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9 Best Fingertip Grip Mouse in 2023

Last Updated on December 11, 2022

With the recent trend of thin honeycomb mice being introduced, the fingertip grasp is becoming in popularity. What is the best fingertip grip mouse on the market right now, and more importantly, why is the grip so popular?

All of the mice that are made available are tested by me to make sure they are of the highest caliber in terms of shape, sensor, buttons, mouse feet, and cable. You can be sure you’re viewing the most recent and top-rated mice because this list will be updated frequently to reflect all recent mouse launches.

Our Top Picks Fingertip Grip Mouse

Best Fingertip Grip MouseAwardPrice
Glorious Model OBest value for money, great clicks and shape for an fingertip mouse with affordable priceCheck Price
GLORIOUS MODEL O-Best Wired Fingertip Grip Mouse AlternativeCheck Price
XTRFY M42 RGBBest Fingertip Grip Mouse OverallCheck Price
RAZER OROCHI V2Another Best Fingertip Grip Mouse AlternativeCheck Price

What Is The Fingertip Grip?

What precisely is the fingertip grasp, then? How do you know that’s the grip you’re employing? Simply explained, while employing a fingertip grip, you make most of your touch with the mouse using just the tips of your fingers.
In addition, you ought to avoid touching the mouse with your palms or other hand surfaces.

More so than claw grip players, fingertip gamers frequently arch their fingers. Additionally, there is little to no touch with the hand’s and mouse’s bases.

The Qualities of a Fingertip Grip Mouse

Okay, wonderful. You have now unequivocally proven that you are a fingertip grip player.

To make sure you are purchasing the ideal mouse for you, there are two crucial features to watch out for.

So let’s explore them in greater detail.


It goes without saying that the design of your mouse is essential if you want to make sure you can work at your peak efficiency. This applies to all grip types and ought to be your main goal.

Perhaps you’re wondering, “But what about the sensor?” perhaps the buttons? As long as you stick to the well-known brands, gaming mice now all have high-quality sensors. Since all of the sensors on this list are excellent, I won’t go into detail about them.

Therefore, pay attention to the shapes of these mice and try to recall mice you have previously tried to determine whether you could enjoy it in order to choose your ideal mouse. If you’re interested in learning more about the shape of a mouse, please watch the video because I always go into great depth.

In order to enable fingertip players to place them more conveniently and move with greater agility, fingertip mice should preferably be smaller than your average-sized mouse.

Additionally, they ought to have a modest, low-lying hump or arch. If you were to lay your hand across the mouse, your palm would often rest here where the mouse curves.

A lower-lying hump allows for more flexible mobility because it doesn’t make contact with your palm when you move the mouse back and forth.


Lightweight gaming mice have recently experienced a boom in popularity on the market for gaming mice. Generally speaking, you can aim better the lighter your mouse is. There is a balance, though not everyone experiences it this way.

However, fingertip grip players require lighter mice in particular because they don’t utilize their entire hand to operate the mouse, as would a palm grip player.

Picking a lighter mouse makes this easier, faster, and more precise for fingertip players who must rapidly and accurately position their mouse with their fingertips.

Going from an 80-100g mouse down to an 80g mouse may be a significant difference for you if you haven’t used a lightweight gaming mouse before. You’ll need some time to get used to this, and your aim could be a little wrong at first, but persevere. My aim and general performance have really improved since switching to a lightweight gaming mouse.

Best Fingertip Grip Mouse

All of the mice on this list were specifically chosen because they satisfied the two criteria we covered previously. Additionally, they have excellent stock mouse feet for a smooth glide, strong side buttons, top optics, and superb mouse 1 and mouse 2 clicks.

So let’s choose a mouse for you by looking over this list.

Glorious Model O

Outstanding value for the money. Cheap, sharp clicks that are lightweight.

