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Best Honeycomb Gaming Mouse in 2023

Last Updated on January 9, 2023

A good gaming experience involves more than just ability; it also involves convenience. Many gamers like the more ergonomic and comfortable feel of honeycomb gaming mouse, particularly during extended durations of gameplay. Although many of the finest honeycomb gaming mice are beautiful as well, it’s not only about better usability.

A gaming mouse with a honeycomb design is distinct from a regular mouse in terms of appearance. The distinctive grip is the standout feature. They have a honeycomb structure with holes all over. As a result of the added breathability, they should feel more at ease during prolonged grinding sessions. They do, however, offer additional advantages. These gaming mice are among the lightest on the market, weighing in at 69 or 68 grams occasionally. Some also offer additional features like RGB lights or excellent optical sensors. These comfortable, lightweight gaming mice deliver excellent performance.

The best honeycomb gaming mouse currently available on the market are listed here. These gaming mice give you a terrific performance and superior ergonomics while providing the ideal balance of comfort and utility.

What is Honeycomb Gaming Mouse?

Computer mice with a special honeycomb-shaped cover that reduces weight and increases comfort during lengthy gaming sessions are known as honeycomb gaming mice. Advanced features like programmable buttons, high DPI sensors, and programmable lights are frequently found in these mice, along with ergonomic designs that lessen hand fatigue. They are made to give gamers a more accurate and responsive gaming experience.

Our Top Picks Honeycomb Gaming Mouse

Honeycomb Gaming MouseAwardPrice
SteelSeries Aerox 3 WirelessBest Wireless Honeycomb Gaming MouseCheck Price
FinalMouse Ultralight 2Best Honeycomb Mouse for GamingCheck Price
Glorious Model O WirelessEveryone FavoriteCheck Price
PWNAGE Ultra Custom Wireless ErgoBest Ergonomic Honeycomb Gaming MouseCheck Price
Cooler Master MM720Best Cheap Honeycomb Gaming MouseCheck Price
Our Top Picks Honeycomb Gaming Mouse

The Best Honeycomb Gaming Mouse

SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless

Very lightweight.
Comfortable to use.
Low click latency.
High polling rate.
Plastic creaks and flexes slightly.
Sensitivity adjustment in increments of 100 CPI.

A great ultra-light gaming mouse is the SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless. It is remarkably lightweight thanks to the honeycomb design that continues to the bottom of the mouse. Its ambidextrous design is more appropriate for a claw or fingertip grip and is comfortable to use for extended durations. It can pair to two devices simultaneously for multitasking and can be used wirelessly through Bluetooth or its USB dongle. The combination of its low click latency and high polling rate makes for a fluid and responsive gaming experience.

There are many customization possibilities in the SteelSeries Engine 3 software, but it isn’t the most user-friendly and might be overwhelming for beginners. Additionally, those looking for more discretion over the sensitivity level may be disappointed to see that you can only change it in 100 CPI increments. On the plus side, it is fully compatible with Windows and macOS and all of the inputs are programmable.

SteelSeries Aerox 5 Wireless

Feels well-built.
Very good click latency.
Isn’t suitable for small hands using any grip type.
Can’t adjust CPI settings as precisely as most high-end gaming mice.

A gaming mouse with a lightweight honeycomb design and an ambidextrous shape is the SteelSeries Aerox 5 Wireless. For precise cursor control and tracking, it incorporates a high-precision sensor with a maximum sensitivity of 18,000 CPI (counts per inch). The mouse also supports Bluetooth connections and a low-latency 2.4 GHz wireless connection, giving you the option to select the optimal connection for your requirements. The Aerox 5 has eight programmable buttons and RGB lights that can be customized using the SteelSeries Engine software. The mouse comes with a charging dock for simple charging and has a battery life of up to 70 hours on a single charge.

Glorious Model O Wireless

Very comfortable for those with medium or large-sized hands.
Excellent build quality.
No Bluetooth support.
Too big for those with small hands.

A great ultra-light gaming mouse is the GLORIOUS Model O Wireless. Despite having a built-in battery, it is a wireless version of the GLORIOUS Model O and is still quite lightweight. Compared to the wired version, it features a different sensor, and the new GLORIOUS BAMF sensor has a larger CPI range that you can tune in smaller steps. Despite having a honeycomb construction, this mouse is quite well constructed and feels sturdy. Although it is quite cozy and ideal for large hands with any grip, individuals with little hands could find it to be too huge.

