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Are Gaming Mouse Worth It? Here’s The Explanation!

Last Updated on November 8, 2022

Curious about Are Gaming Mouse Worth It? Ok, in this post we will explain whether a gaming mouse can provide more value than other mouse. We will also discuss in detail the advantages of a gaming mouse over a regular mouse. So, let’s start this discussion!

There are a few significant distinctions between gaming mouse and the dated, crusty regular mouse that came with your PC.

Gaming mouse offer many advantages over standard mouse, making them a wise investment for many.

If you want a gadget that is more comfortable, more robust, has greater functionality, and is tuned for gaming performance, gaming mouse can be a terrific purchase. Gaming mouse are designed to fit a variety of grips, feature more buttons, and respond more quickly. ideal for serious gamers.

In order to determine whether gaming mouse are worthwhile for you, let’s examine all the distinctions between them and conventional mouse.

Difference Between a Gaming Mouse and Regular Mouse

Let’s examine how a gaming mouse performs in each area to see if it can be a more advantageous choice than a standard mouse.

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Because they are made with extended gaming sessions in mind, gaming mouse are frequently more comfortable than normal mouse.

Some gaming mouse feature adjustable weight, while others allow ambidextrous support or are ergonomic for one hand. Different gaming mouse can support different grip patterns.

Grip Styles

Grip Styles

For mouse, there are three primary grasp patterns.

In contrast to conventional mouse, which are generic and won’t be made to fit any of these grip styles, specialized gaming mouse will be available to suit these various grip types.

The secret is to pick a mouse that is designed for your particular grasp pattern.

  • The Palm Grip: which occurs when the entire hand rests on the mouse, is the most popular grip.
  • The Claw Grip: Competitive gamers frequently utilize the claw grip because it allows for more accurate clicking.
  • Fingertip Grip: The most controllable grip style is the fingertip grip, which also feels more natural than the claw grip. Its one disadvantage is that, out of the three, it is the most exhausting.

Adjustable Weight

Adjustable Weight

Although not all gaming mouse have this option, when they do, it can be useful to personalize your mouse to your preferences in order to increase comfort.

In contrast to ordinary mouse, the adjustable weight allows the user to more individually customize their peripheral to better suit their preferences.

A lighter mouse or one that is less expensive won’t have an adjustable weight.

The weights can be placed to various locations around the mouse’s bottom to add a few grams, allowing you to place additional weight in the mouse’s back or on a particular side.

Ambidextrous vs Ergonomic

Source: Voltcave

Ambidextrous and ergonomic gaming mouse are the two primary categories.

Often lighter in weightOften heavier in weight
Good for right and left handsUsually only for right hands
Less comfortableMore comfortable
The best for competitive shootersNot the best for competitive shooters
Ambidextrous vs Ergonomic

Lighting Options and Software

Unlike conventional mouse, gaming mouse contain software and illumination that are typically programmable. Due to the lighting, your mouse may appear better and operate more effectively.

How Useful Software Is

Many gaming mouse offer software that allows you to customize your device’s features, like changing the lighting’s hue.

DPI and polling rate can be modified using software. Additionally, you can remap buttons and create macros. Gaming software can also be helpful with Bluetooth mouse so you can check the battery quickly.

Lighting Options

Almost all contemporary gaming mouse contain lights, however the quantity varies across models. One significant distinction between gaming mouse and conventional mouse is the potential for illumination, which enhances the aesthetics of the peripheral and your setup as a whole.

While more affordable gaming mouse might only have solid colors, gaming mouse with RGB illumination—or lighting that can be changed to any color—typically offer this feature. With RGB mouse, you may change the color of your mouse to match any other color in your setup, for example. The important thing to remember is that there are a ton of possibilities. You could also just leave the mouse in an RGB rainbow mode that cycles.

Most Popular Software for Gaming Mouse

The majority of major gaming businesses, including Corsair, Logitech, and Razer, all have their own software. Smaller gaming firms may also have their own software, but it may not always feel as full.

