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Best Gaming Mouse for MOBA in 2023

Last Updated on January 7, 2023

You must be aware with the standard components of MOBAs because you are searching for the Best Gaming Mouse for MOBA.

To be clear, MOBAs are essentially game battles for people who haven’t tried League of Legends or Dota 2. Be they aid in the development of your tactical and strategic thinking, they are frequently referred to as the chess of the twenty-first century. The majority of MOBAs have low hardware requirements, can be quite competitive, and feature highly player-skill-dependent outcomes.

A good gaming mouse is essential and has several advantages. Regardless of the hand it is in, a decent gaming mouse is comfortable and gives you more adjusting options. You can also change the surface material to make it more comfy. The buttons have a longer lifespan and are of higher quality.

This is because the enhanced mechanical switches and more tactile click allow you to play the game with consistency and accuracy. These mouse allow you to change the DPI because they have better optical sensors for it. A good gaming mouse can sense faster acceleration and velocity and has superior update speeds.

Our Top Picks Gaming Mouse for MOBA

Gaming Mouse for MOBAAwardPrice
Logitech G Pro X SuperlightThe Pro Use This Mouse for Moba GamesCheck Price
Logitech G Pro WirelessRunner-up Best Gaming Mouse for MobaCheck Price
SteelSeries PrimeAnother Alternative Best Gaming Mouse for MobaCheck Price
Razer Naga Hex V2Another Great Gaming Mouse for MobaCheck Price
SteelSeries Rival 600Best Ergonomic Gaming Mouse for MobaCheck Price
Logitech G900 Chaos SpectrumBest Wireless Gaming Mouse for MobaCheck Price
Razer DeathAdder EliteBest Budget Gaming Mouse for MobaCheck Price
Our Top Picks Gaming Mouse for MOBA

Best Gaming Mouse for MOBA

Based on in-game needs when playing MOBA such as League of Legends or Dota 2, here are the best gaming mouse recommendations that you should consider:

Logitech G Pro X Superlight

USB receiver storage.
Exceptional click latency.
Extremely light.
Excellent build quality.
Fully compatible with macOS and Windows.
Too large for small hands using fingertip grip.

Logitech is the mouse manufacturer that is most commonly utilized in the professional DOTA 2 scene. Just under a third of our analyzed professional DOTA 2 players presently use their mice.

SteelSeries rounds out the top three, with Razer taking a sizable chunk of the pie as well. That might come as a bit of a surprise considering that, for some reason, their mice have been losing ground in the shooting games that we review. We’re only making observations about the trends we’re noticing here, which of course doesn’t imply that they provide poorer goods.

Professional and competitive gamers have historically found the Logitech Pro series of mouse to be excellent. All of their top-tier gaming mice, including the Pro Wireless and the Pro X Superlight, have made it onto our lists of “most used” items, starting with the original G Pro Gaming Mouse (which, at the time it was first released, was just called the “G Pro”).

The Superlight’s weight is undoubtedly its most striking attribute. It is one of the lightest non-modified wireless mice on the market at 62 grams, and it does it without sacrificing the device’s structural integrity. The FinalMouse Starlight-12 is the lightest wireless mouse on the market at a retail price. The Superlight offers improved clicks that avoid double clicking, better feet, and better clicks than the G Pro Wireless. Obviously, it depends on your own tastes whether or not that is worth the higher price tag for you (the Pro Wireless’ price was reduced after the Superlight was released).

The G Pro X Superlight is currently one of the best options available if weight is crucial to you but you also want a wireless mouse for MOBA. Your every step will be precisely tracked thanks to the HERO sensor and the faultless LIGHTSPEED wireless technology from Logitech.

You may always check at the G Pro Wireless if weight isn’t really a concern for you. If you can find a deal on a G Pro Wireless and don’t mind that it’s a little heavier, that could be a great deal. It has poorer stock feet, but that can be readily fixed by purchasing aftermarket feet.

