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13 Best Gaming Mouse for Large Hands in 2023

Last Updated on November 27, 2022

Gamers frequently spend a lot of time searching for an appropriate, comfortable gaming mouse. This is particularly true for gamers with large hands who might find it uncomfortable to use standard gaming mouse since they are too small. The mouse’s proportions must correspond to the player’s hand and preferred hold technique for extended gaming sessions in order to provide the greatest possible gaming experience.

To sum up, playing with a well-fitting gaming mouse does significantly improve gameplay, especially in titles for competitive esports. Unfortunately, many gamers frequently neglect the mouse’s weight and size in favor of its overall specifications and functions. To have a decent gaming mouse, though, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort.

What is The Best Gaming Mouse for Large Hands?

The Gaming Mouse for Large HandsAwardPrice
Logitech G ProPerfect for all hand sizesCheck Price
Razer DeathAdder V2Best Comfortable Gaming Mouse for large HandsCheck Price
Logitech G502 HeroBest Customizable Gaming Mouse for large HandsCheck Price
Logitech G502 LightspeedBest Wireless Gaming Mouse for large HandsCheck Price
Corsair Nightsword RGB Gaming MouseGreat pick for large handsCheck Price

Does it Matter How a Mouse Fits in Your Hand?

Absolutely! The ergonomics of a mouse are as least as significant as its specifications and functions. A mouse that doesn’t fit your hand well may give you cramps in your hand and wrist, as well as finger tiredness from gripping the mouse uncomfortably for extended periods of time.

What Size Hand is Appropriate for a Mouse?

An adult male’s hand measures 7.6 inches in length and 3.5 inches in width on average. By definition, a hand is deemed “big” if it is longer, wider, or both. For reference, a hand is measured across the broadest part of the palm for breadth and from the tip of the longest finger to the bottom of the palm for length. The mice we’ve examined here were specifically picked up for large hands.

What Size Gaming Mouse Should You Use?

  • Fingers: Without bending or stretching, your fingers should be able to reach the left/right mouse buttons and scroll wheel.
  • Thumb: If there is a mouse, it should be possible for your thumb to rest on the mouse itself or on the table/mousepad.
  • Pinky finger: Reaching the side of the mouse that is opposite from your thumb shouldn’t need you to extend your pinky finger.
  • Palm: The mouse itself should be supporting the front of your hand. The upper wrist and the back of the hand should be able to rest comfortably on the table.

How We Test The Gaming Mice?

For us, comfort for those with large hands came first. To provide our readers with a truly first-hand perspective, we convened some people to look for testers with larger-than-average hands.

Three phases made up the testing procedure:

  • We used the video games Fortnite and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to assess the mice’s functionality and comfort. Both games need a lot of wrist flipping and quick finger and thumb movements because to their fast-paced esports nature.
  • The mice were then put through a series of mini-tests to gauge how well they performed technically. We evaluated their optical sensors for sensitivity, wireless connectivity (where applicable), DPI levels, tracking speed, input latency, polling rate, angle snapping, macros, and general hardware customizability.
  • Finally, we assessed each mouse’s physical and aesthetic features, including their build quality, customizable weights, amount of auxiliary buttons, RGB lighting effects, thumb rests, side grips, and overall “click” sensation.

Best Gaming Mouse for Large Hands

The following are recommendations for the Best Gaming Mouse for Large Hands:

1. Logitech G502 Hero K/DA High Performance Gaming Mouse

Highly adaptableOver time, some reviewers have reported clicking issues
Tracking is fluid and feels clicky.
Good value

This mouse is currently among the most well-liked gaming mice for a very good reason. It was first announced back in 2014, yet it’s still selling well now, which is a testimonial to its strength and skill. Naturally, Logitech has made subtle adjustments throughout the years to keep it current.

The Hero 25K gaming sensor, which is compatible with the Logitech G Pro and supports up to 25,600 DPI, is included in the most recent version of the G502. 11 customizable buttons, a scroll wheel with infinite scroll capability, RGB lights (LightSync compatible), 400 IPS tracking speed, and a 1000Hz polling rate are additional features. The mouse’s weights can also be changed.

The Hero 25K gaming sensor in the G502 gives it excellent gaming performance, just like the Logitech G Pro. The way this mouse performed in games was really appreciated by our testers. Without a question, the G502 is among the best wired gaming mouse currently on the market.