All three devices—Corsair iCue, Razer Synapse, and Logitech G Hub—have a ton of features, are comparatively simple to use, and are continually becoming better.

With the help of their newest HERO sensor, Logitech recently published an update that enhanced the functionality of the sensors in their mouse. These particular mouse now have more DPI adjustment and are more accurate thanks to this upgrade.

Gaming mouse might have better performance, more lighting effects, more macro choices, and other features thanks to its software.

Programmable Buttons

Programmable Buttons

The software for gaming mouse enables you to remap or create macros for the buttons.

Compared to conventional mouse, gaming mouse have more buttons, giving you a wide range of alternatives.

Depending on the kinds of games they are meant for, some gaming mouse have fewer buttons while others have more.

Mouse for first-person shooter games may have six or fewer, while mouse for MMOs or MOBAs like League of Legends or Age of Empires may have 20 or more.

With only one button click, you may copy and paste functionality, dedicate media keys, and build macros for editing programs.

The ability to switch to a lower DPI while sniping in competitive shooters is controlled by buttons on the same gaming mouse, which can help give you a slight advantage. Additionally, gaming mouse frequently contain previous and next buttons that may be reprogrammed for activities like surfing web sites, which can slightly enhance workflow.

Instead of investing the $100 that a macro pad may cost, you might invest in a gaming mouse with a number of buttons on the side like the Corsair Scimitar or Razer Naga, both of which have 12 on the side, if you discover that you might benefit from a lot of macros.

A gaming mouse with many buttons and macros can provide you more control over your computer than one programmable button, which may not improve workflow.


Most of the time, gaming mouse are higher quality than conventional mouse. They employ better parts, better materials almost always, better painting techniques, longer warranties, and more.


Gaming mouse are less likely to experience paint peeling than ordinary mouse do. The color of conventional mouse can fade quite rapidly, whereas gaming mouse typically don’t.


Superior switches and noticeably better sensors will be seen in gaming mouse. The buttons on conventional mouse often fail after a few years, but the ones on gaming mouse can endure for a very long time, which is typically one area where gaming mouse have higher longevity.

Material Quality

Regular mouse frequently have material quality that is substantially higher. Regular mouse are often composed of cheap, thin plastic that is brittle and could break after a few drops. They also wear out quickly. The majority of gaming mouse feature thicker plastic or even some metal so they can withstand drops and won’t experience much, if any, physical wear.

Normal mouse plastic allows for some visibility of bodily oils. With metal embellishments and better-looking plastic, gaming mouse look nicer thanks to their materials.

The materials used in gaming mouse are typically more comfortable since they employ smooth plastic rather than rough plastic and, frequently, metal and rubber, which can enhance comfort and feel.

While conventional mouse can break very rapidly, gaming mouse typically endure for several years, well past the point where you might wish to upgrade.

Warranty Period

Larger businesses like Corsair or Logitech, in particular, make gaming mouse that survive for several years, demonstrating their faith in their goods. Normal mouse frequently have short warranty periods and will break or have obvious problems within a few years.

Additionally, they frequently outlive their guarantee time by many years. Many people have been using their gaming mouse for more than ten years, and while they may appear antiquated, they still function effectively.

DPI Adustments

DPI, or dots per inch, is a measurement of a mouse’s sensitivity. Your cursor will move across the screen more quickly and more slowly depending on the value; the greater the value, the faster it will go.

Many gaming mouse feature a wide range of DPI, some of which run from 100 to 25K DPI.

Although you will most likely stay within the 100-2000 DPI range, you may find that the extended range is handy in some circumstances and also demonstrates the accuracy of the sensor. The sensor needs to be extremely accurate for a mouse to have such a high DPI range.

People who play games where they must move quickly or in circumstances where the user is using a 4k or 8k screen may find the expanded DPI range handy.

Some mouse can be adjusted using software, while inexpensive gaming mouse sometimes lack software but do include onboard buttons to switch DPI profiles. Some mouse can be modified in software by up to one DPI at a time, which is highly precise.

