Best Palm Grip Gaming Mice in 2023

I’ll walk you through every mouse I considered deserving of a spot on this list in this Best Palm Grip Gaming Mice buyers guide.

Nowadays, there are so many gaming mice available that it is difficult to determine which is the finest. There are a lot of questions being raised, but not many of them have clear answers. What distinguishes each mouse from the others? Is the sensor reliable? and a plethora of other inquiries.

I’ve tested more than 32 mice to aid you with these questions, and I’ll keep testing the newest mice that are made available each month. You may be sure that this post is current with the newest gaming mice on the market because I update it frequently.

The manual is divided into major subcategories to try to address a situation that will apply to you. I’m always pleased to help people find mice, so if you think I missed one or need additional assistance, please leave a comment below or send me a tweet.

Here is a list of the Best Palm Grip Gaming Mice for each category, in case any of you were looking for a quick response.

What Is The Palm Grip?

The player gripping the mouse with their entire hand serves as the best example of the palm grip. Typically, their palm touches the entire mouse arch, and their fingers rest against mice 1 and 2. Without any arcing, the fingertips rest flat across each button.

In contrast to a regular palm grip, a hybrid palm-claw grip involves a comparable setup with the exception that the player tends to arch their palm more. This indicates that the palm of the mouse and its arch come into less contact. Additionally, rather than lying flat like a full palm hold, the fingers slightly arch.

Since the hand has a highly noticeable arch and just the tips of the fingers are in contact with mouse 1 and 2, as well as the sides of the mouse, it is simpler to identify the fingertip grip.

Visit our post on the various mouse grips here to learn more about these mouse grips in depth.


Best Palm Grip Gaming MiceAwardPrice
Logitech G502 HERO#1 Best Palm Grip Gaming Mouse OverallCheck Price
Logitech G Pro Wireless#2 Best Mouse Overall
Best Mouse For Small Hands(<17cm)
Best Mouse For Medium Hands(17-19.5cm)
Check Price
G-Wolves SkollBest Mouse For Large Hands (19.5cm+)Check Price
Glorious Model DBest Lightweight Palm Grip MouseCheck Price
SteelSeries Sensei 310Best Ambidextrous Palm Grip MouseCheck Price
XTRFY M4Best Mouse For Medium Hands(17-19.5cm)
Best Ergonomic Palm Grip Mouse
Check Price
CORSAIR SCIMITAR RGB ELITEBest MMO Palm Grip Gaming MouseCheck Price
Logitech G403Best Budget Palm Grip MouseCheck Price
Razer DeathAdder EssentialAnother Best Budget Palm Grip MouseCheck Price

Best Palm Grip Gaming Mice

Logitech G502 HERO

Flawless performance
Glides well despite heavy weight
Best scroll wheel ever
RGB lighting
Extra buttons prone to accidental misclicks
Bit of an underwhelming update
Design isn’t ideal for multiple grips

The Logitech G502 HERO is a renowned mouse with a tried-and-true design that dates back to the Logitech G5 Laser in 2005. We believe it to be an incredibly cozy and dependable mouse that is ideal for users who want to use their palms as a grip thanks to a focus on ergonomics and user customisation.

With big or tiny hands, the G502 HERO can be palm-gripped. The design encourages a natural hold on the mouse, and the tilted body eases some of the strain on your wrists during long gaming sessions. But switching from a lighter mouse to the G502 HERO can be confusing, especially if you’re used to making quick, sharp motions at a weight that’s almost half as much.

The G502 Lightspeed, a wireless variant of the G502 family that has identical functionality and weighs a little less, is one of the more recent additions to the G502 family. The G502 Lightspeed may be the ideal palm grip mouse for you if you’re ready to pay more for a wireless mouse. But it’s difficult for us to suggest at three times the cost of the wired G502 HERO.

