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The Best Gaming Mouse in 2023

Last Updated on August 17, 2023

In this post, we would like to recommend the Best Gaming Mouse on the market today. We will also provide a brief and detailed review on each of the Best Gaming Mouse such as size, design, weight, features, software support, performance, and various other important aspects.

Hopefully with this post, you can find the Best Gaming Mouse that suits your preferences.

So, let’s get started!

It’s hardly surprising that the greatest gaming mouse is constantly changing because gaming mice just keep becoming better and better. The basic functions of a mouse remain constant despite changes in technology, features, and materials. The finest gaming mice will feel the most intuitive to use for the majority of users, have the best responsiveness and agility, and be dependable.

Everybody has varied demands, so no one mouse is best for everyone. Mouse selection is a personal choice. The Logitech G Pro X Wireless Superlight, however, is the greatest gaming mouse overall in 2021 if you have no preferences at all. For many gamers, it offers the whole shebang thanks to its secure design, excellent wifi, and astoundingly low weight.

The Razer Viper Ultimate, which launched in late 2019 and significantly raised the bar for gaming mouse, is still a very close runner-up in 2021, just edging out the Superlight by a hair.

The Best Gaming Mouse

The Best Gaming MouseAward
Logitech G Pro X Superlight WirelessLogitech retakes the best mouse title
Razer Viper UltimateThe second best overall gaming mouse
Glorious Model O/O- WirelessInsanely good value
Logitech G Pro WirelessA former #1, still a very good gaming mouse
Glorious Model O/O-An incredible package for an almost budget price 
Glorious Model D WirelessOur top ergonomic pick
Glorious Model DA great light ergonomic option
Xtrfy M42A fantastic transforming wired mouse
Razer Viper MiniA baby viper that’s super affordable
Razer Orochi V2A fantastically versatile small mouse
Zowie S1 & S2The most comfortable ambidextrous shape 
Cooler Master MM710/MM711A great ultralight for palm grippers 
Logitech G703The best large mouse overall 
Logitech G305The best small ambidextrous mouse with amazing tactile clicks
Our Top Picks for Best Gaming Mouse

1. Logitech G Pro X Superlight Wireless

Logitech G Pro X Superlight Wireless: #1 Best Gaming Mouse
Logitech G Pro X Superlight Wireless

Why is the Superlight the greatest product available?

It is safest to recommend the Logitech G Pro X Superlight Wireless to any gamer who is unsure of their preferences or doesn’t have a strong grip preference because it has the best specifications and one of the safest shapes that can fit most people.

The G Pro Wireless’s double clicking issues appear to have been addressed by the Superlight, which also makes the mouse lighter and offers longer battery life. The Superlight primary buttons, in my opinion, provide the nicest tactile feel available.

2. Razer Viper Ultimate

Razer Viper Ultimate
Razer Viper Ultimate

The Razer Viper Ultimate is a terrific mouse, so why is that?

Simply put, the Razer Viper Ultimate excels at everything.

Only the G Pro Wireless and Superlight has a chance of competing against the mouse’s very complete gaming mouse package, which helps to justify its high price point.

I doubt you’ll find a better option than the Viper Ultimate if you’re a medium-sized claw gripper seeking for a wireless mouse. Although some of its buttons are a little looser than those on the new Superlight, overall it holds up quite well.

3. Glorious Model O/O- Wireless

Glorious Model O/O- Wireless
Glorious Model O/O- Wireless

Glorious has been able to incorporate the majority of what makes the Superlight and Viper Ultimate exceptional while doing it at a fraction of the cost, whereas my top two recommendations are hyper premium, toss all the tech and pay the cost type mice.

The Model O Wireless boasts an excellent form, particularly for claw grippers, good wireless battery life, responsiveness, and a USB-C charging option, and it costs almost half as much as Logitech and Razer’s flagship mouse.

It just depends on if you’re prepared to spend a sizeable sum of money to gain that final 10% of performance from the top picks or not. The buttons are sturdy, and the build quality is excellent.

4. Logitech G Pro Wireless

Logitech G Pro Wireless
Logitech G Pro Wireless

Why was the G Pro Wireless the finest and why is it still fantastic?

It is a wireless mouse that weighs 80 grams, with 60 hours of battery life on a single charge, a great design, good buttons, high-quality construction, and an excellent sensor.

The introduction of Superlight moves the G Pro Wireless into a price range that makes it a decent mouse for its price, despite the fact that it is no longer a technological marvel that is entirely unmatched.

The GPW has the same form as the Superlight, with the exception that it is a little heavier, has a shorter battery life, and has fewer tactile buttons.

5. Glorious Model O/O-

Glorious Model O
Glorious Model O

Amazing value for such a lightweight mouse.

The debut mouse from Glorious ranks third on our list of the best gaming mice because it combines several qualities we value in other mice and offers them in an affordable price.