If you get a gaming mouse, start by finding a DPI that is comparable to that of your current mouse. As you use your mouse more frequently, you can change the DPI as you see fit.

DPI shift is a feature that many well-known gaming mouse include, including the Logitech G502. When you need to snipe anything that is far away and very small in a game, you can swiftly lower the DPI level by pressing the DPI shift button.

For competitive shooters, some people can alter their DPI to be lower, while those with limited mouse space may increase it.

You can now adapt such that you feel more at ease in your surroundings. Gaming mouses adjustability and wider DPI range will make you more comfortable with the mouse’s reaction, which will make you more competitive in games.

Polling Rate and Sensors

Polling Rate

The rate at which a mouse reports input to the computer is known as the polling rate. The number of reports per second is determined by the polling rate, which is expressed in Hz.

A polling rate of 125Hz, for instance, indicates that the mouse sends data to the computer 125 times every second, or once every 8 milliseconds.

Gaming mouse have an edge over standard mouse since they typically have a polling rate of 1000Hz, or per millisecond. Regular mouse may poll at 125Hz or even less.

In many gaming scenarios, having less latency than with normal mouse can provide you a slight advantage.

On gaming mouse, the polling rate can be modified using software. If you don’t play video games and want to prolong the life of your mouse’s battery, this can be helpful.


The component of your mouse that tracks movement is called a mouse sensor. Your movement is tracked by several types of sensors in various ways.

Today’s most widely used sensor technologies include:

  • Optical: A camera and an infrared light are used to operate optical sensors. In gaming mouse, these optical sensors are more common.
  • Laser: A camera can interpret the inputs from laser sensors, which typically employ a laser light to track movement. For ordinary mouse, they occur more frequently.

Laser sensors can detect more surfaces, such as glass, however they frequently gather too much data since the light penetrates deeply into the surface.

A laser sensor may lose accuracy while traveling quickly. Even at fast speeds, an optical sensor will remain precise. The more dependable sensor type is advantageous for gamers who must fast move their mouse.

Compared to standard mouse, gaming mouse typically contain sensors that are more precise. Their gaming mouse will have a greater DPI range, demonstrating how accurate they are. Additionally, gaming mouse sensors often have less problems and stay longer.

Buying a Gaming Mouse: What to Look for?

Buying a Gaming Mouse: What to Look for?

There are numerous aspects that you should consider if you want to purchase a gaming mouse to determine if they are valuable to you.

Wired or Wireless

Wireless connectivity is one item that you may wish to opt to spend more money on. Particularly from the major brands, wireless gaming mouse now have the same latency as a standard wired mouse.

Investing in a wireless mouse makes your setup simpler, easier to transport, maybe better-looking, and generally lighter. The main drawback is the price, which is frequently markedly inflated.

DPI and Sensor

Even if you don’t require a mouse with the widest DPI range available, having one is pleasant to have.

A precise sensor will also be necessary. The best solution is an optical sensor, and high-performance optical sensors will have DPI ranging from approximately 100 to something between 12 and 25 thousand.

Some of the greatest sensors on the market are produced by Logitech, Pixart, Razer, and SteelSeries. They are the most accurate, make the fewest mistakes, and are quite adaptable to various surfaces. Some of these sensors adjust themselves based on the surface you are standing on.

The SteelSries TrueMove Pro, Razer Focus+, Logitech Hero, PixArt PMW 3360, and PixArt PAW 3392 are some of the top sensors.

Lighting Options

When purchasing a gaming mouse, one feature you might want to consider is one with illumination. A mouse with illumination, particularly RGB lighting, is a fantastic way to enhance the appearance of your setup.

You don’t need to spend extra money on a mouse specifically to use with software if you simply enjoy the illumination and don’t wish to change it. Software could be helpful if you do appreciate the possibility to modify the colors to fit a wallpaper or room hue. Your best choice in that situation is to go with a more well-known brand.


Software-enhanced mouse give you greater functionality as a peripheral. Color, DPI, polling rate, battery life (if wireless), macro creation, and button reprogramming are all options.

You may truly customize your mouse to be more comfortable and better suit you by adjusting the DPI and color.