Best value here
Tactile clicks
Great side buttons
Very low hump
Best RGB
Different sizes available
Paracord cable
PTFE mouse feet
Scroll wheel steps could be better

Because of the value they offer for the price, Glorious Model O and Glorious Model O Minus have topped several of my lists of gaming mice. The Model O and Model O Minus are the two sizes available for the Model O. The Model O Minus is the smallest of the two, if the name doesn’t already make it clear.

It is the ideal fingertip grip mouse because of its extremely low hump, as we covered in the crucial factor section. These two mice differ in size in the following ways:

FeaturesModel O DimensionsModel O- Dimensions
Sensor: PMW3360
DPI: 400-12,000
Buttons: 6
Polling Rate: 1000Hz
Connectivity: Paracord
Length: 12.8cm / 128mm
Width: 5.9cm / 59mm
Height: 3.75cm / 37.5mm
Weight: 67/68g
Ambidextrous: No
Model O- Length: 12.0cm / 120mm
Width: 5.8cm / 58mm (grip width 5.6cm)
Height: 3.6cm / 36mm
Weight: 58/59g
Ambidextrous: No

As you can see, the Model O Minus is extremely compact, making it the ideal mouse for fingertip handling. Depending on the texture you select, it weighs only 58/59g, which is incredibly light.

The mouse is available with either a matte or glossy finish. For either of these finishes, I advise choosing the matte if you frequently have sweaty hands. Choose the glossy coating if you want shiny finishes.

If you have hands that are 19 cm or larger, I advise choosing the Model O instead of the Model O Minus because the Minus will be too small for you.

The Model O range makes use of a PMW3360 sensor with DPI values ranging from 400 to 12,000 The primary 1 and 2 buttons, the dpi button, the scroll wheel, and the two side buttons make up the 6 total buttons. The main buttons are easy to press and have excellent tactile feel.

Nearly every mouse on this list has side buttons that are better than average. They actuate more quickly since they are incredibly light and have no pre-travel.

The Glorious Model Os now have improved cables that are lighter and better weaved. The mouse almost feels wireless if you remove this cable. Additionally, Glorious has a bungee that works well with the mouse.

Glorious has developed their own PTFE feet they call G-Skates for the mouse. These feet are far superior to the typical gaming mouse stock feet and slide over any gaming pad very smoothly.

You are in for a pleasant surprise if you haven’t tried PTFE mouse feet. If you are used to the standard stock feet, like those you could find on a Zowie mouse, for instance, you will notice the change right away.

This is the best fingertip grip mouse you can buy right now for the price. Since the clicks are excellent, the side buttons are tactile and sensitive, and I do noticeably better with it than any mouse I have tested, I presently use it as my primary mouse.


Very comfortable for those with small hands
Great low click latency
Extremely light
Glides around smoothly
May be too small for those with large and extra-large hands

The Model O- from Glorious is regarded as a modern classic. The Model O- is a variant of the Model O, one of the first widely used lightweight honeycombed mice. It is a compact, symmetrical mouse that is ideal for fingertip grips.

Anyone who has used a contemporary gaming mouse should be familiar with the Model O-‘s form; it is symmetrical, neutral, and devoid of any notable comfort curves or cutouts. However, it does have one distinctive feature: a profile that is comparatively flat.

If you find other mouse too tall for your fingertip hold, the Model O- will be ideal because it is only 1.41 inches tall at its tallest point. The decision as to whether the reduced height justifies the additional width and length must be made because it is not the shortest or narrowest mouse available.

Given that the Model O- is an older gaming mouse than most, the fact that PixArt still uses the PMW 3360 optical sensor shouldn’t come as a surprise. That’s not necessarily a negative thing, though, as it’s still a superb sensor that can hold its own against the more recent PixArt goods. Despite being introduced many years ago, the Glorious “Ascended Cable” is still one of my favorite mouse cables because of how supple and flexible it is.

The Model O-‘s thumb buttons’ location is its primary drawback. You can feel uncomfortable if you typically place your thumb below the thumb buttons because they are rather low down. The thumb button placement works best for people whose thumbs lay on or above the buttons.