Logitech G Pro Wireless

Quite comfortable to use.
Excellent click latency.
Excellent build quality.
Not recommended for smaller hands with fingertip grip.

A wireless mouse was unheard of in the professional gaming industry a few years ago, but the Logitech G Pro Wireless has changed all of that. It is easy to understand why it swiftly rose to the top among professional players across all genres because to its faultless connection, enormous battery life, ultralight design, and amazing performance.

The mouse is 80 grams in weight. It weighs a little less than the typical wireless mouse (83g). Its modest weight enables you to play about with DPI as much as you like. It is significant to note that the reaction delay is decreased with Lightspeed technology and is less than 10ms. essential for gaming competition.

The HERO 25k sensor of the next generation controls DPI. As a result, its technology enables modification from 100 to 25,600 DPI. Because of this, it is quite pricey, highly sensitive, and dependent on the settings. This mouse’s energy usage, in addition to the sensitivity and quality of the sensor, is amazing. It ranks among the lowest for a wireless mouse that we have ever seen.

The 7 configurable buttons are a pleasant feature. The normal layout places two unique buttons on the mouse’s right and two on its left. The mouse’s simplicity of usage extends to left-handed users as well, which benefits individuals who like to use their right hand for more macros. For me, having options available via a mouse is really practical.

G HUB allows for the customization of each mouse component. In the software that Logitech offers, DPI, RGB, and Macros each have their own section. Quite a well-made and simple-to-use user interface.

RGB is currently present in every gaming mouse. The venerable and enduring lighted G is being used by Logitech. In keeping with Lightsync technology, the Logitech G Pro Wireless has its own lighting system.

In actuality, the mouse dynamically adjusts to the current theme. If you don’t like a lot of changes, it can be a static color or the content of the screen through sampling, flashing lights from the music you listen to, animated effects, or just a static color. A maximum of 5 profiles may be saved. One for each situation.

The entire response time of the mouse, the Logitech G PRO Wireless, is 1ms. even when using wireless. The battery can last up to 48 hours with active lights, and up to 60 hours without. Its overall performance and quality are enhanced by its lack of filtration, excellent acceleration, and precise tracking.

If you want a gaming mouse for MOBA that is an alternative to the best, Logitech G Pro Wireless is an option that you should add to your main list. Trust me, Logitech G Pro Wireless is a very reliable gaming mouse to play MOBA and even FPS games.

SteelSeries Prime

Feels very sturdy.
Very lightweight.
Great mouse feet that glide smoothly on desks and mousepads.
Cable is fairly flexible, lightweight, and detachable.
CPI button is on the bottom of the mouse, making on-the-fly changes awkward.

One of the fathers of Dota 2 in the world, Johan “N0tail” Sundstein, uses a gaming mouse from Steelseries, SteelSeries Prime.

Sundstein often sticks with SteelSeries-branded accessories. N0tail’s current go-to gaming mouse is the SteelSeries Prime, despite the fact that he originally liked the Rival 310 model from 2018. This accessory, which was created with gaming in mind, is sturdy, lightweight, comfy, and it uses optical magnetic switches to speed up click responses. There are wired and wireless versions of the SteelSeries Prime.

The plastic body of the SteelSeries Prime feels quite solid and has a gently textured surface. When pressed or shaken, it doesn’t flex or produce any noises. All of the buttons are responsive and offer nice tactile sensation, however the scroll wheel wobbles a little. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t be apparent in typical use.

The SteelSeries Prime includes a gripping, rubberized scroll wheel and a moderately textured matte plastic shell. All types of grips and the majority of hand sizes are ideal for its right-handed ergonomic form.

All of the buttons on the top of the mouse, including the left and right click, up and down inputs for the mouse wheel, and click, can be programmed. On the mouse’s underside, there is an additional button that, when pressed or held down, switches between the four polling rate options and five CPI profiles.

The interface of the companion software is clear and organized. All options are arranged on a single page, and the sliders are simple to use.

Dota 2 is one of the most popular MOBA games. If you ask what gaming mouse is used by the 2-time International Champion “N0tail”, SteelSeries Prime is the gaming mouse he uses.