Unfortunately, the G502 mouse, which weighs 121g in bone stock, is also one of the heaviest ones we tested. Surprisingly, you can adjust the mouse’s weights such that it can reach 140g. While some of our testers disliked the G502’s substantial weight, others appreciated it. Overall, we think a lighter mouse with less “dry weight” would have been preferable.

Is the Logitech G502 Hero Good for Gamers with large Hands?

It’s really cozy to use the G502. You can actually rest your hand on it because it has a wonderful thumb rest. Additionally, the device has strong, padded rubber grips on both sides, which make it simpler to flick it around.

2. Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

PowerPlay wireless chargingExpensive
Light speed wireless gaming mouseDPI adjustments are PC app-dependent.
Made for Pros!Scroll wheel sometimes feels finicky.
Great value
Smooth tracking and clicky feel

Searching for a wirelessly connected Logitech G502 Hero? The G502 Lightspeed from Logitech offers the solution. Everything is present. Hero 25K sensor, the recognizable G502 design, 11 programmable buttons with the well-known tactile spring switches, endless scroll wheel, RGB lighting, and most importantly, complete customizability via Logitech G Hub. G502 Lightspeed, however, is more than simply a wireless circuit board-stuffed G502 Hero.

First off, it weighs 114g as opposed to 121g for the G502 Hero. Keep in mind that this mouse features a wireless radio and an internal battery, which should ‘add’ weight to the mouse rather than make it lighter! In order to minimize weight while preserving rigidity, Logitech used a sophisticated thin-wall endoskeleton design, along with lighter components as a whole. To save a few grams, the scroll wheel, for instance, has been hollowed out.

However, despite its dramatic weight loss, the mouse still weighs 114g, which is quite a bit. Since most of our testers were dubious about its weight savings compared to its wired sister, the G502 Hero, we honestly couldn’t tell that it was any lighter. Nevertheless, despite the wireless connectivity, the gaming performance is on par with the G502 Hero.

Is Logitech G502 Lightspeed Good for Large Hands?

Like the G502 Hero, the G502 Lightspeed provides excellent comfort. The G502 Lightspeed was extremely comfortable for all of our testers, and overall we thought it was a great mouse for people with large hands.

3. Corsair Nightsword RGB Gaming Mouse

Suitable for large hands and palm grips.Expensive!
Excellent customizable weight
Excellent construction
Great iCUE software support

Right-handed users should use the 10-button Nightsword mouse. It is a strong contender for the FPS category of mice because to the extended thumb aid and the “sniper” button, which is designed to rest directly under the thumb and facilitate accurate aiming. Additionally, Corsair advertises it as a mouse for players of multiplayer online war arenas.

Additionally, it includes two different types of macro buttons on the device’s side. Since only one pair may be operated with the pointer finger, they automatically alter your DPI settings. You can use your mouse to access the other pair.

The tops of the cursor keys are somewhat pointed, making it considerably simpler to grasp the buttons with your thumb, even if they are little below and behind the initial set of buttons. The last button on the controller is the sniper click, which similarly projects from the bottom left near the top of the finger wing.

4. Logitech G Pro

Made with and for Pro GamersExpensive
Light-speed WirelessScroll wheel sometimes feels finicky
Hero 25K sensorFeels fairly slippery in the hand
Ultra-lightweightNot a good fit for fingertip users due to size
Ergonomic ambidextrous design

Without a doubt, the venerable Logitech G Pro is the best mouse we tested, and for good reason. This lightweight wireless mouse boasts a ton of features, including a Hero 25K sensor with a 25,600 DPI, 400 IPS tracking, and 7 programmable buttons.

Its weight—or lack thereof—is the first thing we immediately noticed. With only 80g, it is very light. Even though the G Pro in our test is lighter than the Razer Viper Mini, that mouse is corded and does not include an internal battery or any other wireless components. It’s incredible how much performance Logitech was able to pack into this small, light mouse.

The G Pro boasts a cutting-edge Hero 25K sensor with a maximum DPI of 25,600 and 400 IPS precision, so performance is a priority. None of our testers expressed any concerns about the performance or accuracy of its tracking. The fact that G Pro is the “weapon of choice” for many well-known esports teams comes as no surprise.