The Model O is a bigger mouse that is shaped similarly to the FK1. It is a thin mouse with a low height that feels great in a claw or finger tip grip but is just average for palm grips. The FK1 has demonstrated that the shape is a top performer.

The Model O flies have the best stock cable on the market, which is complemented with their light weight and superb mouse skates.

The scroll wheel could well be the best-feeling scroll wheel on the market. The buttons are good but not the best on the market; they are somewhat stiffer than Logitech buttons but not as rigid as the major Zowie mice.

The G Pro Wireless is still our top mouse if money is not an issue. Wireless is still preferable to wired, regardless of how amazing the Model O cable is. This is unquestionably the best gaming mouse now available for its price.

Despite being only 13 grams heavier, the GPW has a higher, more sturdy build quality. In my perspective, compared to the Model O, the G Pro Wireless has a more generically adaptable form that can accommodate various grips and hand sizes.

6. Glorious Model D Wireless

Glorious Model D Wireless
Glorious Model D Wireless

The strategy used by Glorious to introduce a reliable mouse and then make it wireless has not become stale. The Model D Wireless from Glorious is a reliable-looking, lightweight mouse with an excellent sensor and a long battery life. This mouse is without a doubt the best ergo wireless mouse and is quite affordable.

7. Glorious Model D

Glorious Model D
Glorious Model D

The Model D is the industry’s top lightest ergonomic mouse. For a reasonable price, Glorious was able to design a nice shape that is somewhat unique, with a more sturdy cable, fantastic buttons, and coating possibilities.

One of the least expensive and lightest ergonomic mice on the market, the Model D is unquestionably something you should take into consideration if you’re looking for an ergonomic mouse.

8. Xtrfy M42

Xtrfy M42
Xtrfy M42

The M42 is a rock-solid lightweight mouse from Xtrfy with some of the greatest buttons, a top-notch sensor, and very lovely color options. The option to replace the top shell with one that is more rounded or flat is what distinguishes the M42 from other rifles. The M42 is a little mouse that may be comfortably held in the palm or with the finger tips and claws of those with petite hands.

9. Razer Viper Mini

Razer Viper Mini
Razer Viper Mini

Razer’s commitment to paying attention to consumer feedback is demonstrated once again with the Viper Mini. Anyone searching for a smaller mouse no longer really has a Razer choice to turn to since the Viper and Viper Ultimate are by no means a small mouse.

The Viper Mini doesn’t really make any mistakes; it just condenses the tried-and-true design of the Viper and Viper Ultimate into a more compact shape.

10. Razer Orochi V2

Razer Orochi V2
Razer Orochi V2

Razer’s response to the G305 and G Pro X Superlight’s supremacy of the egg-shaped mouse is the Orochi V2. The Orochi V2 is a fantastic mouse with 2.4 GhZ and Bluetooth wireless connectivity, both of which are excellent for gaming.

It helps that this mouse is more affordable than the Superlight and has excellent buttons, a lengthy battery life, and a fantastic form.

11. Zowie S1 & S2

Zowie S1 & S2
Zowie S1 & S2

Optimum ambidextrous form

The Zowie S series offers the most comfortable ambidextrous form currently available; it preserves all the fantastic features of the FK shape while shortening it for balance and an improved grip experience.

This is the perfect ambidextrous shape if you’re seeking for one.

In addition, the S series has made the renowned Zowie clicks a little lighter and less tiring to use overall, making this the first Zowie mouse that is completely suitable for spam clicky games like DOTA or Starcraft.

Although the rubber cable used in the S series mouse is fairly typical, the angle they implemented makes the drag from the cable substantially lighter. Its mid-80 gram weight and cable make it a really comfortable mouse to move about. Its sensor is faultless; there is no acceleration or spinning in this case.

There are a few factors that can prevent you from selecting this mouse. As it is with all Zowie mouse, the scroll wheel on the S series is still extremely annoying and loud. The only coating available for the S series mice is glossy. If you have clammier hands like I have, you may have to deal with some dirt and grease buildup, but the gloss coating offers much better gripping.

12. Cooler Master MM710/MM711

Cooler Master MM710/MM711

The top palm grip lightweight

For gamers who prefer to use their palms, the Cooler Master MM710 is an excellent, reasonably priced lightweight mouse. I’m glad to find Cooler Master has a pretty good choice because all the other ultralight mice appear to be focused on claw and finger tip grips.

The MM710 is not the best mouse out there due to its high back hump and apparent button wobbling issue, but due to the value it offers, we couldn’t leave it off our list of the top mice.

13. Logitech G703

Logitech G703
Logitech G703

The ideal big mouse

When shopping for large gaming mice, you should start with the Logitech G703 (or G403). This mouse is ranked third because it virtually has no significant problems; whether or not you would be satisfied with it depends on your preferences for certain shapes.