Razer Naga Hex V2

Feels very well-built.
Comfortable right-handed shape with a finger rest on the right side.
Has a set of three hot-swappable side panels with either 3, 6, or 12-button layouts.
You can customize the scroll wheel behavior in the software.
Somewhat worse delay to first movement performance than other recent Razer releases.

The Naga Hex V2 is without a doubt one of the best Razer products created with MOBA gamers in mind. The mouse successfully balances the original Hex with the Naga, which is designed with MMOs in mind.

A nice improvement over the original Naga Hex is the Hex V2. Trapezoid buttons have taken the place of the previous hexagonal buttons. Although it is textured and rubberized, the thumb rest cannot be changed. Friends of mine have complained that the Naga Hex seemed overly slick and that the surface was easily fingerprinted. These problems don’t exist any more.

Particularly for League of Legends, DOTA 2, and Heroes of the Storm, the Hex V2 is optimized. As a result, if you primarily play these three games, you should definitely keep reading to learn more about one of the most technologically advanced MOBA peripherals available right now.

Seven programmable buttons are arranged in a ring configuration around a rubberized thumb rest on the Hex V2. According to Razer, the buttons are equally spaced from the thumb, minimizing the possibility of accidental clicks.

The side buttons’ mechanical clack is quiet but perceptible. Although it may not be as clicky as the other buttons, the textured and rubberized scroll wheel is still a pleasure to use.

The Razer Synapse program allows for complete configuration of the mouse. You have the option to save profiles, change the DPI and color schemes, give the buttons alternative functions, and more.

I’m willing to contrast the Hex V2 and the Naga Epic Chroma. They are the same size and, in general, may be used for the same things. The Naga Hex V2 features 7 buttons that create a ring, whereas the Naga Epic Chroma has a 12-button grid. The button layout is more reminiscent of the original Hex in this aspect. The Naga Epic Chroma’s wireless capabilities are a further distinguishing feature. A further increase over the Epic Chroma’s 8,200 DPI 4G sensor is the 16,000 DPI 5G sensor seen in the Razer Naga Hex V2.

I could not resist testing the Hex V2 in MMOs and first-person shooters even though it is not geared for genres other than MOBA. Although I don’t think the Hex V2 has improved my gaming, I can tell you that it won’t prevent you from enjoying a fluid gaming experience. The Hex V2, however, is just what you have been hoping for if you are a die-hard DOTA 2 enthusiast.

In essence, the mouse’s size, button configuration, DPI (16,000 DPI is the new industry standard for professional gaming mice), and sensor combine to create the ideal MOBA weapon. Even though the buttons are sufficiently large and simple to press, they are not prone to accidental clicks.

The only issue I have is that quickly swapping between buttons seemed awkward. It can be really frustrating to hit the buttons behind your thumb and fast switch between them when you need to click many buttons in a short succession. Anyhow, you should definitely think about the Hex V2 if you are a dedicated DOTA 2 or League of Legends lover.


Ambidextrous design
7000 DPI
Onboard Memory
No options to change weight

The Kova appears to be a basic mouse that is eerily similar to entry-level gadgets with out-of-the-box capability at first appearance. It is, however, much more than that. It is merely an unusual piece of gaming equipment given its pricing. The straightforward design is one of Kova’s endearing qualities, albeit Roccat has a few more striking mouse. However, it is by no means the only one.

Black and white are the only two colors offered for the Kova. Additionally, it delivers illumination patterns and features a glowing RGB strip. Although I think the possibilities for color tweaking are somewhat limited, it is not a huge concern.

The Kova is mostly made for FPS and MOBA games. It is not too hefty or light. It offers an outstanding sensor and an ambidextrous design. Although I found some lift-off distance concerns during my tests, it is a reliable mouse. Software comes close to ruining the experience.