In general, wireless mice frequently experience latency problems. The G Pro’s input latency, however, is comparable to that of a wired mouse. In CS: GO, we tried the G Pro back-to-back with the wired Logitech G502 Hero, another mouse with the identical Hero 25K sensor, and we simply couldn’t detect any input latency. Overall, outstanding.

Eight customizable buttons on the G Pro each have a pleasant tactile sensation. The scroll wheel performs just as well. The G Pro, however, lacks the “infinity” scroll found in its G502 and G903 siblings. Even though it’s a tiny issue, at this price there shouldn’t be any.

Is Logitech G Pro Good for Gamers with large Hands?

Although the Logitech G Pro is by definition quite small, it’s in no way claustrophobic or uncomfortable. In fact, the complete opposite. The majority of gamers who have large hands find the mouse to be very pleasant to operate. However, users of the claw grip technique could find it a little uncomfortable.

5. Razer DeathAdder V2

Simple to wear styleIts left-click can present Issues.
A fresh optical sensor
Left and right clicks were triggered by a light beam.

It doesn’t get much better for gamers that are primarily interested in comfort than the Razer DeathAdder V2. The Razer Focus+ 20K optical sensor, which offers 20,000 DPI and 650 IPS tracking, is the first feature of the DeathAdder V2. At just 82g, or 2g more than the Logitech G Pro, it is also the third-lightest mouse in our test.

Undoubtedly, the Razer Focus+ 20K optical sensor is the highlight. While falling short of Logitech’s Hero 25K in terms of DPI, it comes pretty close and has faster tracking (650 vs. 400 IPS). However, when compared to Logitech’s Hero 25K sensor, our testers found no distinct benefits—or possibly drawbacks—with the Focus+ 20K sensor. Both of them are excellent.

The mouse has 8 buttons in total, all of which may be programmed, along with other capabilities. Instead of a spring mechanism, Razer chose optical mouse switches, which have a 0.2ms response time. The optical switches, however, divided our testers’ opinions. Some people preferred them, while others pointed out the diminished tactile feel and familiar “clicky” sound of a gaming mouse.

Last but not least, there are RGB lights on the scroll wheel and Razer logo that work with Razer Chroma RGB. You may adjust the lighting rhythm, change the color scheme, and enable in-game lighting effects with the Razer Synapse 3 program. Although they only grow reasonably bright, the lights themselves are rather simple. Consider the Razer Basilisk V3 Pro, another mouse we have discussed in this review, if RGB is what you’re looking.

Is DeathAdder V2 Good for large Hands?

DeathAdder V2 allegedly has “best-in-class ergonomics,” according to Razer. Whatever kind of grip you want, this mouse is a perfect match for large hands. The mouse’s lack of ambidextrousness is sadly the sole drawback to its design.

6. Razer Basilisk V3

10 plus 1 Programmable ButtonsHeavy
11 Razer Chroma RGB Lighting Zones
Razer Optical Mouse Switches Gen

The RGB lovers among us will love the Razer Basilisk V3. The iconic and enhanced Razer Focus+ 26K sensor with a 26,000 DPI is in the center of the mouse. There are 11 distinct RGB zones that enable Razer Chroma RGB, up to 11 customizable buttons, a fantastic scroll wheel with “hyperscroll” (similar to Logitech’s “Infinite Scroll”), and the incredibly lightweight SpeedFlex braided cable.

Fantastic optical sensor: Focus 26K+. One of the best in the industry. It is by no means a modest accomplishment that our reviewers believed it lagged Logitech’s Hero 25K sensor only little. However, both sensors have been specifically tailored for gaming and, to be quite honest, are significantly superior than those of 99.99% of current gamers. We were obviously very happy with the Focus 26K+.

The configurable buttons have incredibly quick response times and employ the optical switches that have become synonymous with Razer. A click can be registered in as little as 2ms, according to Razer. We were probably unable to detect any differences because we aren’t superhumans. But what we did notice was the slightly muddled click feel and sound. The switches simply don’t click as loudly as “conventional” spring switches.