The virgin-grade PTFE feet offer exceptionally smooth glide. Sadly, while being a wireless model, it isn’t the best for usage while traveling because it doesn’t support Bluetooth and doesn’t have a slot for a USB receiver.

If you want a smaller size for small hands, you can choose the Glorious Model O Minus which has a lighter weight and is suitable for small hands.

Glorious Model D Wireless

Very lightweight.
Feels well-built.
Very low click latency.
Bulky; may not fit in most laptop cases.
Plastic body feels thin, and there’s some minor flex on the underside and in the joint where the sides meet the base.

The Glorious Model D Wireless Honeycomb mouse is a high-quality gaming mouse that is designed for maximum comfort and precision. It features a honeycomb design that allows for more efficient airflow and reduced weight, as well as a low profile design that provides a comfortable typing experience. The mouse also has customizable RGB backlighting and a removable USB-C cable. It is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems and has a battery life of up to 70 hours. Overall, the Glorious Model D Wireless Honeycomb mouse is a top choice for gamers who want a reliable and comfortable mouse that can keep up with their fast-paced gameplay.

The honeycomb cutouts on the palm rest and underside of the GLORIOUS Model D Wireless wireless gaming mouse make it incredibly light. It has two side buttons on the left, a CPI button behind the scroll wheel, RGB lights on both sides, and buttons for side buttons and the scroll wheel. It connects either wirelessly with a USB receiver or with its charging cord, has a comfortable right-handed design that is ideal for all grip styles and the majority of hand sizes. It performs quite well in terms of click latency and lift-off distance, and the CPI may be changed in steps of 50 over a fairly broad range.

FinalMouse Ultralight 2

Ultra lightweight.
Customizable shape and size.
Excellent performance.
No dedicated software; third-party only.
Very small design, not suitable for larger hands without customization.

A gaming mouse made to be comfortable for extended gaming sessions is the FinalMouse Ultralight 2 Honeycomb. The top shell has a honeycomb pattern, which lessens weight and enhances ventilation. A high-quality sensor for precision tracking, programmable buttons for personalized games, and a cable with reduced drag are all included with the mouse. For gamers looking for a portable, responsive mouse that is comfortable to use for extended periods of time, the Ultralight 2 Honeycomb is the perfect option.

FinalMouse Ultralight 2 is notable for its minimal weight and high level of precision. It has a 3360 sensor for precise tracking and a honeycomb cover that helps it weigh less. In order to personalize their gaming experience, players can program the mouse’s buttons and scroll wheel. It is practical for usage in a range of scenarios because it supports wired connections. In conclusion, the FinalMouse Ultralight 2 is a well-liked option among gamers because of its compact size and dependable performance.

Glorious Model O

Low click latency.
Feels very well-built and solid.
Lightweight and flexible cable.
Isn’t suitable for small hands with any grip type.

The GLORIOUS Model O is a fantastic ultra-light gaming mouse with a honeycomb-pattern design that ranks it among the lightest mice we’ve tried. It feels very well-built and robust. The excellent cable that comes with this wired-only device is both light and flexible. It contains a total of six buttons, including two on the side, and the companion software makes it simple to configure each one.

Additionally, the sensor’s performance is quite precise and reliable, and the mouse has a broad CPI range. Additionally, it boasts a highly comfortable ambidextrous design that can accommodate any grip style and excellent click latency. The GLORIOUS Model O-, a more compact model that functions similarly, may be more comfortable for persons with little hands because of its smaller body.

Pulsar Gaming Gears Xlite V2 Wireless

Very low click latency.
Extremely lightweight.
Comfortable right-handed shape well-suited for most hand sizes and grip types.
Excellent build quality.
Lacks a conventional bottom plate; underside is very open to dust and debris.

An ultra-lightweight wireless gaming mouse from Pulsar, the Xlite V2 Wireless is a continuation of the Xlite range. It has the same body cuts in the shape of pills, sensor, and shape as the first-generation Pulsar Xlite Wireless. Additionally, it has a few modest upgrades over the previous version. There are now solid plastic regions where your fingers can rest instead of pill-shaped cutouts covering the whole surface of both sides. The scroll click requires less pressure to engage, and the scroll wheel is 1mm higher out of its casing. Additionally, Pulsar shifted the battery to the back on this iteration, making it less front-heavy. Because of the centralized weight distribution, this mouse is simpler to handle.