We’re all conscious of the appearance, especially color, of our gaming mouse. This style of mouse is for someone who has a preference for white. The white ROCCAT KOVA AIMO mouse has an ambidextrous design for flexibility. When playing a game, both the right and left hands can fit comfortably in its ergonomic form. The two extra quick-fire buttons let you send commands instantly and effectively without lifting a finger. The sturdy 2-directional Titan wheel is made to withstand quick and intensive gameplay.

The mouse also has a lighting zone so you may customize it to fit your unique style. The 20 button functions, AIMO configuration, and creation and saving of macros to the device’s onboard memory can all be done via the swarm functions. The 16.8 million vivid illumination colors and strategically placed top buttons on this mouse make it not only functional but also fashionable.

SteelSeries Rival 600

Great for gaming.
Excellent performance.
Outstanding ergonomics.
Excellent customization.
Not great for traveling due to wired-only use.
Not recommended for smaller hands.
Rigid cable.

A powerful mouse with a sleek appearance for a MOBA mouse is the SteelSeries Rival 600 Gaming mouse. Without the cord, it weighs 93 grams., and 127 grams. when customized. Black, soft-touch top material with a fiber-reinforced plastic construction. The mouse has seven customizable buttons and is geared for right-handed users. The mouse has silicone side grips that boost its longevity and grip comfort, as well as a superior magnetic wrist rest that supports your dull palm.

More weight modification options are available with the SteelSeries Rival 600’s moveable weights than with any other gaming mouse. True 1-to-1 tracking and cutting-edge lift-off distance detection, which stops extra movement when picking up or setting down the mouse, are combined in the new dual sensor technology.

The mouse has a reinforced split-trigger construction of 60 m click mechanical switches for the best clicks in gaming. The SteelSeries Rival 600 is powered by a potent 32-bit ARM CPU that offers low-latency performance and lets you remember your lift-off sensor and CPI settings, as well as your own lighting preferences and other settings.

The ergonomics of the SteelSeries Rival 600 are excellent. The detachable side panels made of silicone are comfortable to hold. This mouse can only be used with the right hand when the panels and buttons are turned on because of where the buttons are located. This mouse becomes ambidextrous if the side panels are taken off for portable gaming. Unfortunately, small hands with any of the typical grips may find it difficult to use this mouse.

The SteelSeries Rival 600 includes two sensors: one for depth, and one for tracking, like all mice. The mouse reduces needless movement when you pick it up and set it down in this fashion.

A large number of the buttons on the SteelSeries Rival 600 can be changed. In some games or programs, the CPI switching button’s ability to move between only two different CPI values may be restricted.

The supporting software for the SteelSeries Rival 600 is superb. You may personalize your mouse and store your changes in the onboard memory to utilize them on different computers. However, we discovered that the mouse utilizes the onboard RAM if SteelSeries Engine 3 isn’t installed on the other computer. The onboard memory is subordinate to the software settings in this situation.

SteelSeries Rival 500

Lots of programmable buttons.
Suitable for any hand size with palm grip.
Software is fully compatible with Windows or macOS.
Cable maintains kinks from packaging and is a bit stiff.

A gaming mouse with an MMO and MOBA-inspired design is the SteelSeries Rival 500. But I’m more inclined to think it’s more appropriate for MOBAs than MMOs. Keep reading to see why the Rival 500 is the perfect option for any MOBA nut if you’re looking for a mouse to satisfy your DOTA or League of Legends fervor.

The Rival 500 is a portable, quick, and useful gaming mouse. Macro support is extremely important to MOBA players, and the 15 buttons can be used in both MOBAs and MMOs. You move one step closer to clinching your victory thanks to the excellent optical sensor.

The SteelSeries Rival 500 is made to move in a manner similar to your thumb’s natural action, which lessens strain during extended gaming sessions.

Well, until we go into the specifications, it is all fun and games. Let’s examine what the aforementioned specifications actually mean and how the Rival 500 differs from its rivals.

The most effective SteelSeries effort to close the gap between MMOs and MOBAs is The Rival 500. The mouse offers an easy-to-use layout and strategically positioned buttons that are within reach.