You may use your mouse for media keys, to access apps, and much more thanks to the possibility to create macros and remap buttons. All it takes is a button click to gain access to more.

If you anticipate using all these features, investing in a mouse that is supported by well-known gaming companies like Logitech, Razer, Corsair, SteelSeries, etc. will make your experience much simpler as their software is the most user-friendly and comes with a ton of pre-built macros and functionality.

Mouse Shape

Everyone holds their mouse differently and has varying hand sizes, therefore deciding what is a proper mouse shape is entirely subjective.

A good gaming mouse will have a shape that accommodates different grips and hand sizes.

To find several mouse forms that you would like, you must identify a few elements of your gaming style.

Mouse Feet

The majority of stock mouse feet are rather good, but if you want to improve or replace them, Hyperglide is a company that makes excellent mouse feet for a variety of gaming mouse models. Because of friction, mouse feet gradually deteriorate.

In order to remove the old feet and melt the adhesive, you usually only need to heat the new mouse feet up with a blow dryer. then replace with t

the brand-new feet, which need to be labeled. Naturally, before replacing the feet, read the instructions for each mouse carefully as they may differ.


Omron and Huano are the two principal makers of buttons. The majority of mouse have Omron switches, which are dependable.

Huano switches perform better in FPS games since they are slightly stiffer and occasionally experience QA issues. To be on the safe side, if I had to pick, I would go with a mouse that has Omron switches.

Keep an eye out for the button tension that best suits your preferences and the games you want to play since each gaming mouse manufacturer modifies the button tension slightly differently.

In RTS and MOBAs, you should be able to spam click commands without becoming exhausted, therefore you probably want a softer click with a distinct click and less travel.

Purchasing a mouse with heavier buttons will prevent inadvertent shots or skill firing that divulges position for shooters (FPS and Third Person). Of course, how heavily your hand rests on the mouse in its natural position determines how this works. Fatigue shouldn’t be a big issue because you’re not constantly clicking with shooters.

Although they occur at varying rates, double clicking issues are present in all mouse, so keep an eye out for them.

You may choose how many buttons you want, but unless you’re playing an MMO, I’ve found that the conventional setup of five buttons—left, right, two sides, and a scroll click—is more than plenty for the majority of games.

Scroll Wheel

So that you, the player, can know when you’ve made a mouse input, a good scroll wheel should have distinct steps. This is crucial for games where you must switch between skills and weapons using the scroll wheel, as well as for some games’ crouch spamming or bunny hopping.

Precision stepping might come at the expense of noise; the more precisely you can move the mouse, the noisier it might be.

Despite the fact that most gaming mouse have a nice wheel, some scroll wheels add texturing to make them easier to grip. This function is great since it allows you to actually feel the wheel move on your finger.

Once you press the middle click, the scroll button ought to respond and shouldn’t jiggle to the right or left (unless it already has those clicks).

Design and Materials

It is advised that you purchase a gaming mouse that complements your preferred grip when buying.

There are numerous mouse available for both the claw grip and the palm grip, which are both quite common among gamers. You should also be attracted to the ergonomic or ambidextrous mouse that is best for you.

Whether you want a lot of buttons or few buttons is a crucial aspect of the design. Few buttons can be excellent for a neater look and numerous buttons will allow you to have more macros, but having too many buttons may be overwhelming for you.

When examining a mouse, make sure the plastic doesn’t appear to be of low quality. Metal components are also a positive sign. A consistent paint job is also a strong indication of quality because less expensive mouse frequently have paint that seems thin or transparent or clear or transparent.

So, Are Gaming Mouse Worth It?

A gaming mouse may be worth the investment for you if you find that you play a lot of games or desire the extra capabilities that come with gaming mouse. Gaming mouse can give you an advantage over other players and undoubtedly help you get better.

You may build macros for media keys or particular tasks in programs using the software that comes with many of these mouse, which could improve your efficiency.

If you use your computer for extended periods of time, the added comfort of gaming mouse may make them worth the cost.

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