In fact, the G502 HERO’s pricing is another another factor making it our top pick for people who favor palm grips. Regardless of your preferred grip, it is presently retailing for less than $40, making it one of the best-value mice available. It will be difficult to find another gaming mouse at this price point that can provide as much customization and adaptability.

Over the years, Logitech has done a remarkable job of improving this audience favorite, updating its features and design to keep it current in the eyes of gamers who are becoming more demanding. The G502 HERO is unquestionably one of the most dependable and feature-rich gaming mouse on the market right now because to its distinctive form, adjustable weight, programmable macro buttons, and an incredibly low price.

Logitech G Pro Wireless

HERO Sensor
Extremely lightweight (80g)
Best side buttons I have used
Modular side buttons
Best scroll wheel I have used
Battery life is great
Easy to use software
Very small so might not fit larger hands

The G Pro Wireless is the supreme Logitech mouse. Over 50 professional esports players were consulted by Logitech to find out what matters to them most in a mouse.

With the help of the suggestions made for the design of the G Pro Wireless, Logitech has created something unique.

The new HERO sensor from Logitech, which gives up to 16,000 DPI in 50 increments, is featured on the G Pro Wireless.

After using the mouse for some time, I can confidently say it’s great. The tracking data is gathered and processed more quickly since the HERO uses a continuous capture rate at a greater FPS than any other sensor, according to Logitech.

It’s difficult to tell if that is merely marketing speak or not. However, based on my playtests, the sensor is flawless, and I haven’t experienced any spin-outs, strange tracking, or pixel skipping.

The G Pro Wireless weighs only 80g, which is very light for a wireless mouse because of its 1mm thin walls.

The mouse has eight buttons, including a DPI button on the bottom and a mouse 1, 2, scroll wheel, two side buttons on either side of the mouse.

As you would expect from Logitech, the mouse 1 and mouse 2 are of the highest caliber. The best mouse clicks on this are found in the G Pro Wireless. They have a sharp, crisp feel. The side buttons on a mouse are the greatest I’ve ever used. They feature a quick transit time and a matte finish.

Additionally, they are correctly placed, which I found to be a common mistake in other mice where the first side button is too close to the front of the mouse.

Additionally, because the side buttons are entirely modular, you may swap out the side you don’t use, as demonstrated above.

The scroll wheel is, once more, the nicest one I’ve ever used. Compared to the G403, which also has a fantastic scroll wheel, it is an enhancement. Although clearly defined, the notches are not too stiff. The scroll up and down appear to be parallel and balanced.

Logitech has relocated the DPI button to the mouse’s base. This occurred as a result of the professional esports players’ feedback, which Logitech used to enhance the G Pro Wireless’ design.

The vast majority of those who were questioned if they utilized the DPI button responded no and that they really turned it off in the program. The DPI button was shifted from the top to the bottom by Logitech for this reason.

With RGB, the battery life can last up to 48 hours, while it can last for more than 60 hours without RGB. The battery life of any Logitech mouse has never been better.

The G Pro Wireless won’t be suitable for everyone, though, due to its petite frame. If your hands are much larger than 18 to 18.5 cm, you might find it difficult to palm-grip this mouse.

G-Wolves Skoll

3360 Sensor
Very Comfortable Ergonomic Design
Amazing box design & added extras inside
Tactile mouse 1 and mouse 2
Large crisp side buttons
Fantastic stock paracord cable
Simplistic yet bright RGB customisation
Easy to use software
Mouse Feet could be better

The Skoll, the first gaming mouse from G-Wolves, is here. You may have noticed that it resembles another mouse on our list, the Zowie EC2-B, which we shall discuss later. The EC2-B shape has been mimicked by G Wolves, although with a little modification.

It is advised that gamers with hands at least 18 cm in diameter use the mouse because it is rather large.

Much like many of the mice on this list, the Skoll makes use of the PM3360 sensor. It is an excellent optical sensor that offers pixel-by-pixel tracking at up to 12,000 DPI.