However, before thinking about making a purchase, you must ask yourself a few questions. Which mouse size do you prefer: little or large? What significance do you place on RGB lighting? Gamer with high or low DPI? Do you primarily play MOBAs and MMOs, or do you occasionally play CS:GO and other well-known shooters? Once you have the answers to these inquiries, you can assess Rival 500’s capabilities and choose whether it is the right choice for you. As an alternative, consider the Scimitar Pro RGB, another contender for the title of best gaming MOBA mouse.

Let’s return to the features of the Rival 500 now. You can make your rodent stand out thanks to the mouse’s programmable RGB illumination. As sad as it may sound, that would not significantly affect your DOTA 2 performance, therefore I will go on to the key characteristics that make the Rival 500 an excellent choice for MOBA fans.

An effective button layout is what makes a gaming mouse worthwhile to buy. With its thoughtfully designed button layout, the Rival 500 unquestionably adds value in this regard. The buttons are all within easy reach, and pressing the six buttons on the thumb side won’t take any particularly laborious actions on your part.

Optically, the Pixart 3360 sensor is found on both the Rival 500 and the Rival 700. However, I advise acquiring the Rival 500 if your major gaming interests are LoL and DOTA. The latter is more cost-effective while also being more suited for MOBAs.

The SteelSeries Engine 3 allows for complete customization of the mouse. You can manage every SteelSeries-branded peripheral you own using a single software package.

The fact that there are just two DPI levels that may be quickly switched between was the biggest drawback I encountered. The mouse is a cheap, deadly weapon aside from that, and I have no qualms about calling it one of the best gaming mice a MOBA or MMO player could discover.

Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

Feels well-built.
Comfortable ambidextrous shape and customizable side buttons.
Great click latency.
Inconsistent sensor that overshoots more for quicker movements.

I must admit that I’m not a fan of wireless mice. I’ve said it. But the Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum convinced me otherwise. Its performance and build are of the highest caliber for e-sports. Thanks to its PMW3366 sensor, which has a DPI range of 200–12,000, this rodent makes steady, precise, and accurate movements with every stroke, glide, and click. The outcome? There is no acceleration, smoothing, or filtering in my League of Legends experience. Sweet!

The 107g weight of this wireless mouse maximizes comfort during prolonged use. Let’s face it: LOL is life, and using a hefty mouse for more than four hours might have negative effects on your wrist. The 11 customizable buttons on the G900 Chaos Spectrum are useful for activating stuff, so even though they won’t increase your ELO, it’s still an excellent deal. This rodent won’t let you down and will prove to be a tool to escape ELO purgatory, despite the fact that it can be on the pricier end of the range.

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

Feels very well-built.
Outstanding click latency.
Many programmable inputs.
Large design may be uncomfortable for people with small hands.
Stiff cable.
Too bulky to fit into laptop bags.
Quite heavy.

The all-around powerhouse that is the Logitech G502 Hero. This 5-year-old crowd favorite rodent has no plans to stop entertaining people anytime soon. This mouse has a modern hardware vibe and is sturdy at 121G. You will adore its design and secure fit in the hand if you are a palm gripper.

Assuming that this is an improvement over Logitech’s vintage MX 518 and G500 mouse, MOBA players may expect to experience precise gaming at its best thanks to the HERO 16K sensor. It is accurate and will function in your DOTA 2 matches with a DPI that can reach 16,000 pixels per inch.

Do your items have hotkeys? G502 includes 11 customizable buttons to cover all your bases. You can now quickly and easily perform the EarthShaker Blink Dagger – Eco Slam combo. Having the G502 Hero as your fight partner will force you to respond and execute montage-worthy maneuvers correctly, even though MMR requires genuine talent to increase.

Corsair Scimitar Pro

Plenty of programmable buttons.
Excellent performance; customizable.
Amazing build quality.
Not recommended for XL hands in palm grip; small hands in fingertip grip.