The Glorious Model O- is a fantastic fingertip grip gaming mouse, especially if you need a lower profile, putting that minor quibble aside. The matte variants cost roughly $50, which makes it an even more appealing choice.

Glossy black and white, matte black and white, and glossy black and white are all available for the Glorious Model O-.


Excellent build quality
Very lightweight
Low click latency
Modular back panels
No software for customization and no programmable buttons
Only eight CPI preset options

The M42 RGB from Xtrfy has long been a secret treasure in the world of lightweight mice because to its attractive design and distinctive removable rear panel. The M42 RGB Wireless takes things a step further, making it one of the greatest fingertip grip mice currently on the market, if not the best.

Anyone who has used the M42 RGB will be able to recognize the shape of the M42 RGB Wireless because it is identical. The M42 form has few curves or ridges and appears to the uninitiated to be a pretty standard symmetrical design. Its length and width make it a secure, neutral design that is simple to recommend and unlikely to offend.

The M42 RGB Wireless from Xtrfy comes with two distinct backs, one of which has a hump for greater palm support and the other of which is flatter. Although we believe the latter’s low-profile design is more suited for a fingertip grip gaming mouse, we recommend trying both to determine which is most effective.

The M42 RGB Wireless has further distinctive features besides an interchangeable back. Additionally, it features a multi-purpose toggle and button set that enables you to adjust all of the mouse’s crucial settings—DPI, debounce time, lift-off distance, and polling rate—directly from the mouse without the use of any additional software.

To change a setting, simply move the toggle switch to the desired position and push the top button. Once the mouse is configured, you can assign whatever in-game command you like to the button’s “Page Down” function. It’s a cunning ruse.

By allowing you to shift the built-in battery forward and backward to change the mouse’s balance, Xtrfy has also reused the outdated “configurable weight” feature of mice like the Logitech G502. It’s true that not everyone will utilize this function, but it’s fantastic for people who enjoy tinkering and trying new things.

Overall, the Xtrfy M42 RGB Wireless is a fantastic improvement over the wired M42 mouse, which was already a terrific mouse. The size makes it stand out as a fantastic competitor for the finest fingertip grip mouse, but its customizability and outstanding hardware (including a top-notch optical sensor and Kailh’s beloved GM 8.0 switches) make it a great choice regardless of grip.

Black and white versions of the Xtrfy M42 RGB Wireless are available. Do you not require a wireless mouse and are on a tighter budget? The wired M42 RGB costs just over half as much and has the same form and swappable back panel.


Superb click latency
Feels well-built
Ideal for fingertip grip, but only for those with large or medium-sized hands

The “egg-shaped” mice are worth looking into if you like a fingertip grip and are seeking for something unique. These feature a nice shape for fingertip grips thanks to their narrow fronts and backs and central bulge. Razer’s Orochi V2 is one of the greatest ones currently available.

The “egg” shape of the Orochi V2 is modest and small. Its length is only 4.25 inches, and its grip width is 2.24 inches. The central bulge isn’t particularly noticeable. It falls between between a “regular” form and the G303 Shroud Edition’s more pronounced bulge.

Therefore, even if you have never used a “egg” mouse, the Orochi V2 should be simple to get used to. The small rear helps to reduce touch with your palm and hand, while the narrow front allows you to grab it there if necessary.

The Orochi V2 does not have a built-in rechargeable option, in contrast to many contemporary gaming mouse, and instead relies on AA and AAA batteries for power. This means that it will ultimately weigh more than the claimed 60 grams (2.2 oz), with an average alkaline AAA battery bumping the weight up to roughly 71 grams (2.4 oz). Despite the slightly false nature of Razer’s claim, it is still more than light enough.

However, the advantage over Bluetooth and low-latency 2.4 GHz is extremely good battery life. You might only need to change batteries once a year, according to Razer, who says that one AA battery can operate for up to 960 hours over Bluetooth and 425 hours over 2.4 GHz.

In addition to its excellent design and battery life, the Orochi V2 is a well-equipped mouse. You receive high-durability mechanical switches and Razer’s 5G Optical sensor, which is a rebranded PixArt 3369. It’s a really good gaming mouse that will work with any game you play.