HyperX Pulsefire Haste

Low click latency.
Very lightweight.
Well-suited for most hand sizes with any grip type.
Only six programmable inputs.

An amazing gaming mouse with a honeycomb body that makes it very lightweight is the HyperX Pulsefire Haste. It seems sturdy and well-made, and it features a comfortable design that works with any grip style and most hand sizes. For those who desire a better hold, additional grip tape is included with it as well. It features exceptional feet that make gliding through the air easy. Additionally, it has a very decent click latency and a wide, very consistent CPI range, but you can’t tweak it very precisely.

Although it doesn’t offer as many customizable inputs as some gaming mouse, it should still be sufficient for the majority of users. Even if the program doesn’t support macOS and doesn’t give many customization options, at least you may save your preferred profile to the onboard memory.

HK GAMING Mira S Ultra Lightweight

Feels well-built overall.
Good click latency.
Quite lightweight.
Comfortable, ambidextrous shape.
CPI is only adjustable by increments of 100.

The HK GAMING Mira S Ultra Lightweight is a wired, ultra-lightweight gaming mouse with honeycomb cutouts on the top, both sides, and bottom of its body. It also has two side buttons on the left. Although the device we tested had a tiny wobbling in the scroll wheel and side-to-side movement in the left- and right-click keys, overall it feels well-built and is rather lightweight. However, despite having an ambidextrous form that works with all grip styles, large and extra-large hands could find it hard to use with a palm or claw grip. The CPI can be changed in a wide range of performance metrics in increments of 100. Additionally, it boasts a short lift-off distance and a quick click time. They are not as low as on other mice, though.

PWNAGE Ultra Custom Wireless Ergo Gen 2.0

Feels very well-built.
Very lightweight.
Low click latency.
CPI is only adjustable by increments of 100.

Among the best ultra-lightweight gaming mice, the Pwnage Ultra Custom Wireless Ergo is highly recommended. With its honeycomb-patterned palm cover attached, it is lightweight and feels quite robust. Its right-handed design makes it suitable for almost all hand sizes when used with a palm or claw grip as well as for larger hands when used with a fingertip grip. It has an incredibly low click latency, a very low lift-off distance, a CPI that can be changed in steps of 100, and a wide CPI range. Additionally, its mouse feet on mousepads and surfaces move quite fluidly. On desks, they do, however, generate a scratching noise.

XTRFY M4 RGB Gaming Honeycomb Mouse

Low click latency.
Excellent build quality.
No software for customization.

An outstanding ultra-light gaming mouse is the XTRFY M4 RGB. With a honeycomb structure that makes it as light as possible, its body also features an ergonomic shape that works with most hand sizes and grips. It includes high-quality feet that offer a very smooth glide and clicky, pleasant buttons. Its optical sensor has a large CPI range and a rapid polling rate, but because there is no software, you can only change the sensitivity using presets.

The inability to program any of the buttons or create personalized profiles stems from the same issue. Unfortunately, despite being incredibly light, the cable is quite strong for a wire that resembles paracord. Positive aspects include its outstanding build quality, ease of use, and compatibility with both Windows and macOS.

For ultra-light gaming, the XTRFY M4 is fantastic. It is solidly constructed, and its ergonomic design should prevent pain or tiredness over use. For players with minimal sensitivity, its excellent feet make it possible to move rapidly. Nevertheless, there is no program for modification, thus you cannot apply a customized sensitivity setting. Sadly, despite being incredibly light, the cable is somewhat stiff for a paracord-like wire.

Glorious Model D

Very lightweight.
Comfortable to use for a wide range of hand sizes and grips.
Amazing cable.
Has a bit more flex than the Model O.
Model O is a better option if you use a fingertip grip.

Excellent gaming mouse that is made to be as light as possible is the GLORIOUS Model D. It operates admirably and is an ergonomic improvement over the ambidextrous GLORIOUS Model O. It works well with claw or palm grips and is quite comfortable to use. It is quite lightweight because to the honeycomb pattern design, the feet glide very smoothly, and it even comes with extra skates. It has RGB lights and has software settings for customization.

FPS games work really well with the GLORIOUS Model D. It is a very lightweight mouse with a very low click latency, and its right-angled form makes it easy to use. Smaller hands might even prefer looking at the GLORIOUS Model O- if you utilize a fingertip grip and an ambidextrous mouse like the Model O is your best option. It has excellent feet, and if you want larger skates, you can even stick them.