The Skoll’s high hump provides the ideal support for any player using a palm grip. The Skoll is one of the lightest mice on this list, weighing only just 66g, so if you’re shopping for one, give it serious consideration. Due to its ergonomic design, the Skoll feels incredibly comfortable in the palm. The mouse is the most comfortable one I’ve tested this year because to the curved hump and sloping sides, which beautifully fill out the hand.

The Skoll has a total of seven buttons, including the standard mouse 1 and mouse 2 buttons, a scroll wheel, two side buttons, a dpi button, and a rgb button. The primary clicks have zero pre-travel and feel fantastic, enabling quick, rapid activation. One of my favorite features is how responsive and crisp the side buttons feel.

The scroll wheel has a modest weight to it, and each step is audible but not intrusive. The click requires some pressure to activate, but less than the G Pro Wireless.

An RGB button that configures the various RGB cycles is located on the mouse’s bottom. Toggle between the various DPI values, press the second button on the right.

One of the greatest stock paracord cables available right now is from G Wolves. The cable’s flexibility actually shocked me, which is perfect since you want to prevent dragging on your mouse pad. The Skoll virtually feels wireless when it is attached to a bungee cord. You are in for a treat if you have never used a mouse with a paracord cable before!

The mouse feet function as intended, although they are not as comfortable as the G Pro Wireless or any of the other PTFE feet on this list.

G Wolves have made a strong entry onto this ranking. They provide high-end mice that don’t entirely break the bank, therefore this isn’t the only one of theirs that is highlighted here.

Glorious Model D

The best medium sized shape
Sturdy build quality
Cable is flexible but well built
Great feet
A lot of branding
Buttons can be a little wobbly

The Glorious Model D is a gaming mouse that weighs only 68 grams in the matte form and 69 grams in the glossy version. For some people who use the palm grip, this makes it a little bit light, but the design is unquestionably ergonomic and suits the hand’s natural curvature. This makes it our top choice for the finest lightweight mouse for people who prefer palm grips.

A simple mouse, the Glorious Model D. The design is fairly functional, with just enough buttons for most gamers to utilize and a honeycomb shell design to reduce weight while preserving stability, despite the device’s distinctive branding and RGB lighting. Sadly, some consumers have complained that there is a tiny wobbling to the mouse buttons. Even though not everyone may experience this, if you do, it might make the mouse seem a little flimsy and cheap.

You can always choose the slightly smaller Glorious Model D- if you are concerned that the size is a little bit too large. Additionally, there are wireless variations of each size and color.

SteelSeries Sensei 310

Comfortable for palm grips
Good price
No braided cable

We’ve been emphasizing how crucial ergonomics are when choosing excellent palm grip mice. But why are we discussing the symmetrical SteelSeries Sensei 310 if that’s the case?

The Sensei 310 is an ambidextrous mouse to begin with. Although everyone’s grip technique varies slightly, ergonomic mice are often preferred by palm grip users. It’s possible that ergonomic mice will make you feel a little uncomfortable, especially if you hold the device with a 1-3-1 grip. Large mouse buttons on the Sensei 310 work in tandem with this finger location to create a more even weight distribution that is excellent for palm grip users.

The Sensei 310 weighs 92.1 grams, which is a nice compromise between lighter mice like the Glorious Model D and heavier mouse like the G502 HERO. The mouse is especially comfortable to hold for people who utilize the palm grip due to its broad surface area and weight distribution that is centered. We particularly appreciate the Sensei 310’s rough rubber sides, which add to its overall grip.

The Sensei 310 is a great option to take into consideration if you’ve tried ergonomic palm grip mice before and found them to be uncomfortable, or if you simply prefer an ambidextrous design. It is a large mouse with lots of room for your palm and fingers, great weight distribution for palm grip gamers, and left-handed users will appreciate the fact that it features thumb buttons on both sides.