The G703 has a big hump at the rear of the mouse that fully fills the palm of your hand. Its ergonomic form is made for larger hands that tend to palm grip. I find it very pleasant to use in palm grip and still appropriate to use in claw grip with a medium-sized or large hand.

When you can embrace the shape, the G703 truly shines. The side buttons, scroll wheel, and buttons of the G703 are all excellent.

The G703’s battery life, which is now average at 30 hours, is more than adequate, and I don’t found that I need to recharge it more frequently than every two or three days. The wireless is lag-free. The Powerplay charge mat offers the option of wireless charging for the G703. A similar-looking but somewhat heavier option is the Logitech G603, which likewise operates on AA batteries and has a 500-hour battery life.

The G703 is likely the most maneuverable big mouse on the market right now thanks to its wireless capabilities and modest weight. There are no gripping or lifting concerns at all because the side grips are covered in rubber while the top is made of matte plastic.

14. Logitech G305

Logitech G305
Logitech G305

Super value

The G305 simply offers so much for the money.

Of all the mice I’ve tested, this one has unquestionably the greatest clicks—it is incredibly quick, responsive, and has a fantastic feel. The side buttons’ thinness must have been a design choice given the mouse’s short height, which allows for a thumb grip. The middle click button on the scroll wheel feels rather haptic as well.

A wireless mouse with a 250-hour battery life and a manageable weight is the G305, which runs on an AA battery. The mouse has a perfect sensor and is a great performer.

Despite having a decent, safe ambidextrous form, the G305’s sides have a tendency to bend outward, making it less comfortable than the Zowie S2. However, gamers who use claw grips will love the G305 form.

The G305’s only other drawback is a little creak it makes when pressed on its sides. However, given how inexpensive this mouse is, this is simply a minor concern.

Exceptional mentions eSports Mouse

The Gaming MouseAward
Zowie EC SeriesThe Zowie EC has the best ergonomic shape that’s compatible with the most hand sizes and grip preferences.
Finalmouse Air58 NinjaThe Finalmouse would probably be in the top 5 if this were widely available, there’s no point in us recommending a mouse that no one can get. The Air58 Ninja also seems to not have fixed the scroll wheel issue that plagues the other Finalmice.
Steelseries Rival 600Previously on our top 5 list, the Rival 600 has been plagued by the side grip rubber coming off due to some bad glue, our copy of the Rival 600 had this issue and made our hands sticky during gameplay.
Zowie FK1 and FK2One of our favourite shapes, good buttons, outdated internals, we can feel a little difference using this mouse, if this mouse got updated with a flawless sensor it could very well unseat one the top 5.
Steelseries Rival 310A great mouse, the shape is a little particular so I don’t think its fitting to be in an overall recommendation spot.
Razer Mamba WirelessGreat shape, good wireless battery life
Logitech G502A classic mouse with a ton of great features, it has a great sensor, a lot of people love the shape, but it’s really heavy and has a thick cord which hold it back from being a top tier mouse for us.
Razer Naga HexIf you’re looking for an MMO mouse we’d recommend the Hex, but it’s too niche for us to recommend overall usage. 
Logitech G903Previously on our top 5, it has a ton of features, this mouse has been replaced by the G Pro Wireless for wireless and ambidextrous shape, the G903 is very pricey and the shape is kind of awkward for a lot of gamers, great for a multipurpose mouse though!
Exceptional mentions eSports Mouse

How we examined and selected the top gaming mouse

To develop these suggestions and make sure I don’t have any performance blind spots when it comes to gaming, I played and reviewed a ton of mice in the second half of 2018. I primarily played Apex Legends, DOTA 2, Overwatch, and Black Ops 4 during this time. While twitch shooters like Overwatch require more quickness, MOBAs place a little more emphasis on clicking.

In addition to play testing, we conduct a few other scientific studies. We check the sensor for acceleration, jitter at high DPI, and spinning out. Additionally, we check for input lag and perform a shaking and rattle test to find any obvious design faults.

Our criteria for evaluating mice can be found on our post about what to look for in a gaming mouse. As we played, we kept a number of mouse-related considerations in mind and made notes.

  • Shapes
  • Build
  • Sensor
  • Cord/Cable
  • Feet
  • Buttons
  • Scroll Wheel
  • Features & Software
  • Reliability and Warranty

We chose the top 5 mice above for our Spring 2020 update based on those considerations (for more information on mouse technology, check out this fantastic post), taking price into account, and using all of the mice we have available.

The ability to accommodate a wide range of gamers is one of the criteria we look for when choosing the best gaming mice. The Zowie S2 is an excellent example, but it loses some points because of its glossy coating, which may make it more difficult to use for clammer gamers. The G703 is a mouse that will be too large for gamers with smaller hands, but it will work well for those with larger hands in all regards.

We chose mice that are generally accessible because it would be useless to choose a rare mouse. As new mice are released, we evaluate them and compare them to our top-ranked mice.

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