Finally, RGB is the focus of this mouse. At the bottom of the mouse, in 11 programmable RGB zones, as previously described. You can either use Razer Chroma RGB’s game-responsive lighting effects or select your own custom colors and beats. You must install the Razer Synapse program for this. Thankfully, the software is enjoyable to use and free of clutter, advertisements, and obtrusive pop-ups. It just functions without getting in the way.

Is Razer Basilisk V3 Good for large Hands?

Razer is well recognized for their ergonomic, comfortable mice, and the Basilisk V3 is no exception. This mouse is a no-brainer for folks who hold with either their fingertip or their palm. However, it only works for right-handed people and doesn’t have the most ambidextrous design.

7. SteelSeries Rival 3 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Ambidextrous designNot the most durable, according to reviewers
Works for both claw and palm grip

Face it, the majority of the mice used in our test aren’t exactly inexpensive. The unpleasant truth is that effectiveness typically has a price. Everyone wants to perform, but not everyone has the means to do so. However, occasionally you feel obligated to ignore some of the shortcomings of certain low-cost products since they are so close to the premium tier and fulfill so many requirements for such little money. One of these alluring purchases is SteelSeries Rival 3.

Let’s start with the essential specifications: The SteelSeries Rival 3 has a non-braided rubber cord, an optical sensor with 8,000 DPI, a 1,000Hz polling rate, and 6 customizable buttons. Nothing very novel in comparison to what we have already observed. Surprisingly, the mouse sports a light strip at the bottom as well as an RGB logo. We were surprised to find something on a budget mouse!

The TrueMove Core optical sensor from SteelSeries is in the mouse. Even though its maximum DPI is only 8,000, we were very satisfied with its performance. At 1000 Hz, the polling rate is respectable, and at 400 IPS, the overall tracking is likewise quite respectable. Even while the 8,000 DPI is less than half of a mouse like the Razer Basilisk V3 or the Logitech G Pro, it’s still more than enough for casual gamers. Overall, despite what the specs sheet might say, this is a fantastic gaming mouse.

Although the buttons don’t sound quite as loud as we would have wanted, they have a very great, tactile feel to them. The trade-off is that the manufacturer claims each button can withstand up to 60M clicks, which is around 10–20M more than most mice in our test. Additionally, the buttons may be programmed using the SteelSeries Engine tool. The RGB logo and the light strip at the bottom are the same way. Despite its affordable pricing, this mouse has a lot of features overall.

Is the SteelSeries Rival 3 Good for large Hands?

Yes. The mouse is ergonomically sound and weighs only 77g. Although the design as a whole is ambidextrous, the side buttons, which are on the left, make it more suitable for right-handers. However, people who use the palm grip method could find it inappropriate.

8. ROCCAT Burst Pro PC Gaming Mouse

Easy to maneuverGrisly scroll wheel action
Flex cable for phantom
Very good click
RGB is stunning.

It is challenging to ignore the Roccat Burst Pro’s hidden honeycomb structure in terms of features. What do you think of the lightning-fast Titan optical switches? Whatever way you look at it, this mouse aims to be among the fastest ones on the market.

This is also due to its lightweight 2.4oz construction, which was accomplished by using a vented design to reduce the total weight as much as possible. Even the Burst Pro’s design, for the most part, is built on the idea of speed. The standard rubber DPI button used by Roccat is replaced with a plastic one, and a flexible Phantom cable is employed to reduce drag on the camera. It is obvious that the Razer DeathAdder V2 is a high-performance mouse because of its PTFE feet.

Titan switching is designed to be as quick as the Titans themselves. They operate by sending signals to your computer through a laser beam that is shattered when you depress the button. As a result, it operates considerably faster and lasts far longer than a typical mechanical device.

9. BenQ Zowie EC1 Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

Adaptable design for e-sportsNo braided cable
Variable reaction rateThe scroll wheel isn’t good.
1-year warranty

If you’re looking for the ideal gaming mouse for large hands that performs wonderfully against all types of competition, you can’t go wrong with the Zowie FK1. This mouse is not only thin and flexible, but it also has superb tracking skills.

Its sensitivity adjustment is right up there with some of the best-reviewed Logitech products now available, so you’ll adore it to pieces.

Even though it lacks aesthetic appeal, it offers top-notch performance for gamers with a range of hand sizes and grip preferences.