This Corsair mouse boasts a stylish design without any indication of overpowering twists or deep grooves. The top has a soft touch layer that prevents sweating or discomfort during extended gaming sessions. The mouse includes with 12 mechanical and programmable buttons that are organized comfortably and designed for reliable tactical feedback and accurate actuation.

The Corsair Scimitar Pro is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10 PCs with a USB connector and features an innovative slider macro button control scheme. It has textured side button keycaps for better feel and grip.

The innovative design guarantees that each button is accessible and provides 8mm of key travel. Sensors on the playing field are optimized by its surface calibration adjustment utility. This mouse offers on-board storage for saved settings and hardware macro playback. You can save three predefined profiles that contain actions you frequently use when playing MMO and MOBA games.

The 16000 DPI optical sensor is specifically designed for gaming and operates at a high tracking speed. You can depend on this mouse to keep up with gaming pace while maintaining quality and performance thanks to its 1.8 m braided fiber cable.

Razer DeathAdder Elite

Very good for gaming.
Excellent performance.
Very well-built design.
Almost universal for all hand sizes and grips.
Not recommended for smaller hands, unless using palm grip.
Rigid cable.
Not suitable for traveling due to wired-only use and size.

The finest gaming mouse for someone who enjoys a claw grip is this one. With its cozy shape and extremely sensitive sensors, it distinguishes itself in terms of design from the earlier Razer mouse. The lightweight, ergonomic Razer DeathAdder gaming mouse is made to reduce fatigue.

The right-angled structure makes it simple and practical to operate this mouse while gaming. With the help of the Razer Synapse Software, its broad CPI range can be adjusted and is quite responsive. Additionally, RGB lighting can be tailored to your preferences using the same software. The mouse has 8 customizable buttons that you can arrange whatever you like. This optical mouse has a beam light actuation with button pressing speed of light and is 3 times faster than a regular mouse in terms of speed.

Utilizing Focus +20K optical sensors, the Razer DeathAdder exploits lift-off precision and consistency by automatically adjusting the mouse on various surfaces. For gaming and creative work, its 16000 DPI buttons allow exact DPI change on-the-fly. The tiny, tactile bumps improve grip and give you more control in-game so you can aim with optimum accuracy. The mechanical switches are extremely durable, supporting up to 50M clicks, and come with a 2-year warranty.

The DeathAdder Elite is a multi-talented mouse with a ton of awards under its belt. Although it can be used in a ton of games, MOBA players will particularly appreciate this rodent. You can be certain to make full advantage of its accuracy to keep up with the battle’s swift tides. Players of Heroes of the Storm will find a true comrade in this gadget. It will provide players all around the world with top-notch performance and is precise, sharp, and sensitive.

The Elite is a superb gaming mouse that is easy to use, beautifully made, and effective in a range of game genres. It makes sense why it has endured the test of time.

What Makes a Good MOBA Gaming Mouse?

You don’t require a highly specialized mouse for MOBAs. But first, let’s consider the qualities a mouse should have in order to be considered the finest gaming mouse for League of Legends or WarCraft.

Number of Buttons

It is convenient to cast a spell without even touching the keyboard, even though you don’t require a lot of buttons.

Design and Ergonomics

Another crucial element is good ergonomics. Make sure the mouse is made of a material that prevents sweating palms. Choose a mouse that fits your grabbing style, of course. And smaller mice are preferred by MOBA fans. The size of the mouse is largely dependent on your particular choices, even if I’m inclined to agree that larger rodents are not the best option.

Most people frequently ignore a mouse’s comfort and focus only on its technical specifications. You need something that won’t make you feel exhausted at the end of the gaming session, though, as most MOBA games are time-consuming. Some of the most important elements in gaming are tactile and comfort. Find a mouse that has the proper grip for your needs. There are three different sorts of grips: palm, tip, and claw. The palm grip is the most popular since it is ergonomic, comfortable, and causes no hand strain.