3389 Sensor
Unique Ergonomic Design
Lots of colourways to choose from (pink, blue, white, red)
Insanely tactile mouse 1 and mouse 2
Crisp side buttons
Paracord cable
Bright RGB
Onboard memory
Shape not for everyone
Side grips a little slippery with sweaty hands

With their first portable gaming mouse, XTRFY succeeded. The M4 is a honeycomb-shelled, medium-sized mouse that provides some of the best clicks in its price range.

It makes use of the PMW3389, which supports up to 16,000 DPI. You may be confident that this sensor, together with the 3360, offers accurate tracking and prevents jitter skipping because it has previously undergone extensive testing.

This mouse is among the smaller ones on the list, measuring 120mm. Despite being 5mm shorter than the G Pro Wireless, it has a distinct hump that gives gamers using the palm grip good support. It weighs 69g, which makes it slightly heavier than the G Wolves Skoll but still one of the lighter choices available.

The XTRF M4 has a really distinctive form that really sets it apart from the other mouse. When it comes to ergonomic mice, XTRFY has innovated. The grip’s rather strong curvature on the left side initially struck me as odd. I started to like it after a few play sessions, and it adds extra support for your thumb.

Similar to the EC2-B & Skoll, the right side slopes downward to make room for your ring finger and pinky. Because of this, I have always thought ergonomic mice to be considerably more pleasant than ambidextrous mice.

The XTRFY M4 contains seven buttons total, including a mouse 1, mouse 2, two side buttons, a scroll wheel, an RGB button, and a DPI button.

This mouse makes fantastic clicks. The primary buttons have an extremely crisp, responsive feel, and when pressed, they emit a pleasing sound. These clicks are so pleasant since there is no pre- or post-travel. Compared to most mice, the scroll wheel’s steps are less clearly defined, and the click has a medium to heavy weight.

The top RGB button cycles between the various settings that are offered, including rainbow, solid colors, and more. For those of you who oppose RGB, you can even turn it off.

A little led light and the DPI button, which is hidden on the underside of the mouse, are there to indicate what DPI value you are currently using. The mouse has all of its settings set up. There is no software, hence macro functionality does not exist.

As their own version of the paracord, XTRFY has created their own “EZCORD,” as they call it. The cable is good and flexible on its own, but it is not near as flexible as the G Wolves Skoll’s.

However, the mouse feet are among the best on this list and superior to the Skoll’s. They feel silky and glide over my mousepad like butter.

Overall, the XTRFY M4 is a great addition to the list, and it is exciting to see some manufacturers catching on with their initial lightweight mouse and adjusting to the market.


Infinite programming ability with the 12 side buttons
Good ergonomics
Great performance
18,000 DPI sensor
Very expensive
Might be too wide for some
Macro buttons are a bit too close together

Every major mouse manufacturer has at least one MMO-specific product, and Corsair’s is the Scimitar. This gaming mouse is an excellent option if you use a palm grip and require lots of extra buttons for your MMO key binds because it has up to 17 programmable buttons and a huge body.

The PMW-3391 sensor is one of the Scimitar’s most intriguing features. This is a premium proprietary optical sensor that Corsair has adjusted especially for their mouse, based on the PMW-3389. The Scimitar is an accurate and dependable mouse for every game you throw at it because it supports precise DPI settings and has a ton of great reviews.

The Scimitar provides a lot of surface space for you to rest your palm on, measuring 4.7 inches in length and 3 inches in width. Users of palm devices will find it comfortable due to its ergonomic form. The 12-button side panel of this MMO gaming mouse may glide forward and backward in contrast to other MMO gaming mice on the market to fit different hand sizes or if you want your thumb to naturally rest on various keys. This ingenious little detail puts the Scimitar one step ahead of the competition.

Last but not least, the Corsair iCUE software is easy to use and allows for simple key remapping, macro creation, and even lighting customization with the four RGB zones. Even the mouse itself has the ability to store these settings as hardware profiles, allowing you to transfer your preferences to another computer if necessary.

In conclusion, the Corsair Scimitar is a great palm-grip MMO mouse. It is big, with a superb sensor, many of keys that can be customized, and great macro software to round out the package.