If you want a small confidence boost while playing your favorite first-person shooter, the offer is unbeatable. The robust Mw of power 3310 optical sensor in this top-rated gaming mouse for large hands offers fluid gameplay throughout the full gaming spectrum.

It makes use of precise, high-quality switches that will lessen the likelihood of false clicks. The fact that this gadget supports Plug and Play capability is another another positive trait. You won’t need to worry about setting up any additional drivers as a result, and you may use the mice right away!

10. Logitech G604 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse

Many thumb buttonsBLE adds no value
Stylish designExpensive
Wireless USB and Bluetooth
Easy to use

The Logitech G604 Lightspeed is an extension of the G602 in terms of design, with a palm rest that is fanning out and six programmable thumb buttons grouped in two rows. It includes the same divided triggers for the right and left mouse buttons as before, as well as the same metal, notch mouse wheel with a physical switch that permits the heavy wheel to travel freely. The buttons for the center, left, and right have also clicked on the wheel.

To the left of the primary mouse button are two extra buttons, both of which are by default set up as DPI controls. In case you lost count, there are a total of 15 programmable controls.

The mouse includes two conveniently accessible buttons on the top: a power switch and a wireless pairing button. For best performance, the mouse connects to the computer through a micro USB receiver, and it also supports Bluetooth connections.

11. Razer Viper Mini

LightestNot true ambidextrous
Faster Than Traditional Mechanical SwitchesDisappointing scroll wheel
Customizable Chroma RGB Color Profiles & UnderglowNew (and relatively untested) budget sensor
Great for FPSToo narrow for people with average hands

As you may have noticed by this point, the majority of the mice in our experiment weigh well over 80 grams, with some over 100 grams. However, not everybody likes a heavyweight mouse. As a result, we had to employ a lightweight mouse in our experiment. And after careful deliberation and testing, we determined that the Razer Viper Mini is the best lightweight gaming mouse on the market right now.

In our test, for instance, Logitech’s MX Master 3S weighed more than twice as much as the Razer Viper Mini, which weighs just 61g. The mouse contains 6 programmable buttons, a braided “SpeedFlex” cord, an unidentified 8,500 DPI sensor, RGB effects, and a light strip at the bottom.

The mouse’s 8,500 DPI gaming sensor performs admirably in terms of gaming. For instance, in CS:GO, our testers wielding Viper Mini easily kept up with opponents using Logitech G Pro and G502 mice. It performs surprisingly well for an unidentified sensor.

The Razer Synapse 3 software allows for direct configuration of the RGB lights and the 6 customizable buttons. This mouse features optical switches, just like the other Razer mice in the test. And as we’ve already established, our testers favor spring loading switches’ superior tactile feel and louder click. However, it all comes down to what one prefers.

Is the Razer Viper Mini Good for large Hands?

One of the greatest gaming mouse for large hands is the Razer Viper Mini. However, because the mouse’s length is simply too short, we wouldn’t advise users of the palm grip to utilize the Razer Viper Mini. Last but not least, the mouse is ambidextrous, but sadly, the side buttons are exclusively on the left, making it inappropriate for left-handed users.

12. Logitech G903 Wireless

Unique wireless charging technologyExpensive
Excellent performanceAmbidextrous shape not very ergonomic
Solid build qualityIf you’re not using Powerplay, not much improvement over the old G900
Feels great in the hand

It can be challenging to locate a good, comfortable mouse for left-handed users. The majority of mice available are designed with right-handed users in mind. The G903 Wireless Gaming Mouse from Logitech is the ideal solution, though.

This mouse is excellent for both left- and right-handed users and features a totally ambidextrous design with symmetrical lines. The Hero 25K sensor with 25,600 DPI, 11 customizable buttons, 400+ IPS tracking, an endless scroll supported scroll wheel, and an adjustable weight of 110g is included at the rear.

The Logitech G903 is no different from other Hero 25K gaming mice tested in this article. The gaming experience is excellent. This gaming sensor is so good that it ought to be able to compete with 99.99% of other gamers. There isn’t much to say save the fact that it is the greatest gaming sensor currently available. With a 1,000 Hz polling rate, the wireless tracking performs just as well as the Logitech G Pro in our test.

Is the Logitech G903 Wireless Good for large Hands?