For those looking for a mouse for work and play, the Razer Orochi V2 is a wonderful alternative to a gaming mouse with a fingertip grip. It makes a wonderful laptop companion thanks to its long battery life and compatibility for Razer HyperShift, and thanks to its sensor and switches, it also works well for head-popping after work.

There are two colors for the Razer Orochi V2: black and white. Using Razer’s Custom Design tool, you may also create a unique Razer Orochi V2.

Logitech G Pro Wireless

Excellent build quality
Very lightweight
Low click latency
Modular back panels
No software for customization and no programmable buttons
Only eight CPI preset options

In terms of wireless mice, Logitech is at the top of their game. One of the greatest gaming mice available is the Logitech G Pro Wireless. Along with the Razer Viper Ultimate, it is also one of the lightest wireless gaming mouse on the market.

It is shorter in length than the Glorious Model O, but has a somewhat higher hump. Here is a quick breakdown of the measurements:

Sensor: HERO
DPI: 400-16,000
Buttons: 6
Polling Rate: 1000Hz
Connectivity: Wireless
Length: 12.5cm / 125mm
Width: 5.9cm / 59mm
Height: 4.0cm / 40mm
Weight: 80g
Ambidextrous: Yes

It was the first mouse to employ Logitech’s HERO sensor, which has since been installed in all of their mice because it has been so well-liked. The GHUB software allows DPI settings to be adjusted for the HERO up to a maximum of 16,000 and in increments of 50.

The mouse includes eight major buttons, including the standard primary 1 and 2 as well as a scroll wheel, DPI button, two side buttons on either side of the mouse, and two side buttons on the opposite side of the mouse.

Nobody has truly come close to overtaking Logitech as the finest mouse click manufacturer. The excellent clicks produced by the G Pro Wireless, which are incredibly light and have a pleasant sound, are well-known.

The mouse can be utilized by players who use their left hand because the side buttons are modular and can be switched out completely.

They are the top side buttons on our list in terms of the buttons themselves. What more could you ask for than haptic, responsive, pre-travel-free, and customizable devices?

Each notch on the scroll wheel is discernible, and the wheel rolls smoothly. It has a really high-end feel. However, the scroll wheel click is rather loud.

You hardly ever need to plug it in to charge it at all thanks to its incredible 48 hours of battery life with RGB on and 60+ hours without. Additionally, it takes roughly 60 minutes to charge completely. There is absolutely no need to experiment with the cable in!

The G Pro Wireless is currently the best-built gaming mouse on the market. You might then be wondering why it isn’t at number one. Which is a good question, but its cost does limit it.

The Glorious Model O is now ranked first because it offers outstanding value for what you receive.

My recommendation is to buy the G Pro Wireless if you can afford it and don’t mind its 80g weight. In every other case, the Glorious Model O will be useful to you.

Endgame Gear XM1

Excellent primary clicks
Unqiue amazing shape
High grip texture
Great scroll wheel
PTFE mouse feet
Side buttons could be better
Rubber cable instead of paracord

In comparison to the collection of honeycomb mice, Endgame Gears’ first mouse has been a welcome addition.

With 1 ms analog clicks, the XM1 is advertised as the quickest gaming mouse ever made.

The Glorious Model O Minus is somewhat larger than the XM1, which is also very compact and has a very low hump. Don’t let the fact that the hump appears larger in photos than it does in person deter you.

Compared to the other mice on the list, the Endgame XM1’s form is extremely distinctive. It has “hips,” as I like to refer to the way the mouse’s back flares out. If you accidentally touch the base of your hand with the mouse, this offers some additional support.

I personally find this form to be the most comfortable because it fits into the base of the hand pretty well.

The mouse has six buttons: the primary 1 and 2 buttons, scroll wheel, two side buttons, and a DPI button at the bottom. The mouse’s main buttons, numbers 1 and 2, are excellent. The closest anyone has gotten to Logitech’s clicks is with this. The mouse has such a clear, tactile feel. The side buttons are adequate; they’re not the best, but they work.

