouse is easier to accelerate and stop with, giving you finer control. If you find yourself moving your gaming mouse a lot and frequently, it’s also less taxing.

Gaming mouse provide options to adjust the weight so you can find the best weight to increase your aim’s reaction speed when playing shooter games. You can only find this weight setting on a gaming mouse.

Abundant Settings

Abundant settings for gaming mouse ranging from weight settings, DPI, and various other settings can make it easier for you to find the best settings when playing games.

With the settings provided from the default gaming mouse software, you can easily find your best settings to make your aim even more accurate.

How to Increase Your Aim in FPS Games

Aim or what can be said as a ‘target’ is an important thing that you need to master, especially in the world of FPS. By mastering aim, you can eradicate enemies more quickly.

Unfortunately, aiming requires high skill, and is not easy to master, especially for new players or newbies. Then how do you increase aim in FPS? Here are five tips that you must do.

1. Watch How to Hold the Mouse

Does Gaming Mouse Improve Aim?

Even though not many people know, how to hold the mouse is one surefire way to increase your aim in FPS games. There are three types of how to hold the mouse that you need to know, namely Palm Grip , Claw Grip , and the last is Tip Grip . 

  • Palm Grip is a way of holding the mouse that is popular in gaming circles. By using the Palm Grip , you can use multiple fingers at once, but still prioritize comfort when using the mouse
  • Claw Grip is a way of holding the mouse that is slightly different from Palm Grip . This position imagines you are clawing at something by letting the back of your palm remain relaxed. This position will make your wrist move faster, but with fewer fingers.
  • Tip Grip is a method that is almost the same as Claw Grip but with a lower finger position. This position allows you to move faster, especially when using a lighter mouse — less than 100 grams.

2. Use the Right Gear

One way to increase aim is to use the right gear . Starting from the monitor, mouse , to the mousepad ; all this must be considered.

The monitor is needed for response time , the mouse is needed for aiming, and the mousepad is used as a container for the mouse itself. The mousepad also functions as a guard for mouse movement , of course so that it is more organized — not moving randomly.

3. Set Sensitivity

The sensitivity level of each gamer is definitely different. Therefore, what you need to do before fighting against other players is to pay attention to the settings and set the sensitivity as comfortable as possible.

Don’t adjust sensitivity when you’re in battle, make sure to set it in the training room.

4. Know Shooting Techniques

If you have set the sensitivity as comfortable and as good as possible, then the next step is for you to learn shooting techniques, such as Tracking and Flick Shot . What is the difference between these two techniques?

Tracking is a shooting technique that keeps the target in the direction of your crosshair . Usually Tracking is used by DPS type weapons , such as sub-machine guns or assault rifles .

Flick Shot is a different type of shooting. After shooting, you are required to make the crosshair return to its initial position where it leads to the enemy. Flick Shot is usually used by burst -type weapons , for example, shotguns , sniper rifles , and non-automatic  pistols .

5. Lots of Practicing

The last tip to improve your aim for the better is to keep practicing. “ Nothing is instant ”, maybe that’s the right sentence when you want to learn to improve your aim for the better.


Using a gaming mouse is the best choice to improve your aiming accuracy when playing shooter games because with so many settings to choose from on a gaming mouse such as setting weights, sensitivity, better sensors, and an ergonomic gaming mouse design that is more comfortable to use for longer durations. long.

Apart from using the right gaming mouse, you also have to understand other factors such as the right grip when aiming, the correct aiming technique when using different weapons, using the right monitor, and the best mouse settings that suit your needs when playing games.

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