The ergonomic Logitech G903 Wireless mouse has soft curves and an ambidextrous, symmetrical design. It is much more pleasant to use than other ambidextrous mice on the market for both left- and right-handed users, who favor it above the competition.

13. Redragon M908 Impact RGB LED MMO Mouse

Highly customizableSome reviewers don’t love the software
Most affordable mouse on this list
Surprisingly durable for the price

The Redragon M908 Impact is the best option if you want a high-quality mouse on a tight budget. For less than $35, it has many of the capabilities found on more expensive mouse (20 programmable buttons, an adjustable weight system, RGB illumination, and even five separate memory profiles). Multiple gamers with large hands like its significant size and gripping, ergonomic shape despite its inexpensive price. A braided fiber cable, gold-plated USB connector, and Teflon pads underneath all ensure longevity and smooth operation.

Reviewers Say: As my first multi-button mouse, I was expecting something rather “cheap” for the 13 more buttons, but it is surprisingly sturdy. I won’t say “premium,” but it is quite strong and larger than I anticipated, which is perfect for my large hands.

Are Bigger Mice Better for Gaming?

For gaming, are larger mice preferable? Gamers have been discussing this issue for years. But the solution is not so simple.

It is true that larger mice are typically preferable for gaming. They provide greater room for your hand to hold, are simpler to manipulate, and frequently contain more buttons, which can be useful when playing video games.

However, utilizing larger mice has a few drawbacks as well. They occasionally might be heavier, which over time might make you tired. They may also be heavier than smaller mice, which makes them less convenient for usage while traveling.

It is ultimately up to you to decide whether a larger mouse is preferable for gaming. Go for it if you think a larger mouse would be more comfortable for you. Just be sure to try on a few different alternatives to find the appropriate fit for you before choosing one.

How to Choose the Right Size Mouse for Your Hand?

You must first determine the width of your palm in order to select the best gaming mouse. For comparison, the width of a typical male hand, measured from the widest part of one end of the palm to the other, is 3.5 inches. Choose a mouse that is approximately two thirds the width of your palm to minimize fatigue and enhance comfort.

For instance, a user with a hand width of 4 inches (101 millimeters) should search for a mouse with a width of 2.66 inches (67 millimeters) or greater. The Logitech G502, which has a width of 75mm (including the protruding thumb rest), should work fine in this situation.


What’s the Biggest Gaming Mouse?

Two of the largest gaming mice now on the market are the Logitech G502 Hero and its wireless counterpart, the G502 Lightspeed. They are both 132 x 75 x 40 mm in size. As a result, at 121g and 114g, respectively, these mice are also extremely heavy. However, because of the Hero 25K optical sensor, they provide excellent gaming performance.

Does the Weight of a Mouse Matter for Gaming?

Your overall accuracy and in-game aim may be enhanced by a hefty mouse. However, this reduces flickability, rapid movement, and 180-degree turns in professional esports gaming.

Does Logitech Make Gaming Mice for large Hands, and Are They Good?

Absolutely. The G502 Hero and Lightspeed, the two most popular gaming mouse on the market, are produced by Logitech. The best-in-class Hero 25K optical gaming sensor and amazing infinite scroll wheels make them extremely good indeed.

How Long Does a G502 Hero Last? 

If treated and maintained properly, the G502 Hero can easily last 5 years or beyond. There are still many people who own the original models of the mouse, even though it was first released back in 2014. The mouse is heavier than average, but that is only because of the excellent construction quality. The G502 Hero is built to last thanks to its excellent, thick plastic casing and superior rubber grips.

How Long Does a G502 Lightspeed Last?

You should have no trouble using the G502 Lightspeed mouse for at least five years. Due to the thin-wall endoskeleton design, even though it weighs less than the G502 Hero, the overall build quality is unaffected. Rubber grips and a plush mouse rest are only two of the luxury features of the G502 Hero that are also present.


Our review of the greatest gaming mice for folks with large hands is now complete. All the mice in this test perform admirably in casual and everyday gaming as well as in competitive eSports competition. All of the mice used in this study were examined, and none of them performed especially poorly. Having said that, the Logitech G Pro, Logitech G502 Lightspeed, Logitech G502 Hero, and Corsair Nightsword are superb all-arounder mice that have become somewhat cult favorites in recent years. They are without a doubt the best of the group.

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