The PMW3389, used by the XM1, supports DPI levels up to 16,000 and employs PTFE mouse feet similar to the Glorious Model O so you can be sure you’ll get that smooth, silky glide.

The rubber cable is somewhat stiff and holds the XM1 back just a tiny bit. This mouse is improved if the cable can be paracorded.

Overall, I keep going back to the XM1 mouse. The only mouse I’ve ever used that can come close to my Glorious Model O aiming scores on Kovaaks aim trainer is this one.

The XM1 is a better option than the Model O if you don’t utilize side buttons and rubber cables aren’t an issue.


Feels well-built
Extremely lightweight
High quality paracord-like cable with decent flexibility
Mouse feet that glide very smoothly on mousepads and desks
Click latency is very high for a gaming mouse

The G-Wolves brand probably won’t sound familiar unless you’re a mouse freak. The Hati S, however, is among the best lightest mice the company produces for people who want to employ a fingertip grip. The Hati S is ideal if you’re looking for a flexible and reasonably priced fingertip mouse because of its modest size and weight of under 50 grams.

The Hati S is symmetrical and has a straightforward form. It differs from other similar items in that it is only 4.45 inches long and has a 2.15 inch grip width. Given these dimensions, it is especially suitable for fingertip grasp if you have small to medium hands. Even during the most violent movements, there is a small risk that the mouse may touch your palm or hand due to the size and slightly elevated back.

The Hati S has other advantages besides size, though. G-Wolves didn’t cut corners when it came to the hardware, including the PixArt PMW 3389, a premium optical sensor that is widely regarded as ideal. A lightweight sleeved cable is also included in the premium package to lessen cable drag and overall weight.

You receive a detachable cord with the G-Wolves Hati S, which is one special feature. Since this is a rare feature, we don’t anticipate many people using it. If you frequently switch between locations, it might be helpful. If you’re only going between two set places, G-Wolves even provides a backup cable in the box, so you won’t even need to bring it.

Though aesthetic taste varies, we feel it’s important to point out that the Hati S HTS’ two finishes, Black Red and Black Star, complement the honeycomb shell’s speckled “stardust” design rather well. It makes it stand out from the glut of gaming mice that are solid colors.

The G-Wolves Hati S HTS Stardust is a fantastic place to start your search if you’re looking for a very light wired fingertip grip mouse. With its ideal size and top-notch hardware, it’s a fantastic gaming mouse and an even better fingertip grip mouse.

For just over $100, G-Wolves also sells a wireless version.


Great popular shape
Great for larger hands
Tactile clicks
Great side buttons
Paracord cable
Mouse feet could be better

The Hati HSK mouse from G-Wolves is the one to get if you want a straightforward, no-compromises fingertip mouse. Some people believe this tiny, ultra-light mouse, which removes the majority of the unneeded back half, is the best fingertip grip mouse ever created.

The Hati HSK cannot be discussed without mentioning its shape. It is at least an inch shorter than typical mice, and there is nowhere for your hand to rest or for you to hold it besides with your fingertips. Throw away all you know about mouse forms because the HSK is a whole different beast that just focuses on fingertip grip.

Even the side buttons are removed from the HSK for a purely three-button experience. It’s a potentially dramatic step, but not altogether unexpected given how obstinate the HSK is. However, the manufacturer made a little concession by incorporating thumb buttons on the (very uncommon) wireless HSK+, so pick that one if you require them.

Of course, without the gear to support its FPS-ready form, the HSK would be useless. Thankfully, G-Wolves didn’t cut corners in this area: the mouse comes with the same PixArt PMW 3389 optical sensor as its other mice and premium Kailh switches with an 80 million click lifespan. The cord has the typical flexible, braided design found in modern mice, so it shouldn’t cause any problems while you’re playing.