G-Wolves Hati HT-M Classic

Exceptional performance.
Well-built and ergonomic design.
Ambidextrous fit will be good for all grip types.
Bulky design may be too large for people with small hands.

The G-Wolves Hati HT-M Classic Edition is lightweight thanks to its honeycomb construction, but it nevertheless feels sturdy and nearly never flexes or squeaks when in use. Although it is ambidextrous and suitable for all grip styles, it is a little on the bigger side and might be too big for those with little hands. The performance is amazing, and you can tune the polling rate and CPI to make the mouse exactly what you want it to be.

Excellent for ultra-lightweight gaming, this mouse. Its weight cannot be adjusted, however because of its honeycomb design, it is fairly lightweight and has excellent ergonomics and CPI performance, making it a good gaming mouse. Unfortunately, it’s a very large mouse, so folks with little hands probably won’t find it comfortable.

Cooler Master MM711

Feels very well-built.
Good click latency.
Very lightweight.
Ambidextrous shape well-suited for smaller hands.
Isn’t well-suited for larger hands.

Excellent ultra-lightweight gaming mouse: Cooler Master MM711. Its body is made of honeycomb plastic, which makes it extremely lightweight but also makes it seem quite durable. It also doesn’t have the same build quality problems as the very comparable Cooler Master MM710. Although it features an ambidextrous design that works well with all grip styles, because of its diminutive size, we particularly advise it for small and medium-sized hands. Additionally, it features an extensive CPI range, a relatively short lift-off distance, and low click latency.

Furthermore, the scroll wheel and palm region of this mouse have RGB lights. Unfortunately, some colors on our device display improperly, and some colors don’t display at all in the scroll wheel or palm.

For ultra-light gaming, the Cooler Master MM711 is fantastic. It feels incredibly solid, is relatively light, and has good click latency. It also boasts mouse feet that glide well on mousepads and tables, a highly lightweight and flexible cord, and an ambidextrous form that works best for smaller hands and all grip styles.

G-Wolves Skoll SK-L ACE Edition

Low lift-off distance and click latency.
Very light.
Suitable for most hand sizes and grip types.
Rear side button activates when applying enough pressure to sides.

The G-Wolves Skoll SK-L ACE Edition is an incredibly light gaming mouse with two buttons on its left side and a right-handed slant. Most hand sizes can use any grip type with it, however those with small hands could find it difficult to reach the front side button with a claw or fingertip grip. It feels robust enough for everyday usage, however when you press on the mouse’s underside, it flexes and you can press the back side button if you put enough weight on the body below it. Although it performs well in terms of click latency, lift-off distance, and large CPI range, some gamers might prefer a more responsive choice. CPI can be adjusted in increments of 100.

Additionally, this mouse includes extra mouse feet, grip skins, and switches with the G-Wolves logo to replace the default Omron 50M switches. However, the switches are not hot-swappable, so you must solder them in yourself.

Excellent ultra-lightweight gaming mouse: G-Wolves Skoll SK-L ACE Edition. Its flexible paracord-like rope, gliding mouse feet, and small weight make it incredibly portable. Although it has a short lift-off distance and click latency, you might prefer a more responsive choice, particularly if you frequently play games with high action levels.

Cooler Master MM710

Very lightweight.
Excellent performance.
Software allows for a ton of customization.
Ambidextrous design is good for all grip types.
Too small for people with larger hands.
Side buttons can be activated by squeezing the mouse frame below them, which is concerning.

Excellent ultra-lightweight gaming mouse: Cooler Master MM710. Given that the honeycomb pattern spans the entire mouse, not just the top, it is one of the lightest mice we’ve tried. Its short click latency, as well as its adjustable CPI and polling rate, make it a superb gaming mouse. Although the mouse may be used with any grip style, its smaller size means that those with larger hands might not want to use it. Unfortunately, the L/R buttons wobble and the side buttons can be activated by squeezing the mouse’s frame, which is problematic.

For lightweight gaming, the Cooler Master MM710 mouse excels. It performs admirably and is of the lightest mice we’ve tested to yet. Despite the fact that persons with larger hands can benefit more from a somewhat larger mouse, its ambidextrous design should be comfortable in every grip. The mouse is composed of thick plastic, but unfortunately—and this is concerning—the side buttons can be engaged by compressing the frame beneath them.