Although it is less typical, the claw grip is popular among professional gamers who want an ambidextrous mouse. It is renowned for its improved performance during gaming due to its enhanced reaction. You only alter your hand into a claw shape when using such a mouse. The tip grip is the least popular form of grip yet is best for quick mouse movements. You can only use your fingertips to interact with the mouse; the rest of your hand must be held above it. For design, there are two categories. A mouse with an inside groove for the thumb is an example of one such design.


Hardcore players will likely respond that any gaming mouse with a higher DPI will work well if you ask them which is the best gaming mouse for MOBAs. That’s accurate to a large extent. However, there is something more significant than the DPI.

MOBAs call for quick, precise clicks from the player. Make sure your mouse has sturdy switches that can resist frequent clicking in this regard.

Wired vs. Wireless 

Wireless and wired mice are available. Recently, as demand for clutter-free workspaces has increased, wireless technologies have experienced some rapid development. The majority of professional gamers, however, avoid wireless mice because of their short battery life, added weight, and lag problems.

You don’t want your mouse’s battery to run out in the middle of a game. However, most manufacturers have increased the battery life of the majority of their wireless mice, allowing for up to 5 hours of gameplay with these accessories. Some manufacturers have even gone so far as to create mice with both wired and wireless modes. These mice include a removable USB that gives them flexibility and independence.

Laser vs. Optical 

One of a mouse’s most crucial components is its sensor, which is in charge of detecting motions. An optical mouse needs one to take the surface into consideration, but a laser mouse is more surface-adaptive. A laser mouse is also more accurate but sensitive to dust and susceptible to skipping when subjected to extreme acceleration. Because they can operate on any surface, laser mice are the main focus of most producers.

Gaming Surface

As long as you use them with a suitable surface underneath, both optical and laser mice are appropriate for gaming. A hard surface, often known as a hard mat, is necessary for laser sensors. Sadly, you will need to replace the hard mat because the mouse’s feet wear it down. The size of the mat depends on how one plays with someone who uses more forceful movements, necessitating a larger mat.


A smooth gaming experience is guaranteed by a variety of game characteristics. Among the games with the highest need for speed and response are MOBAs like League of Legends. If you have a good mouse, you might be able to win that important teamfight. The DPI, resolution precision, and polling rate of a MOBA mouse must be high.

DPI Ratings 

Dots per Inch, or DPI, is a crucial feature to look for in a gaming mouse since it indicates how far the pointer travels with each mouse movement. A mouse with mid-to-high DPI values, such 10k DPI, is an option. One common misunderstanding is that a mouse is better if its DPI is higher, however this is untrue.

Polling Rate

Simply put, polling rate is the gaming industry’s name for frames per second (fps). This is how frequently a mouse informs a computer of its location. A decent mouse should have a high polling rate to optimize gaming performance.

Resolution Precision 

Most people choose a high polling rate and DPI over resolution precision when selecting a gaming mouse. They are unaware that the accuracy of the mouse has a significant impact on polling rate activities. What use is a mouse that, although updating the PC 200 times every millisecond, incorrectly reports its location?

Macro and Keybinding Management

A MOBA mouse contains a key wheel that is compatible with the majority of MOBA games, whereas a typical gaming mouse has two thumb buttons. The mouse can significantly enhance in-game performance with an additional 4–7 key bindings.


High-end gaming mouse come with a variety of customisation possibilities. With these mice, you may program the buttons to perform particular tasks, create macros, save game profiles, and load previously saved settings. You need a mouse that has built-in memory or one that lets you save your data to the cloud if you want to save anything.

What’s the Best Mouse for MOBA Games?

Because pros utilize them, SteelSeries Prime, Logitech G Pro Wireless, and Logitech G Pro X Superlight are the best options for MOBA games.

Another best mice for MOBA games are the Logitech G602 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse and the Razer NAGA HEX V2 mouse. The ergonomic RAZER NAGA HEX V2 mouse has a sleek button layout with 7 thumb buttons specifically created for MOBA and RPG activity to assist you game without the need for further programming. The 5G laser sensors give it accurate movements, preventing any misclicks. Additionally, you may customize with more than 26 million effects and colors.

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