Beyond its minimalism, the HSK’s availability is its main drawback. Stock appears to be scarce, and pricing can differ substantially depending on where you check. The wireless HSK+, which appears to be completely unavailable but would be our preferred option if it were, is much worse. As it stands, you will have to make do with the wired HSK for the time being if you want one of these little mouse right away.

Putting away the stock difficulties, the G-Wolves Hati HSK is unique since it is one of the few mouse that is solely focused on a single grip style, without making any allowances for accessibility or general appeal. This mouse is the greatest option if you’re willing to give up conventional shapes. If not, our alternative selections are likely to be safer bets.


Lightest mouse on the list
Unique hump for support
Lightweight clicks
Best paracord on the list
Mouse feet need some wearing in.
Some quality control concerns

On a tight budget, do you require a fingertip grip mouse? Simply consider the Cooler Master MM710. If you’re looking for a fingertip grip gaming mouse, it checks all the boxes and frequently sells for less than $30, making it one of the greatest values.

The MM710 is a compact, symmetrical gaming mouse with controlled curves and few ergonomic design features, similar to many fingertip mice. Most grip styles can be used with its safe design, but fingertip grips work best with its 4.59-inch length and 2.15-inch grip width. The MM710 should be ideal for those with tiny to medium hands.

The MM710 is one of the lightest popular gaming mouse available because to its diminutive size and impressive 53-gram (1.87-oz) weight. The MM710 may be a little older than some of the other mice on this list, but it still performs admirably in critical situations.

The MM710 is one of the lightest popular gaming mouse available because to its diminutive size and impressive 53-gram (1.87-oz) weight. The MM710 may be a little older than some of the other mice on this list, but it still performs admirably in critical situations.

Overall, the Cooler Master MM710 is a reliable little mouse that should be ideal for budget-conscious gamers with fingertip grips. Despite not being the greatest fingertip grip mouse available, there are many positive aspects, especially given its low cost.

Although the MM710 is available in a variety of finishes and hues, the glossy black version mentioned above is typically the best value, with normal prices hovering about $20. So if you’re searching for a discount, stick with that one.


What Is The Best Mouse For Fortnite?

This is a frequently asked question, but any mouse on this list is ideal for Fortnite. One of the factors contributing to the popularity of so many portable gaming mouse is Fortnite. You need a lighter mouse because of how much you have to rotate and swing it when creating.

You are missing out if you play Fortnite with a mouse that weighs more than 80g.

I firmly advise purchasing one of the mouse on this list, and I can almost guarantee that you’ll prefer it for creating those 90s.

You can be sure that these mice are appropriate for Fortnite’s intense gameplay because several of them were tested while being used to play the game.

What Is The Best Fingertip Mouse For Large Hands?

I would suggest taking a look at either the Model O, G Pro Wireless, or Hati on this list if you have larger hands (about 20 cm+). You could be a touch too big for the other mice.

The benefit of the fingertip grip is that it gives you access to a larger selection of mice. There would be a very small selection of mouse that would fit a palm grip player.

Is The Finalmouse Ultralight 2 Great for Fingertip Grip?

Since Finalmouse mice are no longer available for purchase, I do not include them in my listings. They are limited-time purchases, so not everyone can purchase them. In addition, I think the Ultralight 2 is absurdly pricey for what it is.

It would be at the bottom of the list if I were to put it there. The durability of the infinite skins worries me, and I don’t think they will last.


Finding the optimum mouse for fingertip grip can be challenging, especially given the market’s abundance of “compact and symmetrical” variants. Another important factor is personal preference, which we are unable to take into consideration. Having said that, we’re convinced that the majority of you will find our selections useful.

The Xtrfy M42 RGB, Glorious Model O, Glorious Model O-, and RAZER OROCHI V2 are our top picks among the best fingertip grip mice available. They have the ideal shape and a few ingenious design elements. It’s a fantastic place to begin. The Razer Orochi V2 with its egg-shaped body is also worthwhile to try if you’re looking for something a little unusual. However, devoted users of the fingertip grip should bypass the majority of these and jump right to the G-Wolves Hati HSK.

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