Logitech G403

Very Comfortable
High quality grips
Adjustable weight
Tactile mouse 1 and mouse 2
Easy to use software
Side button noise with sweaty hands
Thick braided cable

With each passing year, Logitech produces better and better mice. The G403/G703 truly checks all the boxes, and most mouse enthusiasts believe it to be one of the best entry-level mice.

The G403 and G703 mice are nearly identical, with the exception that the G703 supports the PowerPlay mat and is wireless while the G403 is tethered.

These two mouse have also been upgraded with the newest HERO sensor, which is regarded as the greatest sensor currently available.

The HERO mouse is comparable in size to the Razer DeathAdder or the Zowie EC1-A and has a DPI range of 100–16,000.

Both a wired and a wireless version of the Logitech G403 are available. The wireless model costs a little more and weights a little bit more (106g) than the cable model (88g).

Keep in mind that the wireless version only features the PM3366 sensor and not the more recent HERO sensor.

An optional 10g weight that attaches to the bottom of the mouse is included with both variants. A fantastic tool for individuals who enjoy experimenting with different mouse weights.

The mouse has six buttons: mouse 1, mouse 2, a scroll button that can be clicked, a DPI button, and two side buttons. The side buttons are strong and durable and have a satisfying tactile click. However, if your hands are sweaty, they might squeak. This is a result of the buttons’ plastic feel. I was able to lessen this by covering them with tape.

Compared to some of the other buttons on the list, the side buttons are enormous. If you have exceptionally large hands, this might be a concern, but for the majority of individuals, it probably won’t be.

The G403/lift-off G703’s distance is approximately 1.5 mm, which is ideal and won’t cause any issues. The cable, which is 2 meters long or 6.6 feet, is braided and rather thick. My Qck+ is hardly vibrated as it moves across it.

The G403/plastic G703’s coating offers a good grip and has helped to lessen my tendency to perspire. The sides have a rubber finish with a textured surface that feels sturdy and offers superb grip. It can scrape slightly, but nothing obtrusive.

The wireless version of the G703 boasts fantastic battery life. It can operate for up to 48 hours while the RGB lighting is on or up to 60 hours when it is off.

Additionally, Logitech mice have access to its mouse software. Along with SteelSeries, this is one of the simplest software programs I have ever used. If necessary, profiles can be customized for each game, or you can just select one of the default profiles.

The Logitech G403/G703 is a complete solution. It offers comfort with a variety of mouse grips, scalable DPI settings, an accurate, modern sensor, RGB lights, and a robust, high grip shell.

Razer DeathAdder Essential

Feels well-built.
Low minimum lift-off distance.
Suitable for almost all hand sizes with any grip type.
Somewhat heavy.
Cable isn’t very flexible.

The Razer DeathAdder Essential, which costs roughly $20, elevates the standard for what a premium inexpensive gaming mouse should be. With this reasonably priced addition to their renowned DeathAdder collection, Razer provides a strong value proposition with a dependable sensor, a pleasant design, and surprising endurance.

In essence, the DeathAdder Essential is the DeathAdder Elite scaled down. It has two less customizable buttons, a slightly different sensor with a lower DPI, and no RGB illumination. Although the switches are only rated for 10 million clicks as opposed to the Elite’s 50 million, the design is otherwise the same and is perfect for users who want to use their hands in a palm grip.

Anyone with a large hand may use the DeathAdder well because of its enormous surface area, and there is enough room for your entire palm to rest there. You have a little more freedom to reposition your grasp thanks to the mouse buttons’ little fanning out as well. This makes the mouse feel cozy in your palm regardless of where you like to put your fingers.

At its pricing range, the DeathAdder Essential is difficult to criticize, yet it’s nevertheless vital to draw attention to its obvious shortcomings. The sensor isn’t the best, to start. We advise considering the DeathAdder Elite if you’re a serious competitive gamer because it’s lighter and has the acclaimed PMW-3389 sensor. Additionally, the cable is a little stiff, so if you have light hands, you can experience some drag.