Cooler Master MM720

Very comfortable.
Very low click latency.
Extremely light.
Glides smoothly.
Scroll wheel can’t be unlocked for infinite scrolling.
Can’t be used wirelessly.

An excellent ultra-light gaming mouse is the Cooler Master MM720. With its honeycomb construction, it feels fairly well made and is very light. Except for people with particularly large hands, the right-handed form is very cozy and works best for people who use a claw grip. Smooth glide on mousepads or tables is made possible by the virgin-grade PFTE feet and the paracord-like cable. It features a very high maximum polling rate, a very short click latency, and most of its buttons are reprogrammable. You may also change the CPI range in steps of 100, and it has a very large range.

Benefits Honeycomb Mouse

There are several benefits to using a honeycomb mouse:

  • Lightweight and slim design: The mouse’s honeycomb construction makes it slim and lightweight, making it simpler to operate and transport.
  • Improved grip: The mouse’s honeycomb form also makes it easier to hold onto for longer periods of time without developing hand fatigue.
  • Improved airflow is made possible by the honeycomb design, which stops the mouse from overheating while in use.
  • Customizable: A lot of honeycomb mice have switches and settings that users can change to suit their individual requirements.
  • Durable: The honeycomb design is renowned for its robustness, making it a long-lasting option for users of mice on a regular basis.
  • Better accuracy: The honeycomb shape makes cursor movement more accurate, which makes it perfect for gaming or other precise jobs.

Drawbacks Honeycomb Mouse

There are several drawbacks to using a honeycomb mouse:

  • Limited customizability: Honeycomb mice frequently feature a sleek, minimalistic style, which means they aren’t as customizable as other mice. Users who want to change the weight, sensitivity, or button placement of their mouse may find this frustrating.
  • Issues with comfort: Some users may experience discomfort from the mouse’s honeycomb shape after prolonged use. The mouse’s sharp edges and slim design might not be ideal for everyone.
  • Price: Honeycomb mice are generally more expensive than conventional mice, which may be beyond of some customers’ price ranges.
  • Durability: The mouse’s honeycomb construction may make it more vulnerable to breaking or damage, especially if it is dropped or handled roughly.
  • Honeycomb mice could not work with all computers and operating systems, which can be problematic for customers who wish to use the mouse with several different gadgets.


Why Honeycomb Mouse?

A mouse species with a distinctive hexagonal pattern on its skin is known as a “honeycomb mouse.” The hexagonal shape of this pattern provides for more equally distributed pressure on the hand, resulting in a more ergonomic grasp for the user. A honeycomb mouse is a popular choice for prolonged computer or gaming use since it is thought to assist lessen hand fatigue and strain.

Are Honeycomb Mouse Good?

Whether honeycomb mice are beneficial or not is a matter of opinion. Because of their pleasant, lightweight construction and precise tracking, honeycomb mice may be preferred by some people, while others may dislike the way the honeycomb holes feel in their hands or prefer a different kind of mouse. In the end, it comes down to the person’s personal preferences.

What are Honeycomb Mouses Good for?

For everybody who wishes to increase their gaming performance, utilize a honeycomb mouse! These game mice come equipped with DPI sensors and other high-end components that are often found in more conventional gaming mice. They are, however, carefully constructed with comfort and weight in mind. The majority of athletes who will benefit from this fall into a select group.

The first category includes gamers who want their mouse to be as light as feasible. Players that want to move more quickly and with better aim should use this. It can be especially beneficial if you utilize a low sens.

A honeycomb mouse is something else you should think about if you have trouble playing video games for extended periods of time. These gaming mice have better airflow, which should increase comfort if you play for a long time.

What Honeycomb Mouse Does Ninja Use?

Ninjas are renowned for having some of the best aim in the world. Although his skill undoubtedly plays the biggest parts, his portable gaming mouse does play a significant function. At the moment, Ninja use a FinalMouse Ultralight 2. One of the best honeycomb gaming mice with a lot of customization is this one. It’s ideal for Ninja sense in games like Fortnite and others.


Playing PC games for extended periods of time is enjoyable, but only if you have the necessary hardware. You need a nice mouse if you want to have a fantastic gaming experience. Make sure you choose wisely because a honeycomb mouse is a priceless tool and an investment in your gaming experience.

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