One of the most recognizable gaming mice in the world is the DeathAdder, and Razer has done an excellent job of keeping it current throughout the years. The DeathAdder Essential is an inexpensive and dependable ergonomic mouse that is ideal for those who prefer to use their palms to type, despite the lack of any truly remarkable distinguishing features. There isn’t a more affordable palm grip gaming mouse option available right now for under $20.

Features to Consider For Palm Grip Mice

There are numerous options when selecting a mouse. If you take your mouse seriously, you should take into account the following factors to make sure you are taking into account all of the crucial characteristics of a gaming mouse:

Size & Shape

It is crucial that you select a mouse that is the right size and shape. This will have an impact on your comfort level with the mouse, which is, in my opinion, the most crucial aspect of any mouse. For players who use a palm grip, this is especially true. Given that their entire hand rests against the mouse, they frequently choose larger mice. Small and narrow mice are frequently not ideal for palm grip players unless they have hands that are smaller than 16–18 cm x 7-8 cm.

Optic & DPI (Dots Per Inch)

The optic is virtually equally crucial to your decision as the mouse’s size. This is especially more crucial to make sure you have a reliable and accurate aim if you primarily play first-person shooter games. The range of DPI each mouse offers and its optic will be described.


The quality of buttons varies from mouse to mouse. How much you enjoy using the mouse depends on a number of essential elements, including their travel duration and feedback. If you play MOBA or MMORPGs, you could also be curious about side buttons, which could affect your choice.

To address all of your concerns, I’ll make care to describe each of the mouse’s buttons in depth below.

Lift-off Distance (LOD)

The responsiveness and predictability of your mouse cursor can be impacted by lift-off distance. The distance between the mouse and the surface at which the optical system stops detecting movement.

When swiping and turning 180 degrees in games, a high LOD might produce erratic movements. As a result, mice with a low LOD are seen as being better; however, this setting can typically be customized on most mice and is frequently a matter of personal opinion.


In comparison to claw grip or fingertip players, they frequently use mice that are a little bit heavier for palm grip players. However, this is only a generalization and not a law.

They have more power since they can manipulate the mouse with their entire hand. Additionally, they frequently position the mouse with their arm and forearm rather than their wrist. Given that both measurements are related, the mouse’s weight should also be taken into account.


The cable is a sometimes overlooked aspect of mouse choosing. Simply because of the texture and quality of the cable, I have in the past returned mice. Although this is typically a matter of personal opinion, the type of cable used may result in friction or vibrations that could be distracting.

Durability & Texture

Testing texture and durability can be challenging because they frequently take time. Whenever possible, I’ll try to remark on the feel and durability of each mouse and mention any concerns that other gamers have brought up.

The texture is also crucial because it can affect how well you can grip the mouse and whether or not it makes your hands perspire.

Shape, weight, sensor, and buttons are the four key factors to consider while selecting a mouse.

Conclusion: What’s Best Palm Grip Gaming Mice?

Despite the palm grip being the least preferred mouse grip among enthusiasts, it’s still rather simple to acquire a fantastic palm grip gaming mouse. Just keep in mind that even if you consider yourself a palm-grip player, your personal tastes may differ from those of someone else who also uses the grip.

The Logitech G502 HERO is a wonderful option for the majority of palm grip users and allows you plenty of room to play with your grip, even though it is advised to try out alternative mouse. But if you want more options, we suggest reading our post on the best huge gaming mice, which is also a wonderful choice for people who utilize palm grips.

To make sure you buy the proper fit for you, shape and size are the most crucial factors to take into account. This will have the biggest impact on both how well you perform and how much you enjoy using your mouse.

One of the greatest mice available at the moment is the G Pro Wireless. This might be your ultimate mouse if you have tiny to medium hands and the money to pay the fee.


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